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Why I Got Off Match.com

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Dean (16 hours ago)
attractive women get tons of messages on web dating sites. 99% are thrown away, never opened up and read.
Bob Dorm (2 days ago)
wow i male 35 from australia i was on the site to no match at all what waste of time u are so perfect girl i hope u find what u are looking for one day
Jake Orion (3 days ago)
We should connect!
Moeez Hatanian (3 days ago)
Good For you Elyse. as a guy had to do the same to match on December 2018
Barbasol94 (4 days ago)
Haha good video awesome and funny well for myself I never have luck but oh well I keep moving Ford I actually enjoy the video thank you👍☺😄
VIN Ramírez (6 days ago)
Online dating is joke! It's full of fake people and fake profiles.
TakingItEasy (9 days ago)
I tried Match just now - lasted 24 hours. All these men were added as 'favourites' that I would not even look at twice so I know it was a con. Go meet and see the disappointment in real life. Dating sites and apps do not work and do not guarantee chemistry.
fire fist (10 days ago)
Other countries females have respect. Americans is brainwashed feminists all day
fire fist (10 days ago)
You do realize it’s only in America
Ridds (12 days ago)
I'd love to have the chance and take you out. Just telling you you're gorgeous in person would be worth it.
Ridds (12 days ago)
You are stunning.
MrKomodo96 (13 days ago)
She’s one of those I can get anyone I want and I can judge people without ever meeting them
Marc Sorensen (13 days ago)
Are you talking about Match? Or OkCupid or Eharmony? Match doesnt ask questions other than your basic info. Height, body type..and you answer the same stuff for your perfect match. Ive been on and off Match for a while. Its amazing how many people lie...and waste everyones time. Heres a hint...if you are obese..dont say you are average. Lol. Heres the biggest problem. So good looking women get overloaded with messages..so they dont reply to most of them. So thesr goog looking men start messaging women they normally wouldnt approach. So...those average women start thinking they are models..so they ignore these guys too. So..dating sites are horrible for men. Way too many games. I get women liking me all the time...I message them and no response. WTF...
Thomas Boatright (17 days ago)
Not gonna lie as a guy I see someone like her and 1st thought is that she is a bot
Victor Contreras (19 days ago)
so what is a good dating site or app I'm to young & handsome to be alone I'm only 21 call me or text me 5622284730 thanks
Fred Merze (19 days ago)
match is garbage
Evan Taaved Pert (20 days ago)
1:48 It sounds like you did not go into the settings and make WISE selections - to filter out the things you don't like • AND you SHOULD look for what you like..by READING therefore on default you're 98% compatible.WITH Many. You also sound like you're attracting dweebs by a ■hit profile. ■lut? Tinder - sex. Or naive. Awkward? Call me Evan 52 y.o. White Male LA 540 308 3731 It PLEASES Go(o)d for You to *meet people NOT PIXELS.* PEACE, TOUGH Love
Steven Fischer (20 days ago)
I honestly don't think match.com is for you. You should find people in person. Or through your channel ;)
Steven Fischer (20 days ago)
Wow, great video! I'd go on a date with you!
Nelson (20 days ago)
Hold up hold up hold up!!!!!...... this girl I knew she had a match account and she looked good, (you’re better looking than her by the way) and she had like 100 messages in about 3 or 4 days. As a male model myself I don’t get 1 message a month on there 🤣. So you mean to tell me you couldn’t find one date? At least one?
D. James (22 days ago)
A 4 who thinks she's a 10.
BMWg84 (23 days ago)
You were better than everyone on the site? Six Sixes. Men, #MGTOW
Adonis0Fuse (26 days ago)
"I still got some eggs left..."..... LOL.... Internal shipmate voice: "The wall cometh captain!!!" Internal Captain voice: FULL SPEED AHEAD!!! 🤣🤣🤣🤣 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H-gfxjAaZg0
Charles Porter (27 days ago)
im a very nice looking guy in great shape with a fine career and im very well spoken. ive sent out many messages to attractive women and have never received even a message back. its eerie and makes absolutely no sense. the experience does not add up to a logical guy like myself. ive quit my membership.
Mike welch (30 days ago)
Whine, Whin. Whine.....What a dream datre you would be - - - - - - NOT!!
james ring (1 month ago)
how are you your looking good
Young Neo (1 month ago)
You are freaking beautiful.
Treestump (1 month ago)
So if I want one with a younger population, and isn't hyper focused on looks like tinder, what is good?
Elyse Rowen (1 month ago)
Treestump I would try Bumble! Bumble has worked best for me out of all the apps I’ve tried :)
Dan Cooke (1 month ago)
Match.com is close to an actionable scam. A couple years ago I tried Match.com's offer of 6 months and 6 months free if you didn't have anybody. so I was on Match.com for a full year and I never meet anybody. I don't mean I never met anybody "special" I mean that I NEVER MET ONE WOMAN FACE_TO_FACE in a solid year of sending hundreds of well thought out messages, good pics etc. I mean...I paid the money, put in the time...and I got nothing..nothing in return. It was a HUGE waste of time and money and made me feel depressed in the bargain. Nobody in their right mind should ever do match.com.
Catherine G (1 month ago)
all these comments are from bitter men lmao
Lvskymar (1 month ago)
She needs to get the prison tattoo lasered off and lose the nose piercing and annoying voice
James Hudson (1 month ago)
It feels to uncomfortable to watch, I hope she is acting and not real. I'm sure it is ... right?
pat c (1 month ago)
Alaska has more men than women...it's true.
New Thought (1 month ago)
My experience: Date 1 = Narcissistic, spoilt, entitled, vein bitch, also twice divorced Date 2 = Polite, gentle, demure, boring Date 3 = Great first date, great second date, then she blocked me and ignored my calls and texts. Truly no idea why. In short, Match.com is an online rescue center for twisted women.
the karan (1 month ago)
hunneeyy you are soooooo beautiful
the karan (1 month ago)
i love your smile
David Cleland (1 month ago)
Thanks for the video I dont think Im going to try match but theres still chance I might its hard for me to meet people working from home and living in the country atleast theres a nice view
joann robles (14 days ago)
David Cleland hello,David,can we be friends?
A (1 month ago)
You definitely look like a tinder girl,, and that is funny.
Daniel Kangur (1 month ago)
Blabla. Everyone knows that online dating is shopping for feministic women looking for a rich guy. Women hold all the power on online dating sites. That's why I gave on online dating a long time a go. The double standards are so obvious
Grim Explorations (1 month ago)
I use match though not sure why, I never get any responses back from who I message... Except once it wasn't friendly. She said if I make less then $250,000 a year I'm not worth her time. My friends thi k I should try to meet people the old fashioned way, problem with that is I have soul crushing anxiety trying to approach people, and my town has nothing to go to to meet people out side of a ton of bars.
joann robles (14 days ago)
Grim Explorations hello,Grim,can we be friends?
Galodoido190 (1 month ago)
Match.com it’s a scam I Purchased three months And they simply cancel my membership without any explanation !!
joann robles (14 days ago)
Galodoido190 hello,can we be friends?
dean M (1 month ago)
Profiles don't mean nothing it's just a picture and Writing you can't see the sense of humor and personality, it's just random, many people have Big Egos and sociopath problems most hardly want a date, that's why people need to get out in the real world Clues bars Pubs and talk and find someone even go out in to town, and online Dating doesn't do justice,
Treestump (1 month ago)
I cannot go to any of those places
Hotel CharliHill (1 month ago)
God took you off match.com so you could wait for ME, m'lady!!!!
Anna Lisa (1 month ago)
Most guys don’t like strong minded women. So I phone the man and we first discuss the deal breaker list. Whaddya think of that ??
BADCOPSHOW (1 month ago)
Hey E.. I clicked on liked but not subscribing...lol ... J. Scotland
Al D. (1 month ago)
For a guy, sometimes persistence does pay off. Sometimes women have subtle ways of letting you know that they are not interested. True, some guys dont get it. Some women do the same thing too.
Mike 5000 (1 month ago)
Hope you find someone that melds with you, thanks for sharing your experience
JOSE ANGEL GARCIA (1 month ago)
Jeremy Heynen (1 month ago)
wow . would love to match with you. you seem sweet and you are definitely gorgeous!
tactical renegade (1 month ago)
I'm trying match as well, but my instincts tell me half or more of the Profiles are fake.
Chopbreaka (1 month ago)
People for some reason believe in the fallacy of " instant attraction/connection " " that spark " on a first date . Have you ever met someone in your life who is same or opposite gender being it at work or socially and at first you thought they were the biggest ass hats in the world only to realize after a few interactions that they are ok or even cool and attractive or that you even become good friends. Meeting people and becoming friends or lovers sometimes takes work folks, full stop . Peace...
Elyse Rowen (1 month ago)
Chopbreaka There is definitely such a thing as “instant attraction/connection,” even if it doesn’t end up working out. I’ve experienced it several times, and I think most other people have as well...
kaleidoscopicmind5 (2 months ago)
LITERALLY FUCK ANYONE HERE telling you you’re an entitled princess or your standards are too high. I get that shit all the time and it’s like no. I know my worth. I know what I want. And if the guy for me isn’t out there then so be it. I’m not desperate. I’m not lonely. I’m a secure person who is financially and emotionally independent. If a great guy comes alone awesome. I’m not going to lower my standards for the sake of being with someone. My standards aren’t even high! I can count the number or guys over 30 who have no kids a job and a car who have messaged me. And that’s not even considering looks!!!! I’m not asking for brad pit! Jesus Christ. Anyway rant over I feel you girl. My dating history is way short. 3 days on POF almost 150 messages. All trash. Next!
Happy Days (2 months ago)
If I'm honest online (like all women say their mommy parts drip for), tell women what I really do, over half ghost me immediately. If I say I'm some corporate executive, dress the part, and meet them in very upscale places, I sleep with them 1st date. What gives?
Treestump (1 month ago)
I hope you haven't actually tried that
Drea (2 months ago)
Aww you’re so adorable. Thanks for the info and good luck.
MeatRocket99 (2 months ago)
I'm a dude and Match sucks! I think it's a bad thing that women on Match have to many choices, they just keep going from guy to guy and can't work on one relationship. If you're not that good looking you'll be labeled a creep, if you're good looking and a creep don't worry, she will view you as a good guy! Also you may be nice looking in person like me but not very photogenic.
mcpartridgeboy (2 months ago)
You think you got it bad,,, try being a man, getting zero replys for years, seems as though most women get hundreds if not thosands of offers every week. Women are sooooo spoilt
Cuz women are scandalous, they do it more for ego boost. They're just like getting the attention of men. Then they lead them on saying they're interested blah blah blah. Then they're talking to hella other dudes. You're just a trick to these girls
Dvenchy (2 months ago)
Whats up with those eye lashes?
Dvenchy (2 months ago)
+Elyse Rowen Youre cute. And yes Match sucks.
Elyse Rowen (2 months ago)
Dvenchy They are hairs... that grow out of my face...?
PIMA20132770579 (2 months ago)
airhead. what man would want to have a serious relationship with this chick.like like like. brain dead idiot.
A Google User (2 months ago)
Dumb bitch
Tom Cat Lyons (2 months ago)
What's tender?  My problem at 75 is I seem to just get these women who say they are 50 ish and looking really hot.  Lo and behold. 2 women answered my profile. Then I got totexting them.  They didn't know I was corresponding with them...hahhah...It just happened that they both answered my request at the same time. Wow...Both of them claim they were 50 some yrs old.  I thought yeah!!!  Guess they liked my profile even as I was 75.  They (both) gave me their email address and I went that way. Forget the detail. but, I'm sure you guys my age that get this.  These two women were scam artist. Heh...Funny, but each one of them. claimed to have overseas business selling antiques and jewelry.  I kinda knew there was something weird. Niether one knew the other.  After a lot of passionand want to meet me.  It finally came to the day of recollection. "Please send me money to help me pay for shipping my goods".  I will pay you back when I get home.  They bothclaimed they lived in the states.  One in Minnesota and the other in Florida.  I was amazedthat what are the chances of getting two women doing the same freakin' scam.  They mephoto's of like models.  Really well dressed and foxy.  To foxy to be in there 50''s althoughI have seen women in there 50's that are pretty damn good looking. Obviously, I said, goodluck in your future B.S.  How come this match.com doesn't do more back ground on these douche bags that try to extort old guys like me.  So.  I will not be using this site much further either.  It's a waste of time. I'm to old to get into a relationship anyhow. I've been single 13 yrs. Yes, I get lonely, but not lonesome. p.s. They even had passports. A lot of question they wouldn't answer.
phil wells (2 months ago)
but loose the eye-lashes..
phil wells (2 months ago)
I'm sorry sweet-heart I was just kidding, you are gorgeous without so much eye-liner then. your eyes are a beautiful green that's all and you've got a great personality and I would love to tickle you until you wet yourself lmao. sorry hun Phil XXX +Elyse Rowen
Elyse Rowen (2 months ago)
phil wells Those are MY eyelashes... 😂
phil wells (2 months ago)
I'll give you a hundred something dollars for one month,just to listen to your optimism sweetheart. p.s. nice boobs ( . Y . ) ..;-) Phil..X
Alex Hein (2 months ago)
Online dating is dead
KingLegg iNc (2 months ago)
being a dude on dating sites is the only way that a dating site would not work for you; that being said best place to meet some one is in the real world a girls just has to wait for messages a guy is thinking I wonder if any of these girls are real.
Justin E (2 months ago)
You're a beautiful bae 😍. You'll meet Mr Right one day.
MeatRocket99 (2 months ago)
Justin E , Don't be a cuck!
Rob Lee (2 months ago)
This is the message I am getting from this rant. "I am an airhead, and these are my boobs!"
Keith Meehan (2 months ago)
Calling it like I see it enjoy your sex in the city reruns, cats, and antidepressants now smile big for a new Fakebook picture so you can tell the world how awesome your life is being single as an ageing woman yeah girl power. You don't need no man go on stick it to the patriarchy. Your way too awsome for anything less than a six foot six CEO earning less than mid six figures and packing at least six inches in the pants just hold your breath he's on his way he is just stuck in traffic really its going to happen just hold out don't settle you go girl.
Lauren Martinez (2 months ago)
Ugly dudes stay mad ! As well as the insecure women on this post ! Y’all stay hating ! I ain’t lowering my standards either ! If that makes me single for the rest of my life so be it rather be alone then with someone I ain’t feeling ! Girl do you ! Fuck these wack ass haters ! Jealously isn’t cute
David Mills (2 months ago)
as another gentleman here said.. enjoy your cats! You are SO annoying.
Mike Hunt (2 months ago)
here we go again another ,,,why i left dating sites,, video.. well i don't see anything here only a daddy's girl spoiled rotten,, the real problem is you're too far up your own ass and you look down on people. no one is good enough for you.... no chemistry on your dates?... or did you find out his job only pays so much,,, i'll go with the latter.. aside from all that nice boobs,,,,ha,,, good luck.
Keith Meehan (2 months ago)
I'll make this simple men marry beauty women marry resources women get less beautiful over time and men accumulate more resources over time so mens values go up and up and up where as women value peaks at 24 or 25 then begins the downward spiral. This particular woman is not as pretty as she thinks she is and is delusional about the basic nature of the man woman dynamic for a woman to maximize her value she should marry young and marry a man who is a bit older than her who is on the upswing in his career. She waited too long has a giant ego and is delusional about her prospects. This is exacerbated by the fact that more and more men are leaving the table when it comes to marriage because it is such a bad deal divorce courts murder you. Face it ladies in general your bargaining possition is eroding but oddly enough most women are doubling down on femenism, materialism, and poor attitudes in general it looks like women are going to need antidepressants by the truck load. The sad part is they did it to themselves what they dont get is men are just fine being alone we don't get lonely for the most part we will hang out with freinds, watch sport, build things and travel and generally enjoy ourselves for whatever reason women are not the same as us inside they get depressed and hate life. Most women don't realize the feminist dream in practise is a nightmare for women seriously ladies talk to any dyed in the wool hardcore marching in the streets bra burning 60s and 70s feminist if they are honest they will tell you what a huge mistake it is how it is a life wasted.
Elyse Rowen (2 months ago)
Keith Meehan LOL! I don’t think I’ve ever heard someone make such an uneducated comment... 😂 I hope you’re having fun in your alternate reality 👍🏼
jimtroclus (2 months ago)
Gurl Id take you out to dinner anytime! How old are you??
maxpowers3732 (2 months ago)
Any tips about what a guy should do on Match or any other site? I read through the whole profile, looked at the pics and either messaged the woman a comment on one of her pics ("Cool picture of you kayaking. I really enjoy it too. How often do you go?") or about something she said/wrote on her profile. "How fun you hang out with your dog so much. Did you grow up with pets?). Tried different variations for a year and only got a few responses back and from those only met up with 3 women. Very frustrating!
maxpowers3732 (2 months ago)
Thank you! Maybe I did write too much on some of them since I was so excited. Good luck out there too!
Elyse Rowen (2 months ago)
Hi maxpowers3732! That does sound frustrating, I’m sorry. I think it unfortunately just comes down to if the woman is interested/attracted to you or not. If a woman is into a guy, she’s likely to respond no matter what he says. If she’s not, then she likely won’t respond (even if the guy said something really great). The dating world sucks sometimes. My only advise would be to keep your initial comments very short—you don’t wan’t to come off too eager. Good luck out there!
White Raven (2 months ago)
Your ability to be pretentious is annoying.
GMP997 997GMP (2 months ago)
Online dating websites are filled with people who lack the self confidence it takes to walk up to someone they're attracted to and start a conversation or they're sex obsessed people who want fuck like crazy or swing. Sometimes to find the right person, you need to get out of your own way, throw caution to the wind and approach someone and strike up a conversation. You seem like a beautiful outgoing woman who would be easy to get along with and you got your own place, you don't need dating websites.
Jet Anthony Loyola (2 months ago)
You posted these video 8 months ago, so, have you found him already..? hehehe
Buom tut (2 months ago)
How can a pretty girl be single like you i know theres someone out there for you
fearlesslegend (2 months ago)
All online datings are for junkies and lowlifes and I am not trying to be rude and will never apologize. Get a life u idiots . All the online crap is fake crap
John Deparare (2 months ago)
I found the ladies were so rude they wouldn't evn have the decency to respond at all.
Ken Kell (2 months ago)
Yeah you bitch...lmao
BIG BOSS (3 months ago)
"I am too good for every man out there"....😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Marley Alvarez (3 months ago)
Yeah you sexy!!!!!
tubularbill (3 months ago)
I can’t take this video seriously
ART IN ONE (1 month ago)
Let's be honest. Dating apps are for women. It's a way of boosting their ego and giving them attention. They never reply and keep their princess status... Bet I don't get a reply from her tho!
draco malfoy (1 month ago)
Really. ?
Michael Murphy (3 months ago)
You are beautiful and funny. GOOD LUCK!
Michael Murphy (3 months ago)
I know two couples who are happily married. They met on dating website. It surprised me so much when they told me how they met.
Nismosaki (3 months ago)
So beautiful! I'd wife you up. haha
Ken Kell (3 months ago)
because your bipolar maybe..lol
Elyse Rowen (3 months ago)
Ken Kell I don’t think you know what bipolar means 😂
John 123 (3 months ago)
Got here by accident.... NOBODY CARES!!!
J Tanashi (3 months ago)
Fix your eyebrows and cover that HUGE forehead and you MIGHT have a chance! Oh, and toss the SHITTY ATTITUDE!!!!!!
Elyse Rowen (3 months ago)
J Tanashi Oh you’re a sweetheart 😂
Esther Aimable (3 months ago)
I agree with her 💯 percent it's suck so far my first time on it and it's only my third day
greeneyedbaldy (3 months ago)
I've been on Match for some time now, I'm interested in women in their late 20's or 30's, yet it seems like all that's popping up on my searches are women in their late 40's or 50's. I'm seriously considering not renewing my subscription.
Sir Type-alot3 (3 months ago)
My Ex Gf is on Match and she is using a pic that I took of her while we were together,the day after we had sex! Id like to see her tell the true story behind that pic of her to her next Bf!
Sir Type-alot3 (3 months ago)
+Elyse Rowen Oh yea no problem at all. "My Ex Bf took this pic of me while we were out to dinner together! We were having Sex im my bed literally 24 before he took this pic of me! But i Look So damn cute n pretty in this pic so i have it as my main match.com pic! No "Red Flags" there fellas! P.s im 43,i love poetry,comedy,marylin manson and my cat!"
Elyse Rowen (3 months ago)
Sir Type-alot3 I’m not sure why it would be a problem that she had a boyfriend at one point...?
Devan Fields (3 months ago)
What I like about Tinder? Seriously... Another THOT guys. America is doomed lol.
van holland (4 months ago)
Hay u look very hot super hot
Jason Karnes (4 months ago)
ill take her to dinner. I think shes awesome
Bob Robertson (4 months ago)
You look like Katie Cassidy
New Thought (4 months ago)
No surprise that women expect their ideal no.1 person online. Match, much like most sites, can be manipulated very easily and people are gullible enough to believe that it is all genuine.
Riki M (4 months ago)
Read Leviticus 28:19. Also do you know Jesus as your Lord and Savior. Dating is from the devil. Only Jesus can bring youyour husband. Go on You Tube and watch a channel . Godly dating. Or why we wait till marriage to have sex.
Justin Sidervag (4 months ago)
Maybe not having a list of "must haves " like a fucking job interview might help. I took a bunch of " must haves " from womens profiles and used them as my own , word for word. Holy shit ! ! !, I was attacked as being "conrtolling " , "shallow " , an asshole and just about every shaming line the hags could conjure up.

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