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Cross Gene - TakuShin Moments (Takuya & Shin)

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c f (2 days ago)
omg!! ellos están enamorados 3 yo lo se
Hema Lama (5 days ago)
Exo Shot Me (6 days ago)
Whrs the thumbnail
Linh La (12 days ago)
hello hi i came across this video while it's nearly 3 am and i'm in love with them
Дурачится они этак
You know what? Now that I look closer at Takuya he's actually very pretty and adorable... Shin would top in this relationship
5hinee promoter (14 days ago)
this just made me sad as hell
Otaku Gaming (15 days ago)
Cross gene and My name are my favorite groups but they are so underrated😢😢😢WHY!
Thuỳ Dương (15 days ago)
Trời ơi Shin của mị 😭😭😭
Too bad he already left cross gene... I want to cry remembering this.
I don't know (16 days ago)
Why did Takuya leave :'(((((
ordinary littlearmy (17 days ago)
What group is this? They look so Cutee❤❤❤
Otaku Gaming (15 days ago)
Cross gene
Samia Asiadiulla (19 days ago)
Is he acc gay? That would be shocking 🤔🙈 sad for girls who has a crush on him😂, shin won ho is the cutest, ❤😘💗👌
lychim ozo (21 days ago)
What band
Otaku Gaming (15 days ago)
Cross gene
Nurul Fatehah (22 days ago)
The members are all like 'ok here comes the couple's routine trying to kiss and dodge' 😂❤
Ni Maz (22 days ago)
Kok kaya liat cewe ama cowo y..
Ni Maz (22 days ago)
Kok kaya liat cewe ama cowo y..
Fayza Aurora (25 days ago)
Looks like shin very love takuya😂
Kely Asd (30 days ago)
Casence de una vez😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
BTS 행복감 ARMY (1 month ago)
São mt um casal mesmo
Shin won ho (1 month ago)
Taee ohh ,,kim tae or tae of ,,always so cuteee
nontee maqina (1 month ago)
They so cute like i love them 🤗😍
D X (1 month ago)
Stephen Byker (1 month ago)
ShinTak - I'm Fanboying big time... Love always... Fanboy love Cross Gene always
kim ching (1 month ago)
Awesome 💕 💕💕
Who is it?
Jerome Rosales (1 month ago)
What group is this?
stan CROSS GENE (1 month ago)
Cross gene
Kai Ri (2 months ago)
3:04 that camera man THICC😂😂😂
Shin Won Ho (2 months ago)
They should kiss. Why didn't they do it?😂😜
your so xute shin
Becky Ward (2 months ago)
Song title and artist? PLZ
It's just Me (2 months ago)
Which song is this?! I just can't stop listening to it
It's just Me (2 months ago)
+Dead Inside thnks
Dead Inside (2 months ago)
Marin hoxha only love
Bhie Lovely (2 months ago)
He is gay??
stan CROSS GENE (2 months ago)
no, but they helped each other as trainees alot.
Kim Hyung Joon Papasito (2 months ago)
Park Mandy (2 months ago)
I shipp so hard
Fiorela a Rios rosado (2 months ago)
Shin won ho es muy lindo me gusta asi q no me importa sus preferencias😍😍😍
Júpiter Jung (2 months ago)
I don't know why, but Takuya reminds me of Minhyuk(monsta x)
Hara Ayuhime (2 months ago)
WAIT HOLD UP WHAT THE FUCK I did not expect to see so much fluff?! This looks like a legit real ship what the actual fucking fuck omg Shin loves Takuya so damn much it's so visible??? I'm shook???
Seventeen Bts (2 months ago)
Btw you video is lovely 😊 💕 it so cute
Seventeen Bts (2 months ago)
Question what happened to casper I really don’t see much in this group i really have lil info i haw him more in the unit ? What 😮 happen
Seventeen Bts (2 months ago)
stan CROSS GENE i know About the unit the he did not made but i curios where. He was thank you for the info
stan CROSS GENE (2 months ago)
he left the band on september 2017. He then went to The Unit but got eliminated. He then went back to china where he participated on the show Sing Out alonside J.G (former Cross gene member too). Casper won the contest.
Mary Cave (2 months ago)
ok i have a new ship to add to my armada
Nerea Martinez (2 months ago)
I don't know them but they're more real than my existence... Omg, I think I love them
stan CROSS GENE (2 months ago)
they are so cute all of them. Cross Gene is really underrated
Loly Pop (2 months ago)
АААААААА😍😭😭 my heart
jayson ating (2 months ago)
I'm jealous my gush so cute
Leah Espelimbergo Silva (3 months ago)
That moments so cute 😍😍😍
jikook 9795 (3 months ago)
Song ?
Aesthetic Ac (2 months ago)
Waittt a seccc... is this "Takuya" that Takuya from the lover??? I really liked cross gene's songs but i didnt know all the members
stan CROSS GENE (2 months ago)
yes xD Takuya played as Takuya on the drama.
A. D (3 months ago)
Они встречаються ?
Cherry Aomi (3 months ago)
Shin is totally in love
anwx. (3 months ago)
Joon Jae disliked the video 43 times lol
Lizza Gresheh (3 months ago)
Любовь это этак прекрасно
Eve Gakuto (3 months ago)
What's the name of the song please?
Omg 💔💔💔💔💔💔 1:51
нурик нурик (3 months ago)
I love you💖💖💖💗💗💗💘💘💘💟👍👍👍
What song???😍😍
Reychel Evans (3 months ago)
aqui hay mucho amor mis bias los amo
sarakook coronel vasquez (3 months ago)
de verdad no se ni como llegue aqui,pero me pude dar cuenta de cuanta conexion y cuanto cariño se tienen de verdad en lo personal son muy tiernos,ni se de que grupo son y perdonen mi ignorancia por eso pero son muy lindos (para que sepan solo soy army y estoy entrando al famdon exo L asi que no me juzguen por no saber quienes son porque no soy kpopper soy army) pos dt.. no soy amante de los shipps en sentido de decir que son novios no me gusta eso, prefiero shippear en sentido de que son como hermanos y demuestran el amor que se tienen el uno al otro(como hermanos claro)
stan CROSS GENE (3 months ago)
la verdad es que Shin y Takuya se apoyaron demaciado cuando eran trainers. Porque cuando Takuya llego a corea no hablaba nada de coreano (de hecho hay unos videos de cuando el recien llego y su coreano sonaba tan niño chiquito diciendo frases cortas <3). Y la ventaja que tuvo es que Shin sabia japones, el fue una de las pocas personas con las que podia hablar. Decian que Takuya le hablaba en coreano y Shin le contestaba en japones para practicar.
Lê Mota (3 months ago)
Okay I’m done this is the realest shipp I’ve ever seen and they are so underrated :( People should know about them ‘cuz THEY’RE SO FREAKING CUTE TOGETHER
Monika Bukeva (3 months ago)
what's the song?
Pretty Thing (3 months ago)
Gabia Rau (3 months ago)
Deku Wolf (3 months ago)
Pienso que este shipp es muy real, oh a Shin realmente le gusta a Takuya 7u7r
I really like this ship...
Sugar Rosh (3 months ago)
No conozco el grupo y ya los SHIPEO WTF!? SON TAN HERMOSOSSSSSSSSSS 💙
Sugar Rosh (3 months ago)
+stan CROSS GENE Okey, gracias ^^
stan CROSS GENE (3 months ago)
el grupo es Cross Gene <3 escucha su ultima cancion Touch it es hermosa
skyeanais ayris (3 months ago)
Takuya is my bias and my i fan girled so much when he was in The Lover :D if i were i boy i would full on gay with Takuya XD
Sofi (3 months ago)
4:30 so cuuuuteeee.omg😭
박종근 (3 months ago)
zing hong (3 months ago)
I swear they look like couples!!! UGgHH I really want them to be though!!
Julia Bemelmans (3 months ago)
Duuude but they are for real...
Kooku Kookuu (4 months ago)
they gay lmao ain’t even tryna hide it
J.G's Flower (4 months ago)
From where is the thumbnail?
Leticia Chaves (4 months ago)
3:30 aaaaaaa kiss
are they a couple by now?😂
Ye oby (4 months ago)
Que liiindosss!😙😂❤
Wanderson Oliveira (4 months ago)
The thumbnail is actually Yongseok x Shin
Pousse de Bambou (3 months ago)
When I see something about Cross Gene, I also see you :')
Kpop Lover (4 months ago)
My favourite ship. They are so cute cross gene deserve more 😍😍♥️
C.C. (4 months ago)
Idk why I'm here but who are they and what group are they from? Someone give me answers!!!
They are from the incredible multiethnic group CROSS GENE : ) You can learn more about them by following crossgene_asia on twitter
Kimi Yuzah (4 months ago)
EITAAAAAAA casal beautiful da pourraa
Shin Won Ho (4 months ago)
Is shin a gay??😕
No he is not. But CG fully support the LGBTQ : )
shaythebest (4 months ago)
Why does takuya remind me of mark and shin jinyoung or do they just look alike
Jicute Han (4 months ago)
Nam Balloon (4 months ago)
they just have that bond. they really love each other 💓
Kim Feline (4 months ago)
The fact that its yongseok and shin in the thumbnail is the best part of the video if you ask me
p monte (4 months ago)
Cual es el nombre de ese grupo?
yas ozaki (4 months ago)
Cross Gene
蔡芳婷 (4 months ago)
Holy shit, fucking real
nini (4 months ago)
same Shin, same
am i the only one who think shin looks like luhan?
Abi West (5 months ago)
nini (5 months ago)
нина мышка (5 months ago)
Это круто 😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎
Carolina Medellin (5 months ago)
Es obvio que se aman , No son nada discretos 😍😍😍
Lídia gomes (5 months ago)
Aaa gente que amor esses dois
Nursezim Musaeva (5 months ago)
Что за фигня
Lilian Garcia (5 months ago)
No aparenta que tuvieran fingiendo Ser pareja
andrea s (5 months ago)
Sxlqclqfvl esque no puedo los dos se me hacen muy pasivos qdl favñqgvlatlv😂😂
Emily Ehrenhold (5 months ago)
Oh My! There are so cute together :D
1 YEAR WITHOUT JONGHYUN (5 months ago)
This is super cute but you guys are making them look gay but they aren't gay it's a way of showing affection to each other to show how close they are and brotherhood not gay couple.
DeviousKitten27 (5 months ago)
Omg they kiss so much it's adorable!... Question is are the kisses real 😉 And I know cute little Takuya from the show *The Lover* and I fell in love with him then and there.

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