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The InstantHookups.Com Scam

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Instanthookups.com uses a variety of ways to get people to sign up for their premium services. This video shows one of them - how they collaborate with scam web sites, small anonymous companies, and a shadowy payment processor called RocketGate to scam people. Here are links to important resources in the video: Credit Card Dispute: https://theonlinedatingscams.com/credit-card-fraud-dispute-process/ Companies House Directory: https://beta.companieshouse.gov.uk/ --- Ronin's Theme Music: Song: End Game Artist: Per Kiilstofte https://machinimasound.com/music/end-game/ Narration Background Music: Song: Flight Hymm Artist: Ross Bugden https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCQKGLOK2FqmVgVwYferltKQ All Music Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International.
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johan perez (13 days ago)
a question a girl is asking me to register on a page like this for security and asks me for the data of my card for verification will be reliable or a scam?
Frederick Nunez (9 days ago)
I get money scams and dating scams i dont respond. Just block and report.
Ronin Eternales (9 days ago)
date verification scam
Frederick Nunez (11 days ago)
Dont enter any info on these sites or anywhere unauthorized. I get alot of these and i block and report every time. I wonder how these scammers find these websites.
Thaeros the Dragon (4 months ago)
Thankfully I haven't signed up for this, but I was shown a screenshot of my actual face being used as a fake profile inside the actual service. Any suggestions for getting to it without incuring charges?
Thaeros the Dragon (4 months ago)
+Zane Targaryen grindr? Yes
Zane Targaryen (4 months ago)
Were u on grindr?
envisionsexful (4 months ago)
Ronin..are there any legitimate ones?
Frederick Nunez (11 days ago)
Never enter any personal info on websites that are unauthorized
Natex Triton (4 months ago)
That's the thing, these persons are so hungry for money it's so for them to really take the time and make a legitimate website would be a waste of time for them. It's way faster and easier for them to make a site that seems real. Because they are so many fake sites the only way I'd believe that there's a trusted site for persons wanting to date is if we actually seen proof of it working and tried for myself and see if I'm successful as well.
Byas (4 months ago)
Wished I knew of these before, I was completely new to instagram and was scammed thru Bahevn.com Canceled my card, it was on pending. However, yesterday fee went through on 39.99
Curtis Moran (5 months ago)
I've been scammed like these scams you expose... because of them I've been through several cards from my bank.
mike gunthner (6 months ago)
Kyla Nettles (6 months ago)
My boyfriend used our debit card to log on to i dont know how many of these free trial cam and hook up sites....the 1st time it cost over $230 so we ordered a new card amd then he did it AGAIN!!! and this time our account balance says $-197.32. ...THANKS FOR THE VIDEO TO EXPLAIN WHY WE WERE CHARGED AND HOW TO STOP IT!!!!the site our card was charged to www.orentil.com its a scam site with no privacy policy either
david fishwick (6 months ago)
i once fell for this and lost hundreds. When i went to my bank they gave me a new card and stopped any further charges from these compaines. But i was told i could NOT claim a refund? Why? Because i wouldn't contact these firms myself!!! What do you do in that situation? I just had to leave it hundreds worse off. Also, they DID charge me on the day i "signed up". A payment of £30 went out to paypal for a product i never bought (nor recieved). something that happened several times. So it seems someone else had also stolen my details just as you had described.
david fishwick (6 months ago)
in other words even the "free trial" period wasnt free!
Thug FIN_ (6 months ago)
I got scammed.. and i don't know what to do now... I tryed to cancel the subscribtion but idk if it worked.
Ronald Fan (23 days ago)
Thug FIN_ call ur bank
Osamah Ammer (5 months ago)
Thug FIN_ what was they payment company name I can help you
gut LH&R (6 months ago)
check this site posable scam site too http://qckfck.com/tnrflb
Parth Savyasachi (8 months ago)
Thank you
I C Deceiving Deception (10 months ago)
Please respond Ronin. I recently have been scammed by the date verification scam that I didn't know of until it was all said and done. The website was that mssfnv.com site and I called it and went thru their process unknowningly. Was told that the money will be refunded but from your article I feel as if that's not the case now. WHAT SHOULD I DO??? please help
I C Deceiving Deception (10 months ago)
I'm going to talk with my bank right now. Thank you so much
Ronin Eternales (10 months ago)
My website has this site documented as one of the billing sites associated with the scam. This post describes the scam in detail and what actions you should take https://theonlinedatingscams.com/age-or-date-verification-scam/ Good luck
Joshua Caron (11 months ago)
These are criminals they must be stopped!! Thanks so much for exposing these scans!!
Frederick Nunez (10 days ago)
Bro i get these links all the time from women who poke me on facebook. I never click on the link i just block and report.
Clint Beastwood (11 months ago)
Great video!
Ronin Eternales (11 months ago)
Thank You !

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