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Easy smoke tricks
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Smoke Rings Sisters - Diamonds are a girls best friend
Our rendition of Marilyn Monroes classic song. What a great song! Well, otherwise we wouldn´t sing it ;) Don´t forget to subscribe on https://www.facebook.com/smokeringssisters and keep up with us! Enjoy peeps!
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Smoke Rings
This short, dramatic film was written, directed, acted in, and filmed by teens from all over Maine in the summer of 2012 as part of Project AWARE's Summer Film Institute. The creators wanted to share the story of one teen girl struggling with marijuana dependency as a coping mechanism for the things she was dealing with on a day-to-day basis. This movie is not meant to be a source of facts or information on marijuana or its physical effects, it is not meant to take a stance either for or against the use of marijuana, but instead this movie was meant to start the conversation about marijuana and the effect it can have on a young person.
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Best Smoke Trick Vines (best smoke rings and tricks)
Best smoke trick vines and best smoke tricks out there. From vapor, e-cigs, hookah to 420 we don't discriminate when there's cool tricks or smoke rings to be seen. Try to learn how to blow smoke rings your self too! Coolest vape tricks and hookah tricks. https://www.facebook.com/easybreezelife Hey guys check us out on FB! shoot us a follow! And Instagram at "easybreezevapor" Vaping/smoking NOT at all encouraged for under 18+ peoples!
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shisha smoke rings
Smoking rings
Smoking rings
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Methematician and the Smoking Rings of Yargonath
A jubilant and invigorated Methematician is summoned to the wind-swept mountains of Bolus-Carceri, where in the midst of his ritualistic incantation to summon forth the frenetic Methistopheles, he is
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crazyyy smoke tricks !
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First time trying to do smoke rings
SmokeySmokedSmokeSmokeRR jajajajajjj
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Omegle Shy Girl & Smoke Rings (Omegle Funny Moments)
Stay In Touch With Me: Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/MarcHamel3 My Website: http://theafterhourshow.com In todays video we see a mix of people who like to have fun.we also see a girl with a lazy eye as well as some people who like to sing! There are a bunch of people who like to smoke but very few can blow smoke rings. There was a kid who showed us his "skills". we also see a brother and sister doing their thing on omegle! All this and more in todays video! Make sure to share if you enjoy and want more! "The After Hour Show 2014" Song by: http://www.youtube.com/channel/UCryua1UzGaqwqizu16bdJiQ here are some funny words: "omegle" "funny moments" "omegle king" "vines" "best vines" "twerk" "booty" "fail" "funny" "news" "xbox one" "booty" "omegle funny moments" "funny reactions" "chatroulette" "omegle" (the link below is only here because it is required by fullscreen, I do not personally recommend using this site) Royalty Free Audio file(s) provided by http://www.audiomicro.com.
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smoke rings
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Smoke Tricks Pretty Girl - How to make some amazing tricks
Mais Videos / More Videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/internetb2videos
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Nargile Dumanıyla Halka Yapan Kız /the girl with cigarette smoke ring
the girl with cigarette smoke ring
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Learning how to blow smoke rings -- or rather, vapor rings. Haha. Not very good at it yet, but getting there! xD
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Smoke Rings
Theyre getting there!
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BEST SMOKE TRICK VINES 2! (Best smoke rings and tricks #2)
Best smoke tricks out there, cool fun and semi-easy at times! Check us out on FB and IG for more or try our e-juice it us up!! FB: https://www.facebook.com/easybreezelife IG: easybreezevapor
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How To Do The Best Smoke Tricks: Smoke Rings
This is another tutorial on how to do smoke rings. I hope you all enjoy
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Smoke Rings
Hookah smoke rings
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Hookah trick smoke rings
Hookah tricks
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Smoke rings
Marissa blowing shit
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Smoke rings(:
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Smoke Rings Snapchat-6673.mp4
Just blowing smoke rings lol
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trying to smoke rings
Haha this is my bestfriend lauren trying to do them wee rings of smoke shes a pure header lol
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Smoke Tricks
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Blowing smoke rings
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Hookah rings
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Smoke Rings
3rd time trying smoke rings. 1st time with a black & mild.
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Smoke Ring
Check out a video testimonial!
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Amazing Sheesha Smoke Rings
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smoke rings
El gran invento de Benidorm 2013!!
Crazy smoke ring
Cool smoke lol and my lil brother
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Smoke rings.
This is my friend Regin. It's not that entertaining but I think it is cool. Please like and subscribe new videos every week. Thank you for watching. Bye.
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Smoke rings (e-hookah version)
via YouTube Capture
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Sheesha Smoke Bubbles Amazing Video
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Blowing smoke rings
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Me blowing smoke rings
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E Hookah smoke rings
Hey everyone! It's been a while so I wanted to upload something just for fun, and if you guys like it maybe I'll make some more smoke trick videos in the next week! Just let me know what you want to see :) Follow me on Twitter: JuliaMarchak
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Night time smoke rings
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208 - Scotch & Smoke Rings by Oxhorn - World of Warcraft Vlog
Watch LIVE at http://www.scotchandsmokerings.com every Thursday evening at 7:00 PM Pacific. My Fantasy Novel: http://www.cloranhastings.com/ My Beard Website: http://www.growabeardnow.com/ We had 2 special guest hosts for this week's episode, Beanstalk and Greg Hartung. Plus, Beanstalk announces his engagement to Sasha! http://www.scotchandsmokerings.com/208/
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Beast mode smoke rings
via YouTube Capture
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Machine Gun Kelly -- Baddest Lyrics
Machine Gun Kelly Black Flag Download: http://www.datpiff.com/Machine-Gun-Kelly-Black-Flag-mixtape.503453.html New mixtape from Machine Gun Kelly "Black Flag" ................... DON'T OWN THE RIGHTS TO THIS VIDEO N NOT MAKING MONEY (PROMOTING ONLY) ....................
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Hatty's smoke ring tricks
I'm working on it... :)
Views: 1378 Harriet Gilliland
smoke rings!
hookah smoke rings by reedle!
Views: 207 Reed Hall
smoking for dummies part 2 (smoke rings included!)
in this video i review the techniques i showed in smoking for dummies part 1 and i also teach you guys how to make smoke rings.once again i hope the people that use these techniques are 18 or older...enjoy the tupac instrumental in the background! comment for suggestions or critiques. please keep the racist comments to your self they only prove how ignorant and irrelevant you are...thanks for watching! :)
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