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I Completed My Bucket List In A Week • Bucket List

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Text Comments (5805)
Felicia Cassell (5 hours ago)
My name is Felicia 😂
Dino Tyme (9 hours ago)
Homework read a book check ✅
Ooshna Mirza (20 hours ago)
She lowkey is dating the monkey 😂😂❤️❤️
Maggie Vose (21 hours ago)
You should defy go to Australia 🇦🇺
mrs potato (22 hours ago)
Mimi Animated (10 hours ago)
mrs potato she doesn’t have enough time, if they were going to go to Australia they would be there for at least a week because it isn’t the cheapest thing out there ya dingus.
Alexa MacCormack (1 day ago)
Now that she has beat cancer this makes me even more proud😊😊😊
AdamKun (1 day ago)
the only thing on my bucket list is to find the anime waifu of my dreams
Alexandra Lersten (1 day ago)
This video would’ve been so much more interesting if she swam with sharks
Carrie Barnett (1 day ago)
I love the book! That was a great consept. I CANT WAIT TO SEE IT BECOME POPULAR!
captain janko3 (1 day ago)
10:07 in her mind *WER WI DROPEN BOIS*
captain janko3 (1 day ago)
Katelyn Krivan (1 day ago)
I think everyone wants the book
Hailey Vega (1 day ago)
Why is Mallory not blindfolded?!😫😩
Alem & Amir (1 day ago)
praying for u gurl🙏🙏🙏
Tia Rose (2 days ago)
I just came from her cancer video and teared up when i realised she checked off seeing her head bald, she's honestly such a gem and so entertaining to watch
American Girl Studios (2 days ago)
The monkeys were extremely cute!
American Girl Studios (2 days ago)
Are you Jewish? You have a chamsa necklace. I have one exactly like that.
Thicc Cheetos (2 days ago)
Ur parents are so cute,u r so cute omggg 💕💕
Ashleigh Vail (2 days ago)
tbh i can never get my bucket list done because i want to cruise on the Titanic 2 which isn't coming out until 2020
sage (2 days ago)
Ashlynn Bennett (2 days ago)
Ashlyn T (2 days ago)
*now I wanna play with monkeys*
Zcooop (2 days ago)
“Uh, I really hope Megan falls”
Snoop Boop (2 days ago)
She got cancer after this :(
Aiden Mcgrory (2 days ago)
My bucket list is 1.learn a language and become fluent . 2.visit 1 country from each continent I’ve crossed off Europe Africa and North America so still Oceania South America Asia and Antarctica but Antarctic aims like your space one ( impossible ). 3.Visit the 7 wonders of the world . 4. Fly round New York in a Helicopter 5.go scuba diving (scared of sharks haha ) 6.Your list also gave me the Idea off experiences 0 gravity bow really want to do that Most off these involve travelling so yeah could technically just say on my list I want to scuba dive and explore the world .
Leah Ginsburg (2 days ago)
Love you
Freya Schofield (2 days ago)
Monkeys are my FAVOURITE animals
Eliz The Swag Gaming (2 days ago)
At 1:08 legit savage
Seqy Life! (2 days ago)
I need the book!!
Dougthepug pug (2 days ago)
12:49 I died
cry baby (3 days ago)
I’m watching this after her chemotherapy video. Love you Megan ❤️ ❤️ ❤️
xxxgymnastxxx (3 days ago)
1:07 I really hope Meagan falls Wow what a great friend😆😆
Chicago Chicken (3 days ago)
When she was playing with the monkeys she was dressed like fancy Nancy
Liv Wendy (3 days ago)
I am going to get a tattoo of something that my grandma always told me
Chicago Chicken (3 days ago)
She was fighting cancer during these video Omg!
Mimi Animated (10 hours ago)
Chicago Chicken ....this was before the cancer was discovered.
Esther Mota (3 days ago)
I love u without hair❤️😇
kitty Adventures (3 days ago)
Your dad looks like bob Ross
Danica Houde (4 days ago)
Uhh I really hope Megan falls! Me as a friend!😂😂😂
Lia Marie Hauber (4 days ago)
I cried a little when she told her parents she loved them
Elise Giroux (4 days ago)
I think that she told her parents that she loves them before the skydiving thing for obvious reasons.
Breonna Everett (4 days ago)
On day 2 or 3 I saw a sigh that says: I don't have an eraser LOL Reply to me with ur fav ani mal mines:: 🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄🦄 I know unicorns🦄🦄🦄🦄 aren't real but why not use ur imagination!?! U can be more creative with life 😜😜😜 U can invent stuff to (Sorry I'm turning this into like an essay/report thing........😶) Byyyyyye
Paige Thioni (5 days ago)
Wow! She can draw so good
Power Star (5 days ago)
At 8:15 i started crying
Aoife Healy (5 days ago)
I wish i was u ur so lucky I want to do what u did
Bella Cat (5 days ago)
This girl seems really sweet and decent!😝😁
skatedude364 (5 days ago)
Did you need me on your first bucket part?
Amercuru (6 days ago)
-I’ve done all these things before-
Amercuru (4 hours ago)
Mimi Animated maybe I did only one thing.......
Mimi Animated (9 hours ago)
Amercuru wow, good for you
Abigail Hoffman (6 days ago)
That book is so real these days..... And it’s kinda sad to think that.
Gacha Life Chan 4509 (6 days ago)
Who cried when they say u love u
Twitchite (6 days ago)
smart Forsey (6 days ago)
im writing my bucket list now XD (who plays roblox?)
Sarah James (6 days ago)
Can u invite me to do that??😂😂
YeetingSushiSylveon (7 days ago)
That book honestly would be Award-Worthy.
simon hashman (7 days ago)
Ella B (7 days ago)
This is me when I went zip lining and while I was afraid of heights
Choe Baldwin (7 days ago)
Lol this was published on my birthday
Skater Bros 165 (8 days ago)
I respect that book
Jett Packskinski (8 days ago)
13:34 made me smile .. 😊
FrenchFrieDude (8 days ago)
Hugging a chimpanzee has been in my bucket list forever!
Danyaal Husain (8 days ago)
She was on a skate board with longboard wheels. Lol
porter anderson (8 days ago)
imagine she died while doing this
Tamsin Blewden (8 days ago)
i wish i could do this!
Aimee Leigh (8 days ago)
I want one
XxRuby BradburyxX (9 days ago)
*Dies on day 3* Whelp 😂
Stacey Gil (9 days ago)
Baboon on the swing is so freakin funny
Lena .O (9 days ago)
Bruh why does this women look like a younger version of my teacher 😶
Emilia Rose (9 days ago)
Mother: I love you Daughter: I love you Now let’s go eat Oh my god meeeee
Fortnite Boi (9 days ago)
Day 4: Book about *DEPRESSION* Day 5: Emotional stuff with parents Day 6: “This isn’t the time for emotional sh*t!”
Stuti Aggarwal (9 days ago)
She sounds like Ava
TheFishly News (10 days ago)
The invisable injury and some type of mental illness runs in my family, my grandmas kinda crazy, so is some of my aunts and nanas, and niw im getting deperssion, GOLLY.
Lauren G. (10 days ago)
10:47 me when I’m drunk
Adrian Rios (10 days ago)
I need to go do my bucket list
The BadCat (10 days ago)
Uh, I really hope Megan falls -Steven 2017
TheRandomRasberry 123 (10 days ago)
“i hope megan falls”😂😂😂
southwolf fox (10 days ago)
I love skate boarding
Lindsey Plessinger (10 days ago)
OMG that book was soooo good 1 like=another copy of her book for every state
Jazmin Jimenez (5 days ago)
Lindsey Plessinger wow old u propel
Natalie Perez (10 days ago)
Goooooooo Megannnnnnnnnnnnnn!
Supa Cavy (11 days ago)
I’m Aussie
Jace Hataway (10 days ago)
Supa Cavy I’m not I just felt like giving someone a like
Lara #superlegend (11 days ago)
I really hope Megan falls 🤣🤣😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂🤣🤣😂😂😂😅😅😂😂😂😂
S S (11 days ago)
I cried on the tell my parents how much I love you
Melanie Guzman (11 days ago)
Jade Ohara (11 days ago)
Hahahaa first you tell your mom how much you love her then the very next day you push her and say "GO AWAY" HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAAHAHHhahahahhhh
hannah the gymnast11 (11 days ago)
13:31 I couldn't stop laughing
Patricia Mctootle (12 days ago)
2:52 - what a shot
spaceunicorn 101 (12 days ago)
Ashely Danton (12 days ago)
Hi People (12 days ago)
I taught myself how to skateboard
MaddieLikesCheese E (12 days ago)
*loud screaming* Mom:HO MEGAN *more loud screaming*
Shy A (13 days ago)
Megan,you make skateboarding look so easy. ;-;'
Shy A (13 days ago)
"Uh,I really hope that Megan falls." -Steven
Eden Meyerdirk (13 days ago)
i want that book tho
Elyssa Hill (13 days ago)
Ur depression story made my tooth come out
Giana Giampietro (14 days ago)
That is a good book I would buy that
Giana Giampietro (14 days ago)
Anna Underhill (14 days ago)
My mom died when I was 6 and I wish I could tell them how much she meant to me but when she died, I was at school. So when she was telling her parents how much them meant to her, I started to break down.
Angy’s Life (15 days ago)
Who cried at 14:32. It was so cute .. And when she told I love you to her parents
Kurt Buddelmeyer (15 days ago)
Where’s the book lol
KellanSwirl c (17 days ago)
i cried on day 4 now give me likes like all the other liars that said that
ayesha qureshi (17 days ago)
"I really hope Meghan falls!" True FRIENDS!!!👌✌ 🙌
Amelia Ranauro (17 days ago)
The monkeys were my favorite
Layla_Animates :3 (17 days ago)
Uhh........ I really hope Megan falls :D

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