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Where the HECK is that FUSE on my CUB CADET, Yardman, Craftsman, or MTD ???
Ok, your tractor is dead in the middle of the yard. Not even the lights work. Turn the key and nothing. You have been looking for the fuse for an hour and finally found this video. Join the Unconscious Mechanic on the hunt!
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MOST BRANDS*** String Trimmer Weed eater wacker carburetor adjusting tool Bic pen fixes low speed.
Newer carb adjusting screws require a special tool on most trimmers. Here is how to make one for nothing more than that free Bic pen you found last year. Even the "D" head screw. Check out this video I made a month later and find out WHY I had to adjust the carb! Please click "LIKE" if this video helps you too! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pNI6N8vgwX0&list=UU3Ejnx90yArT7EQdU70gkeg
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Does a $1.00 Hummingbird Feeder Work? Dollar Store?
Ah, the Dollar Tree Store. I was there today and spotted a Hummingbird Feeder and since we enjoy our bird friends so much I decided to take a small chance. Come on in and let me show you if it works!
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UNBOXING Harbor Freight Bunker Hill Wireless SECURITY ALERT System
We just added two additional units to our home and garage. Join the Unconscious Mechanic as he unboxes, assembles, and installs these handy security alerts. Great for sheds, outbuildings, entryways, bedrooms or anywhere you want to be alerted of intruders. Item# 93068
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EASY! Ford Escape + others V6  Idle Air Control Valve Replace Repair (IAC)
2001 Ford Escape V6, would not Idle, after it warmed up it would idle at a VERY low RPM (like 200?). Blew copious amounts of white smoke after starting at 3000-4000 RPM. I thought the head gasket was blown and had vacuum leaks until I found info on this IAC ( Idle Control Valve ). This repair is so simple you don't even need your own tools, just borrow a 5/16 socket from your neighbor or the auto parts store. This video differs from others on youtube because it shows the motor running with the bad part, without the part, and with the new part. *** Update*** It has been a few weeks, cold weather has set in @ 15F it still starts and runs just fine. I did not mention in the video that upon examination the old IAC had some significant scars on the rod which I feared may affect performance and made the decision to buy a new one more imperative. **update** 9-10-14, got "the" call from the mechanic this morning that he will no longer issue a state inspection sticker for this car. The under carriage is too rusted, the CAT is leaking, the Y exhaust is shot. So what we own is a good set of tires, a good motor & tranny, to sell for junk!
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String trimmer weed eater wacker will not start, diagnosis and EASY repair fix free!
*** MOST BRANDS *** My one year old Murray, quit running and refused to start. This video walks you through the diagnosis if your problem is an empty, or partially filled primer bulb that will not pick up fuel. $Zero cost repair. As always it is best to test ignition by using starting fluid ( ether ) to see if it will run a few seconds on that. This is a fuel issue repair. This video shows that removing the carb or rebuilding is not needed in some cases. The only tool used was a flat head screw driver. Thumbs Up!! @5:40 I say " I used Gumout throttle cleaner with the little red hose squirted it into the brass tube, it came out the little holes then I sprayed off the little screen nice and clean, and the rest of the surface. Now a simple reassembly, put this block back down on the then put the two screws back on with the primer bulb" (paraphrased)
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How to change replace the spark plugs on 2012 Jeep Patriot models and others. Save $$$
Join the Unconscious Mechanic as he shows in detail how easy it is to change your own spark plugs, what to buy, what tools are required, and how to DO IT YOURSELF! 2.0 and 2.4L I4 Jeep engines. Many model years. Let my first time help you with your first time! **Please Like, Share, and Subscribe!**
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Quick tips for Cub Cadet and other Lawn Tractor Owners
Some of the things you should know when your mower starts acting up, and other common sense practices learned from experience.
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West Virginia Museum of American Glass, Weston WV
We had the chance while traveling to visit the Museum of American Glass just off I79 in Weston West Virginia. I knew a good bit about this museum for years but it was always too far for a destination trip. Come on into my video and feel and see much of the history of American Glass of all types! This is a special place for glass lovers and collectors. Please hit LIKE above and SHARE.
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Massive Milk Glass Haul ! Westmoreland, Smith, Kemple.
We attended an auction that advertised 500 pieces of glass, and we bought most of it!! Take a look, and enjoy the variety we found.
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Westmoreland Glass catalog # 75. Milk Glass and colors included!
Westmoreland Glass handmade a full range of table, decorating, and novelty pieces in milk glass and colors. Catalog #75 is not dated but the telephone exchanges of their agents are Circa Early 1960's. Signed by Brainard. Milk glass, Laurel Green, Golden Sunset, and Brandywine Blue shown. *** Like, Subscribe, Share! ***
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2016 Steeler Season Tickets Unboxing! See what is inside!
The Steeler organization went classy this year with a very nice season ticket holder package! Come on in and see what Mr. FedEx brought me!
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Harbor Freight Tools Chicago Electric Pole Saw  New out of the box review, assembly, and use!
We have plenty of tree trimming to do so I upgraded my tool selection to an electric pole saw. $65 at Harbor Freight stores with coupon, $99 full price. Come on into the video and see what is in the box, how it assembles, and I put it to use in a tree trimming DIY demonstration!
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Easy Defeat Child Proof Bottle Safety Caps Fix
Why put up with the aggravation of child proof safety caps first thing in the morning? Take a bit of stress out of your life with this easy fix using your toe nail clippers.
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Pittsburgh Steelers retire Joe Greene's jersey #75 Half Time Ceremony
I had the privilege of attending the Steeler - Ravens game when the Rooney family officially retired the # 75. Only the second number ever retired by the Steelers it belonged to Mean Joe Greene, Mr. Steeler of the 1970's. Joe owns all 6 of the Steeler Super Bowl rings, 4 as a player, and 2 as a scout. This video taken from my seats, at night, in a noisy echoing stadium is not the best quality but it should give you an idea of how valuable #75 was to the Steelers, the city, and the fans. Deee Fence!
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Milk glass collecting reference books, catalogs, and commentary.
Collecting antique or vintage glass can be a very pleasant hobby. Many collectors will eventually narrow their liking to a particular type of glass, glass company, or era. The National Milk Glass Collectors Society represents one of those focus areas namely milk glass, opal, opaline, or opaque as it is sometime called. Come on in and sit down at the dining room table and check out the various references you can use to expand your knowledge of the beauty, history, and variations of what milk glass collectors love. **Please Like, Share, and Subscribe!**
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How to take a screenshot on your Nextbook Windows 8.1 or 10 Tablet Laptop
After trying MANY times to determine how to take screenshots on my tablet I finally discovered how. It is easy, quick, and convenient once you watch this video. Please watch my other DIY and entertainment videos on sixty9harley! Make sure you LIKE & Share too!
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Westmoreland Glass Bakers Dozen (13) collectible milk glass plates.
If you get bit by the glass collecting bug one of the "goals" you might have is collecting old, or later issues of Westmoreland Specialty Co. plates. There are 13 that are considered worthy of collecting. Many were painted in endless variations and the more of the old paint the better!
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How to Adjust Wheel Alignment on your Cub Cadet - MTD and others!
Join Pittsburgh Pap as we figure out how to adjust the wheel alignment on a lawn tractor. Tools required and techniques for getting them straight. Caused by damage or wear you can still get them straight. Got a new battery too!
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Nextbook Flexx10 10.1 2-in-1 Quad Core Windows 10 Tablet Unboxing
Lets see what is inside the box of the Nextbook Flexx10 from Walmart.com I also compare this new model to the prior Windows 8 version. What happens when you boot up, how the built in cameras look and MORE! It took 5 days to receive this item at my door after ordering. Nextbook Flexx 10.1" 2-in-1 Tablet 32GB Intel Atom Z3735F Quad-Core Processor Windows 10 Manufactured Sept. 2015
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A comparison of the Cat (Kitty) on a lacy base milk glass original and reproduction.
Atterbury Glass of Pittsburgh produced a milk glass Cat or Kitty on a lacy base covered dish between 1889 and 1893. Westmoreland Glass of Grapeville Pa. faithfully reproduced this piece up until their close in 1984. Both are very collectible based on their beauty, age, and scarcity. Join me at the dining room table for a close up look! Often found with or without several variations of eyes. Westmoreland also made these in Blue milk and some slag colors. Atterbury remained an independent factory until 1903. **Please Like, Share, and Subscribe!**
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Santamedical Electronic Pulse Massager New out of the box Review
Back, neck, shoulder problems got you down? Seeking relief with an electronic massager is an inexpensive way to treat yourself at home. Come see what is in the box and get a live review of the one I selected. **Like & share & subscribe!**
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Steeler - Ravens pregame intro activity Heinz Field 11-2-2014
The Steelers take the field prior to frying the dirty birds from Baltimore!
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Glenn H. Curtiss museum 2014 Hammondsport NY
We embarked on a marathon winery tour of the New York Finger Lakes region and scheduled our first stop at the Glenn H. Curtiss museum near Hammondsport, NY. This is a must stop for anyone when in the region. An unbelievably vast and eclectic collection of historically important exhibits from around the Hammondsport area. Centered but not limited to the products and accomplishments of Curtiss. Truly something for everyone from the current doll house exhibit, bicycles, motorcycles of many brands, boats used or manufactured on nearby lakes, airplanes, flying boats, motors of all sorts, the list goes on. Watch the video until the end to appreciate what a great job they have done with this museum. Fee is $8.50 for adults, and allow over an hour for your visit.
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Daisy Red Ryder PLUS 2 Power Line 880 BB Gun Rifle Repair and tips
We were spring cleaning early this year and came across 3 Daisy BB guns that would not work. The history of these particular rifles is not known to me but they belonged to someone in my family that passed thru this old house. I have never repaired a BB gun before and you probably have not either. Lets go figure it out together!
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Jock's Homemade best ever canned Dill Pickles
The best part of summer is reaping garden goodness that lasts all year, and you can share with friends and family. Easy recipe dill pickles. Forget about complicated multi-ingredient pickles and skip the sugar too! Try my Bread n Butter video also.
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A comparison of the Hand Holding Dove milk glass original and reproduction.
Atterbury Glass of Pittsburgh produced a milk glass covered dish of a hand holding a dove between 1889 and 1893. Westmoreland Glass of Grapeville Pa. faithfully reproduced this piece up until their close in 1984. Both are very collectible based on their beauty, age, and scarcity. Join me at the dining room table for a close up look! Often found with a stone in the ring, and a glass eye in the bird. Atterbury remained an independent factory until 1903. **Please Like, Share, and Subscribe!**
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WESTMORELAND GLASS totally useless Knick Knacks that are great for collecting!
Not everybody has a collecting bug in their genes. Others get a bug that can be a slight whimsy or a full blown obsession. Westmoreland Glass of Grapeville Pa. manufactured such a variety of products over the years they can overwhelm even the most dedicated collector. Here are a few examples you may not recognize as Westmoreland you can look for. **Please Like, Share, and Subscribe!**
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Exercise ball 65mm 26in. Wacces brand unboxing, review, and use.
A recent back injury rehab called for an exercise ball. We selected the Wacces brand based on recent reviews and price. Watch my video to see what you can expect in the mail, and how to inflate it., and where to buy cheap!
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Harbor Freight shopping binge! What is in the box! ??
My recent trip to Harbor Freight scored some pretty neat stuff we needed around the house. Come on in and visit while we check out their Wet-Dry shop vac, 2 Gallon sprayer, 60 LED security light, brushes, cable ties, electrical tape, knee pads, gloves, wireless security alert, wrist blood pressure monitor, and ratcheting bar clamps!**** Update, the 60 LED light quits after a rain, and works again after drying out, protect from weather!
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The National Westmoreland Glass Collectors Club Show and Sale 2017
The people with the passion for collecting Westmoreland Glass Company products meet officially once a year and hold their annual convention and sale. Come on into the video and get an eye and ear full of handmade and decorated vintage glass! Check out their website. http://westmorelandglassclub.org/modules/wfchannel/ or their Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/groups/WestmorelandGlassCompany/ or my other glass collecting videos! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLiMqyeubvzl6thOvg8473oIZAylEXtc8p
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Westmoreland Glass Company 1974 Catalog supplement, and other catalogs and pages!
Westmoreland Glass Company of Grapeville Pa. USA added many colors and new pieces into their product line during the 1970's when they recognized the declining demand for their primary milk glass products. Having a dated catalog supplement narrows down introduction and production dates for many items, colors, and decorations. Enjoy! Share!
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Stanley Fatmax Unboxing, Charging, Use, Commentary, Review FLSW10
Whether you need a new spotlight or are giving a gift you will know exactly how the Stanley Fatmax performs, handles, and lighting capabilities after watching this video. Will it meet your need? Join Pittsburgh Pap and find out!
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Steeler home opener Defense introductions 2013, (it was the best part of the game!)
Heinz Field 9/8/2013 Pittsburgh Steeler Defensive introductions + scoreboard
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2014 Ligonier Highland Games # 4 Opening Ceremony All Bands
A video series of the 2014 56th Annual Ligonier Highland Games at Idlewild Park in Ligonier Pa. USA. Get your kilt and a glass of Scotch and enjoy! This cut is the Grand Entrance of all the Pipe and Drum bands present. So many Bagpipes they had to come in as 2 groups. Count the bass drums to see how many bands performed and were judged.
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UNBOXING Shark Navigator Deluxe NV42 Unboxing, Assembly, Use, and Comparison
Does the $100 Shark meet expectations? Come in for a visit and see how the Shark assembles and vacuums and what comes in the box! Where to buy! What is hiding in my carpet! ***Update*** I have cleaned the filters that was easy, BUT the handle will slip off frequently and I put a few pieces of duct tape (of course) on the metal stem to tighten the slip on connection.
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Flowtron BK-40D insect killer new Out of Box Review
I recently purchased the Flowtron electronic insect killer ( bug zapper ). This video shows the contents of the box and the product performance. One acre model.
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Pittsburgh Steelers-Cleveland Browns opening day trip to Heinz Field
Video of my wife and I going to the Steeler game. We parked at the D. L. Lawrence convention center, crossed the Clemente bridge, and took the river walk past PNC park to observe the many boats. A beautiful day in Da Burgh! Sites include downtown, the fountain at the point, Mt Washington, Stage AE, Gate A security lines, and what ever else you can spot! And the Pregame atmosphere outside and inside Heinz Field. If you have never attended a Steeler game this shows a little of what it is like!
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2015 Steeler season tickets arrive!! See what is inside!
The Steeler organization did a great job on this years ticket package, come see what is inside! HERE WE GO!!
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Unboxing TaoTronics Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier with LED Display
Dry house? Dry skin? Sore sinus? Join the Unconscious Mechanic as he unboxes, assembles, uses, reviews, and compares the TaoTronics model TT-AH001. 4 Liter humidifier. Stay tuned until the end to see why I downgraded my review to a B+. We have used many humidifiers over the years and I will compare models we have owned. FYI **update** I liked this one so much I bought another.
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2018 *COMPLETE* Review of the Hustler Raptor Limited 52" Zero Turn Mower
Are you thinking about plunking down more cash than you paid for your first car on a mower? Grab a cup of coffee and take the time to watch a total and complete review of the WHY, HOW, WHERE, and USE of a Zero Turn mower. Taking time to watch the 1/2 hour I put together may help you save money and aggravation. When your finished watching you will KNOW if it is the right move for you. Join Pittsburgh Pap out in the yard!
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Cub Cadet Series 1000 LT1024 (and others) drive belt replace repair.
Step by step instructions, tools needed, and tips on replacing the drive belt on most Cub Cadet lawn tractors. A few minutes watching the video can save you hours, even days in making your repair. Fire up the video and see how the Unconscious Mechanic does it!
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Making Canned HOT Pepper Mustard SO GOOD! And gluten free!
Come on into the kitchen for some homemade hot pepper mustard. So good for special occasions and meals. Easy to make using this recipe. You will love it! Recipe, process, canning, and taste test! Stay until the end to see how they used to sell mustard in the 1890's. **Please Like, Share, and Subscribe!**
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Again with the Swedish Knackebrod? YES! I had to find a new source.
World Market and Walmart let me down AGAIN. I had to go straight to the source for my holiday supply of my favorite daily staple rye crisp. Come on in and see what is in the box! **Please Like, Share, and Subscribe!**
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Westmoreland Glass Christmas Milk Glass Decorated Pieces Tour
A video tour of many Westmoreland Glass Company Christmas decorated pieces from my collection. A comparison of hand painted and appliqued decorations. **Please Like, Share, and Subscribe!**
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Tour Campbell House Bed & Breakfast in Beautiful Historic Ligonier Pennsylvania
In the heart of the Laurel Highlands recreational area sleeps the small borough of Ligonier waiting for your memorable visit. Join Innkeeper Patti Campbell as she proudly shows the available rooms and amenities at her upscale B&B in Ligonier Pennsylvania. Your room is just a short walk from all the shops, attractions, restaurants, and historic Fort Ligonier. If your planning a getaway, an elopement, or an historical learning experience Campbell House is your place to stay. Book your stay now at http://www.campbellhousebnb.com
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EZ POUR GASOLINE CAN SPOUT, Unboxing, Installation, and Review!
Tired of struggling with EPA approved gasoline can spouts that soak your hands and spill on your car and hot mowers? Join Pittsburgh Pap as he shows you where to buy, what is included, how to install, and how this replacement spout works!
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Tractor Supply Discover Home Products 4-Tier Vertical Garden New out of the Box assembly and review.
Join buddy Bob and I putting together a tall planter for his deck while we struggle through vague instructions, and the usual first time confusion that comes with these types of projects! Come on in and see what is in the box! Tools needed, and a LOT of do's and DON'TS !
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Westmoreland Glass Bulldogs. Identification, Variations, and fun stuff!
A few Glass factories produced miniature French Bulldogs in various types of glass, decorations, and treatments. They are still being made today in the old molds. Come on in and sit down at the dining room table and take a tour of the bulldogs you might be interested in collecting. **Please Like, Share, and Subscribe!**
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2014 Ligonier Highland Games # 5 Pipe solo Flowers of the forest
A video series of the 2014 56th Annual Ligonier Highland Games at Idlewild Park in Ligonier Pa. USA. Get your kilt and a glass of Scotch and enjoy! This cut followed a reading of the Clan members that had passed away since the last games including the MC's wife. Piper Nick Hudson plays Flowers of the Forest.
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