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Metal Detecting: SILVER at an Abandoned Rail Station
The City of Galion, Ohio granted permission to metal detect the old Big 4 Railroad Station, which was dedicated in 1900. In addition to silver I also recovered some pretty interesting artifacts as well as a token from 1908.
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Metal Detecting: 1890 House Gives Up Silver !
I drove 40 miles to a new permission: an abandoned home built in 1890 with a little history to it, located in a small, rural village. I'd been told it had already been hunted by other detectorists, so I took this property as a challenge. A silver 'first' was waiting for me, as well as several items the 'other' guys had missed.
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Metal Detecting:  Edisto Beach, SC
A short vid for a short trip to the beach, which produced a ring out of the wet sand.
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Metal Detecting: SILVERS From an Abandoned Farm
Four sessions at an abandoned farm built in 1900 serves up plenty of 'wheat' and some silvers, along with several 'whatzit?' items.
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Metal Detecting: Another gold class ring find and return !
You never know what you're going to come across while metal detecting. In this video, I almost passed over a signal, thinking it was a pull tab...am I glad I didn't ! This is my THIRD find-and-return of a ring within the past month and a half; before June, I'd never had a return before.
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Metal Detecting Inside the Fence at an Old Pool
My pal Mark and I gain access to the grounds inside the fenced area at a pool that dates back to 1937.
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Metal Detecting: Way Up The Hollar
I travel three hours to meet and detect with new friend Tony in Scioto county, then get a permission of a lifetime...literally. From July 15, 2018.
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Charleston SC beach  metal detecting trip July 14 - 18, 2014
Mash-up of video clips and photos of Team Ohio's four-day excursion to Charleston. Not a lot of finds, but much fun and sunshine ! ( well, MOST of the time... ). Aleve was our friend.
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Metal Detecting: Two More Days in the River at Gatton Rocks
Join me in my futile struggle to find silvers in the Clear Fork River at Gatton Rocks. Struggle or no, river/creek hunting offers opportunities that land hunting cannot...in addition to a lot of fun!
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As I made the decision that the target would be my last for the day, little did I know it would turn out to be my oldest coin yet, as I've now joined the 1700s club! Huge thanks to Hiluxyota and MentalMetal for sparking my interest in river and creek hunting!
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May 2  2014 Ball jar lids and milk glass liners...
Just what you want to watch...a newby with a lower-end detector. Rural Ohio at the site of a long-demolished home, which had been built sometime around the turn of the century. There's more of these liners in the ground there, and I WILL be going back with Steve-O and Special K.
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Dear Private Citizen
In addition to being a detectorist, I'm also a freelance writer. Recently, I wrote a column entitled 'Dear Private Citizen,' which ran in the local paper and was shared extensively on social media. The Mansfield Baptist Temple's media department put together a video for Sunday services to honor first responders, using a condensed version of my column in the narration. I am deeply honored and humbled that they did so. You can read the entire column, under the March 2016 archive, here: http://mpd135.blogspot.com/
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Metal Detecting: 4 More Foreigners in the Park and a 90 Year Old Token
Back on the wooded (steep!) slopes in the park, four more foreign coins and a Sesquicentennial Exposition token see the light of day once again. Plus, a local historian/writer provides me with a 128-year-old map which shows original walking paths and a long-gone wooden foot bridge in the park.
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Metal Detecting: MORE Silver at the 'Wheat Farm', Plus Another 'First'
Went back to the farm for the last two days of 2016...and the first day of 2017, thanks to a winter storm missing us. More silver, a bushel of wheats and another 'first' find. Blog: searchingforhistoryblog.wordpress.com/ Want something a little different? Try my cop-related blog, 'Through An Old Cop's Eyes', here: mpd135.blogspot.com/
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Metal Detecting: SILVER in Immigrant Woods
The park just keeps on giving up her treasure, although my hot spot finds are becoming more scarce. Two 1800s silvers pop out of the ground along with another old German and a guest appearance from the other side of the Pacific Ocean.
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Metal Detecting: BIG SILVER Bucket-Lister !
Short, very sweet hunt at the old Boy Scout camp produces a silver I thought I'd never see. Well worth the effort it took to get down to the area where it was found and validates the area's nearby natural attraction, which was popular with tourists and picnickers since the mid-1800s. Be sure to visit these sites as, when I'm not metal detecting, I am a freelance writer. mpd135.blogspot.com 'A Veteran's Story' on Facebook
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Metal Detecting: MORE Silver at the Old Swimmin' Hole
Early on Father's Day morning I hunted the pond area where I found a gold class ring the week before; I score plenty of wheats and more silver!
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Metal Detecting: MORE Liberty at Liberty Park
I've pounded this park...but the finds keep coming. Silvers leap out of the ground with another 'first' find.
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Metal Detecting: Big Silver, Small Silver and Holy Silver in the Woods
Another trip to the old Boy Scout property produces a 'first' in big silver! http://mpd135.blogspot.com/ 'A Veteran's Story' on Facebook
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Metal Detecting: Five Days in the Old Park recap
In this video I've included all the coins I've recovered during five hunts in my favorite park; coins recovered while trying to stay upright on a wooded hillside. The bumps and bruises from falling, I'm sure you'll agree, were well worth it! Shannon's channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpJAEjRqcJ32xQQnbTkpJmg
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Metal Detecting: NEW spot in the park, 'buckle' up and  'watch' what it produces!
Two days in my favorite park produces three unusual finds.
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Metal Detecting Virginia   April 1 - 4, 2016
Steve and I traveled to the Abingdon area in southwest Virginia after obtaining preliminary approval to hunt an abandoned pre-Civil War era plantation house and slave quarters.
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Metal Detecting in a River Swimmin' Hole
Traveled out to a rural, well-used river swimming hole that's been around a long time. Nothing remarkable, but I only covered a fraction of the area. I think it'll become a frequent hunting spot! Be sure to check out Hiluxyota's channel if you want to watch an expert hunt in a river! He can be found here : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC4yLniERekWqAXh0NwOqaqw
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Metal Detecting: Relics, SILVER and GOLD during Last Hunts of 2017
Join me for (unfortunately) my last few metal detecting sessions of this year, which prematurely ended by simply crossing a stream in a historic private camp in north central Ohio.
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Metal Detecting: Gold Wedding Ring Find and Return !!
After the local paper ran a story about the high school class ring find and return two weeks ago, I received several emails from folks asking if I could try to find their lost jewelry. One, though, stood out: a 78-year-old disabled US Army vet who'd lost his wedding band in a garden FIFTY YEARS AGO. What happens...well, it's unbelievable!
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Metal Detecting: reale-y? MORE foreign coins from 'Immigrant Woods' !
Another trip to South Park produces six more coins from outside America, including two silvers, and a cool relic from 1940...PLUS tips for hunting difficult terrain.
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Metal Detecting First Gold of 2018 !
I went back to the old Boy Scout camp and broke a cardinal rule: don't hunt in the woods during extremely windy conditions. It almost caught me when a dead limb weighing at least 100 lbs crashed to the ground about 15 ft ahead of me. That was a good thing because, after moving to an old athletic field, I found gold!
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Metal Detecting : Attack of the Indians at Liberty
The previous Sunday it was snowing, so I take advantage of great weather seven days later...and have a little pow-wow with a couple of Indians.
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Metal Detecting: A Little History Comes Out Of The Ground In A City Park
It doesn't beat 3 days on a South Carolina beach, but this short park hunt yields a religious pin and an old bus token...along with a few hours of enjoyment.
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Metal Detecting: Winter Silver, Jewelry and Old Coins !
A collection of clips from several winter hunts so far, when the weatherguessers gave us decent conditions here in Ohio. Woods, farm, beach and even a drained marina were hunted. *note: all the beach jewelry turned out to be junk. Grrr!
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A different old park yields a first find; my long-time pal Ron and I then explore an old mansion we just got permission to hunt. The mansion was magnificent in it's day and it is heartbreaking to see it in such disrepair. It is awesome!
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Metal Detecting: Queen Silver and her foreign cousins
This park is continuing to surprise, having produced old coins from eight different countries. Today, six more were unearthed....and not a single American among them! The last one was the most shocking of all...
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Metal Detecting: Foreign Coin Frenzy in South Park...and Cam Issues
Forgive the quality; iOn's iCam, which I use, failed me. In some clips it cuts the footage off; In others it just doesn't record. 3 more coins from other countries found in the woods of South Park, the oldest being 1810.
First beach hunt of 2015
First time out detecting in 2015 required a 650-mile trip....but it was well worth it. Beach detecting in Ocean Isle Beach, North Carolina. Early-season, so not many great finds....but there WAS a gold earring.
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07 02 14 First hunt with Garrett's AT Pro
A 2-hour get acquainted hunt with the new detector at an old site I'd hunted twice before with another machine.
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Metal Detecting: Buffs and Wheats at Liberty Park
Scanning an area where someone had obviously detected recently, I managed to find buffalo nickles and wheaties. Never let them tell you a property is hunted out!
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Oldest coin yet !!
Two day hunt in one of the city's oldest parks produces my oldest coin find yet...and a history lesson to boot. Never let them tell you a park is 'hunted out.'
An 80 year old day camp, with cabins in the woods
A short video from a site I couldn't wait to hit; however, Mr Arthritis had different ideas. But I'll be back...
'A Veteran's Story' Tribute, Volume 2
Honoring our military patriots who served this great nation, from WW II, Korea and Vietnam, their commitment, sacrifice and courage should NEVER be forgotten. Be sure to read their stories on the page, 'A Veteran's Story', on Facebook.
Harley Ride May 24, 2015
A beautiful Sunday ride to the shores of Lake Erie and back, after stopping for perch at Jolly Rogers in Port Clinton.
Metal Detecting: Wheatiemania and Bad Weed
An old home produces a bushel of wheat cents and an oddball cousin, topped off by discarded dope. If you like beach hunting at its best, be sure to check Tony Eisenhower's YouTube channel here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvP7rDuGq74QpsK_nQWCGHg
Metal Detecting: Big Silver and GOLD at an old swimmin' hole !
Jeremy and Monica gave me permission to detect on 22 acres they own, which includes a large pond that was a very popular swimming spot decades ago. After unearthing silvers (including a Masonic sterling pendant) and wheats, their son Payton, who used to ride my morning school bus route, joins me and we find GOLD in the form of a 49-year-old class ring. If I can find its owner, I'll post a video of the ring's return.
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A gun and a 'large' find...
Ron and I go dirt scanning ( Ron for the very first time ) at an old lot that used to hold a pre-1900 post office; the next day we hit the 1902 mansion, where I make the best find of my metal detecting life.
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Metal detecting  finds from my first month of detecting
First video post from April/May 2014 of my newfound hobby. Any suggestions or comments appreciated!
Of Lincolns and back spasms...
Hunted an area around the old middle school football field. Lincolns and a few other coins were found until my lower back decided to put a halt to things.
11 21 15 Back at the park that keeps on giving. . .
I started out on a mission to locate a lost wedding band and ended up back at my favorite park. It paid off with another first!
Back at the Pool: Invasion of the Canadians
Day 2 inside the fence on the virgin pool grounds produces scads of clads...so many that I stopped digging some of the targets and only filmed a fraction of the finds.
05 27 14 Back at the old sand pit...
A short hunt, found a few clad and a thunderstorm.
Two parks in two days...the mash-up
The first park sucked badly...very trashy. The next? A little silver appears in the hole.
Metal Detecting Blooper
Hazards of no-water detecting....