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Past Tenses - Short Film Description

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Practise your English with this fun video activity. Use past tenses to describe what happened in each clip. Download the worksheet from here: http://busyteacher.org/24758-past-tenses-short-film-description-activity.html Disclaimer: This is an award winning short film. I do not own the copyright. The footage is being used under the "fair usage" policy as it is for educational use only and for non-profit. Should the copyright owners wish me to remove the video, I will be happy to do so. Find more about the amazing film and how it was made at these links: http://www.oktapodi.com/makingof/ http://www.oktapodi.com/index.html Instructions: 1. Watch the clip and try to remember what happened. 2. Describe what happened in each clip. You can write (using the worksheet) or speak. 3. Use some of the verbs on screen. You must change them from present to past form. - E.g. “When the octopuses were hugging, someone took the pink one out of the tank. Subscribe for lots more great English language practice videos!
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Bruno Câmara (7 months ago)
Thank you very much for this activity. My students loved it!!!
Fire Day (35 minutes ago)
Fatality 1:36
CARLO (3 months ago)
Boruto_Uzumaky (6 months ago)
The Oktapodi's Girlfriend is captured for a Fisherman...
Pooria (9 months ago)
Wow, fantastic. Do appreciate your effort. <3
Huiling Wong (11 months ago)
It was good
Maria Cat (1 year ago)
It is very funny cartoon!
Adlet Yessirkep (1 year ago)
Aituar kotakbas
iTooRare (1 year ago)
Adlet durachok
Dastan Batyr (1 year ago)
AGO Card Games (1 year ago)
this is a very nicely put together video English lesson and worksheet that my students enjoyed! Thank you!
Wouter (1 year ago)
very goede filmpje
De Cliffmaker (10 months ago)
Goed geengelst
Pablo (1 year ago)

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