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Haul- HSN, MFT, SSS, and Craigslist
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Review of Sizzix Precision Base Plate
Hope this helps
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Brother Scan n Cut v1 - Cutting using a template from Heidi Swapp and other tips
My original demo video with the machine in action: http://youtu.be/VNTGwWpuuT0 Please leave a comment if you have a question.
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My Anna Griffin Christmas dies came in today! Woohoo!
I ordered these last Friday, got them today (Wednesday). Enjoy
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My Washi Tape Storage
This is how I store my washi....yeah it's a lot of washi! TFW!
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More Milk Glass and other Vintage items
Check it out...thanks for watching. I ending up getting a refund from the seller on the bowl you will see.
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My Updated Copic Marker Storage
UPDATE 1.9.19: I always get comments with people saying you should store your markers on the side. According to the company they can be stored in either direction. I know all about flooding of your nibs. So don't worry I've stored them this way for a long time and this is the way I will continue to store them. UPDATED 5.4.18: I have since gone with a handmade grid cut from MDF as the markers in the plastic grid would get stuck or lids popped off while pulling out a marker. Here is my current storage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=viW5AYW-NYY&t=1s I've left the video up in case anyone wants to try their luck at this. This would work better for those with the Ciao markers since they are smaller in diameter. Supplies List: 1-artbin extra deep/ super satchel 4-1/2 inch by 4 inch carriage bolts 16-1/2 inch washers 12- 1/2 inch nuts 4- 1/2 inch locking nuts (optional) 1- grid panel used for fluorescent lighting covers and found in building materials section 1 foot of 1/2 plastic tubing from plumbing section
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Project Share & Tutorial - Toilet Paper Roll Spool as a Mini Album/Tag/Spool Card
Supplies to make the project: Trimmer, Score Board, Envelope Punch Board, designer paper, toilet paper rolls, adhesive (white glue and ATG)--This list excludes any embellishments. Start with a flattened 3.5 inch x 2.5 inch toilet paper roll (I had to cut a half an inch off the end of mine). Depending how many you want to make, you will need one for each spool. To make the spool ends start with 12 x 12 piece of paper. (The following is for 2 spools) Cut 2 strips at 3.25 inches wide x 8.5 inches long. Cut 2 strips at 3.25 inches wide x 3.5 inches long. Score the longer strip on the 8.5 inch side at 4.25 and crease Score the shorter strip on the 3.5 inch side at 1.75 and crease Each will basically be folded in half. Punch on the folded side lining up at 1" on your envelop punch board. If you want to cover your toilet paper rolls with designer paper, cut each designer paper sheet 4.25 inches x 6 and follow the directions in this YT video. (No need to cut using her measurements as the ones I've provided will cover your TP roll) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0rf_ehDQAGA&index=2&list=LLSpgbG1AfYmKcIMyFsLG8wQ Assemble per my video using the long and short ends as spools ends for the TP Roll.
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Paper Bag Card Share
Just a few quick ones again.
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Martha Stewart Circle Doily Punch - It is easy to use!!!
This was so much fun and easy to use, I thought I had to share.
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Santa Baby Ornament Making
Thanks for watching
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Tsukineko Memento Luxe Wedding Dress Ink Pad Demo
This one's for Vicki! Leave a comment if you have a question. Supplies used: Memento Luxe Wedding Dress White Ink Pad Ali Edwards for Technique Tuesday Beautiful Stamps Acrylic Block Kraft Cardstock from Hobby Lobby Recollections Black Card Stock Martha Stewart Heat Gun Judikins Embossing Powder Psycodelic
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Martha Stewart Doily Punch Styles
One of my subscribers requested I show the various styles of the punches that I purchased. So here they are. Enjoy! P.S. My blue fingers were my failed attempt to become a Smurf. Just kidding. I worked on a mixed media canvas today and that was from my Dylusions ink sprays.
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Heidi Swapp Ink Color Comparison to the Color Shine
Hope it helps those of you that are on the fence about buying these.
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My Impression and some tips of the Lifestyle Crafts Genius Platform and Anna Griffin Dies
A few tips. Please leave a comment below if you have any questions. TFW!
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Maggie Holmes themed swap with Amy
Amy's channel is MyTeddyboo. Please go check her out, she is very talented!
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Anna Griffin and Other Bow Dies Demo
Hope this is useful
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Brother Scan & Cut Canvas Internet App
The link to their app is: https://scanncutcanvas.brother.com/en
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Project Share - Tilda
My first doll and real sewing project. She turned out cute I think. A huge thank you to Irina/ThePassionforCraft for her tutorial. Please check her out if you are thinking of making a doll. She shares a lot of great tips! Irina's YT Tutorial for Tilda Doll making: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1-kHy4sr38&index=2&list=PLbNY3m8zI31B769oIPPt--CA9mMMEqY5G
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A Little Haul from Amazon and Demo of the Tack n Peel fom Tsukineko
Leave a comment if you have any questions
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I-top Brad/Flair Maker Demo
It wasn't that hard, and doesn't take much effort.
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Craft/Scrapbook Inventory App for Iphone
I'm hoping this will help me from buying doubles of things I don't need like punches, templates, dies, etc. Take a look and leave a comment if you have a question or want to see another feature. This app does a lot that I did not show you. This is an app I downloaded from the App Store (not free, just a few bucks), and it is called Kraft Inventory. Thanks for watching.
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Project Share - Card and Hot Air Balloon
I used a Heidi Grace Paper Stack and Embellishments for these items.
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Scan n cut Create your own Fry Box template
Kimbo Kreations and I were sharing the same brain waves! LOL
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Copic Collection is almost there!
Latest on my copic obsession. Enjoy and thanks for watching!
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VR for Intelligentbella/Melanie - How I store my Thickers
I have way too many I know! Hope this helps!
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Haul from Lil Inker Designs and Ebay
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Updated Craft Room Tour with my Milk Glass/Candy Station
So here is what I did with all the milk glass I purchased, and reorganization of my craft room.
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Antique Mall Haul
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Haul-part 2 Thrift cont and Copic storage
Yep I replaced the grids!
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Small Haul from Tuesday Morning...Filofax alert!
Just a few things. Vicki (TryHeart67) let me know which color you prefer!
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Happy Jig demo using pipe cleaner
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Melt Art (UTEE) vs. New Mod Podge Melt Sticks
I created a few pieces using UTEE (clear + white + tint). The Blue ones are UTEE. The white are from my previous video just to compare the look. Enjoy, and please leave a comment below if you have questions.
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Share - More Dangle Rings
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Homemade Glue Organizer
Enjoy and thanks for watching
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Rubber Stamp Haul from Loves Rubber Stamps
I had fairies on the brain for some reason. Enjoy!
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Info. On new Prima Leaves and Flowers Dies
Hope this helps!
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Destash Cricut Items...6 Jukeboxes AVAIL see description box for info.
US Only. Paypal only. PM me if interested. Items are available if not marked sold. Jukebox -$22 shipped or purchase more than 1 $20 each. 6 AVAIL. (SOLD) Cartridges - $5 each shipped or both for $9
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Cutting Die Storage...How I store them.
Hope this helps Steph.
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Happy Zink Printer Demo and Review
Wanted to show you how it works and my thoughts.
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