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More Milk Glass and other Vintage items

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Check it out...thanks for watching. I ending up getting a refund from the seller on the bowl you will see.
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Adena Jacob (1 month ago)
Can you tell us how much you paid for them
Marilyn G (1 month ago)
Sorry no, this was 5 years ago.
Vintage Love (1 year ago)
Those spools are so cool!
create557 (5 years ago)
Super cool haul!!! Diana
Marilyn G (5 years ago)
It is a lot of fun finding such different items. Please check your PMs :)
aunttushie (5 years ago)
Loved that Qubert (sp?) game. I have not thought about that game in many years. lol I have some milk glass items and they are so neat and unique looking. Glad you are finding so many great items.
NinasBella (5 years ago)
Hi Marilyn! Great things you bought!! It's a shame that the bowl turned out to be broken. Hope you get a fair refund or replacement! TFS Big hugs!! (◠‿◠) Nina~
Marilyn G (5 years ago)
I loved it for that. Thanks for commenting
Marilyn G (5 years ago)
I know. The internet gets me in trouble :)
Teri F (5 years ago)
Too bad about the bowl. I love the spools! Isn't the internet a wonderful thing? Teri F

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