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Beautiful milk glass therapy haulin

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Here are some pieces I picked up. I had a horrible weak and was in need if some severe shopping therapy!!! Tfs
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Awesome stuff. Watch my milk glass collection. My first YouTube video as well 😊🇨🇦
Daydreaming to Create (5 years ago)
Love your pieces of glass. I bought my first piece at a garage sale and now I am addicted. I just bought one very similar to the rare one, love it!! TFS....Blessings, Cindy
creativeyoungmama (5 years ago)
Thanks for watching :)
creativeyoungmama (5 years ago)
Thanks my dear Jenny :)
creativeyoungmama (5 years ago)
2 years wow.. At least you have something to look forward to it will be like buying new ones all over again when you get them from the storage :)
creativeyoungmama (5 years ago)
Hahahaha I think I may have to make room in the living room on a shelf heehehehe.. tfw
creativeyoungmama (5 years ago)
Thank you :)
creativeyoungmama (5 years ago)
Thanks for stopping by!
creativeyoungmama (5 years ago)
Shop on Linda :) And have fun doing it!
creativeyoungmama (5 years ago)
Thanks Rosemary :)
creativeyoungmama (5 years ago)
Yes majority of the time they are high priced once in awhile I get lucky hehehe tfw
creativeyoungmama (5 years ago)
Yes I loved my weekend therapy! Definitely addicting though! tfw
creativeyoungmama (5 years ago)
Yes! thanks for watching
creativeyoungmama (5 years ago)
Yes Investigate Its like looking for treasure hehehe.. Tfw
creativeyoungmama (5 years ago)
Yes we sure did.. And there was a lot more pieces we left behind hehehe.. Tfw
creativeyoungmama (5 years ago)
Nothing but pretties :) hehehehe Thanks Muriel
creativeyoungmama (5 years ago)
Thanks Annie :)
creativeyoungmama (5 years ago)
She sure has most definitely started a trend! Darn Laura hehehe but I love it! I may have to get a display shelf and start displaying them in my living room hehehe.. Yes hopefully soon. just can never it my room exactly the way I want it :) Tfw
creativeyoungmama (5 years ago)
its addicting!
creativeyoungmama (5 years ago)
Thanks for watching :)
creativeyoungmama (5 years ago)
Thanks Tammy :)
creativeyoungmama (5 years ago)
Thanks Rosa :)
creativeyoungmama (5 years ago)
Yes the hearts you hardly find, now im on the hunt for me :) Tfw
creativeyoungmama (5 years ago)
Thanks for watching
creativeyoungmama (5 years ago)
Thank You :)
creativeyoungmama (5 years ago)
Hi hun. Thank you I hope so to :/ So far so good thought today :) Tfw
creativeyoungmama (5 years ago)
Yes isn't it gorgeous! Tfw
jmk3432 (5 years ago)
Great milk glass!!! Love it :) Hugs, Jenny
L. P Redflower (5 years ago)
Beautiful pieces!!!! Can't wait to move to unpack mine. Its been in storage for 2 years. Linda
VanMaiTai (5 years ago)
Wow so wish I lived near you gals and so wish I had more room here for that type of stuff!!! great Haul =)
Jeanette Scraphappy (5 years ago)
You got a lot of really beautiful pieces. tfs..
Rose-Marie Noel (5 years ago)
Beautiful pieces of milk glass .Rose-Marie in Canada
LadyOfLace (5 years ago)
Nice haul! And I felt the need to shop too!! LOL! TFS! Hugs! Linda
Rosemary457 (5 years ago)
WOW AWESOME, you certainly got some beautiful piece's I love them all, If I lived near that shop I'd never be out of there, I can't wait to see what else you get, tfs Hugs Rosemary x
Marla H. (5 years ago)
Lots of fun pieces. TFS
Mellymoo2402 (5 years ago)
Lovely pieces of milk glass, not sure if we have it in the UK might have to investigate ~ hugs Mel
rio1888 (5 years ago)
Love them all!!!!!...tfs...Annie
Ana Llanes (5 years ago)
How nice to be able to go shopping with youtubers. I have my glue sticks inside a milk glass egg holder. Loved that when I saw it in Laura's video. Laura has started a trend, actually several. Nice pieces of milk glass. Enjoy them all and have fun organizing your room. Still waiting for your craft room tour video. Ana
RoxyBee04 (5 years ago)
I love ur $10 piece!!! Gorgeous! Love everything Tfs!
Atelis Craft (5 years ago)
Awesome milk glass!!!!
sscrafter1 (5 years ago)
Beautiful pieces. Pretty good prices. TFS
toka knodel (5 years ago)
In love with all of the pieces you found. The heart is to sweet!
lionpaw55 (5 years ago)
Pretty! tfs Hugs
Marilyn G (5 years ago)
Great finds. love the heart.
Creative Zoe (5 years ago)
They all are beautiful!! That heart is sooo pretty!! Have fun shopping!! Hugs Rosana

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