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Ji Chang Wook Vs Lee Min Ho Comparison

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Text Comments (1494)
Mas B (10 hours ago)
Bagus jiwook... Lak timbang le monyo
sunanda ware (1 day ago)
My favourite lee min ho
jannat k pattey (1 day ago)
Lee min ho 😍😍
Nektaria St (1 day ago)
Ji Chang Wook I love him so much
Lili Evanz (1 day ago)
Great respect to min ho girls but I prefer wookie
chang wook (2 days ago)
Damn who made this fucking bullshit!! Ji chang wook is 5"11 men.. and he is a model, singer and such a great actor.. he is more better singer than Lee min ho..
Ji Chang Wook❤️
Shloka Sastry (2 days ago)
Even JCW is singer and plays piano well and he is 6 ft
Biru Langit (2 days ago)
prefer chang ge
lal duhsangi (2 days ago)
Ningol Leima (3 days ago)
Ji chang wook😘😍
martini ali (3 days ago)
pertama lee min hoo kedua ji chang wook ,🤗🤗🤗🤗
艾妮 (3 days ago)
Ji changwook and opa Lee min Hoo love love 😘😘😘ji chang wook 50% oppa Lee min Ho, 50% love you to😍😍😍😘😘😘
Barista Barista (4 days ago)
Lee Min Ho ..❤❤❤
Mack LeBlanc (5 days ago)
My favorite is Ji chang wook 😘😘💓💓
Amjad Sohail (5 days ago)
Also ji changgggg wwwooookkkkk❤💖❤💖❤💖❤💖❤
Amjad Sohail (5 days ago)
Leeee minnnnn hooooo isssss tttthhhheeeee beeeesssstttt❤💖❤💖💖❤
Shruthi R (5 days ago)
Ji ur ur sooooo cute dear, ur best best for me
Sweet Aisha (6 days ago)
Win is not matter. ... Both r my favourite. ..☺💖💝😘😙😙
Lee min ho
MV (6 days ago)
Always & forever JCW!!!
Sangeeta Paul (7 days ago)
Why compare them they both have unique talent and is excelling in their respective fields... They both are my favorite so they both are winners for me
both are my favourite....
Romelen Empedrad (7 days ago)
For me ji Chang wook his body built is awesome
Sara Khan (8 days ago)
Absolutely ji Chang wook
Sweety Ss (8 days ago)
Both are good
kanchan yadav (8 days ago)
Both are fabulous. So we cannot vote one. Both are able to win everyone's heart
Cunin Tito (10 days ago)
Lee min ho
Kemale Uddin (10 days ago)
Ji chang wook
Devy Pratiwi (10 days ago)
Mereka punya talenta masing2 dan punya porsi masing2 di mata penggemar..aku sih ji chang wook😘
Bhaskar Dadhe (10 days ago)
I love Lee min ho 😘😘and he is the winner
Bhaskar Dadhe (10 days ago)
Lee min ho
Rejoice Eke (11 days ago)
Lee is always the best for me
Neha Zaya Haque (11 days ago)
Lee min ho is the best.... forever
Rozanne Calumpit (11 days ago)
Lee Min Ho😍😍😍😍
Kanika Samanta (12 days ago)
Hi Cheng wook is the best.......
Ghulam Jaffar (12 days ago)
Lee min ho is winner ....
shifali Kathoute (12 days ago)
Lee min ho😍😍😍
bibi Huda (12 days ago)
Ji Chang wook is best
Zulfqar Ali (14 days ago)
Lee Min Ho
Maria Miti (14 days ago)
Lee min ho is the best!!! He is my adorable love 😘😘😍😍
Vidya Sagar (14 days ago)
Only Lee Min Ho....
Monika Patel (14 days ago)
Lee min ho
Rudra Shrestha (14 days ago)
ji chang wook is my fav
tình nhi baby (15 days ago)
Ji chang Wook
Huma Athar (15 days ago)
Lee min ho is win but ji Cheng wook is my favorite actor
Monalisa HTG (15 days ago)
Both are great actors.... Love them so much... 😊😊
Vijay Bhushan (15 days ago)
Only and only ji Chang wook
Ben Lim Alcantra (15 days ago)
Both are my fav oppa💖💖💖😊✌
M Ansari (15 days ago)
Lee min ho
apoorva shinde (17 days ago)
Obviously jcw!! ❤💖
Amelia Talavera (17 days ago)
Pero me quedo con JCW!!!!!!
Morena Rodriguez (18 days ago)
Mi actor faborito es lee min ho pero ahora el tanbien me encanto su dorama healer
Nina Jolie (18 days ago)
Ji chang wook 😍
Amjad Sohail (18 days ago)
They both are handsome💝💝💝
Wajiha Ali (19 days ago)
Lee min ho is very attractive
bairean Abdelkrim (19 days ago)
one in two .same. best actors.
SO CHER (19 days ago)
Ji chank wook and Lee min Ho
Jolomiji Uade (20 days ago)
Ji Chang Wook is more handsome
amandeep kaur (20 days ago)
Ji chang wook is best
Mohammed Khan (21 days ago)
Ji chang is best
Fatima Jawad (21 days ago)
lee min ho is winner
Queen Selena (22 days ago)
I love the fact that most of the comments favor Ji Chang Wook.
AISHA KHAN (22 days ago)
Ji is the best
Omila Omi (22 days ago)
ji Chang wook
lizzy montanna neymar (23 days ago)
Lee min ho
Shan Khan (24 days ago)
Jichang wook
Santhi Koppolu (24 days ago)
Lee min hoo.....killing smile
Chung Gangte (24 days ago)
Ji Chang wook.......
smr hnl (24 days ago)
Ji chang wook dünyanın en yakışıklısı benim icin tabiki jcw
sazid saikat (24 days ago)
Ji Chang wook so sweet...sweet is not okkk...so cute...very much pretty
Rani Raj (25 days ago)
I love both of them both are awesome
Indunil Dhamayanthi (25 days ago)
Whatever JI is the bestt
Dounia Rane (25 days ago)
Lee Min Ho
Heena Alvi (26 days ago)
Ji Chang wook
Black Pink (26 days ago)
Ji chang wook <3
Amina Neelam (26 days ago)
Ji chang wook
Ratna Palupi (27 days ago)
Ji Chang wook, ok
Sapta parni (27 days ago)
Both r very talented. Lee min ho just cn express & emote better. Personal unbiased opinion after watching their dramas. I love k drama in general.
Leurc Young (27 days ago)
Ji chang wook is better singer FYI.. And he is 6 ft tall not 5"9 okay.. Hahaha whoever did this favor of lee min ho.. And for me chang wook oppa is more good looking..😍😍😍
Darwati Wati (27 days ago)
Awalnya suka bgt ma le min ho tp pas liat drama tornado girls2 eh kesemsen ma ji chan wook krn laki bgt
ali badshah (28 days ago)
Obvious lovly min ho😙😙😙😙
Md Humayun (30 days ago)
Stat doesn't lie! Lee Min Ho is the best. Period.
mama janeeta (1 month ago)
love Ji Chang😘😘
Izzghind lodhi (1 month ago)
Barista Barista (1 month ago)
Lee min ho is da best ... Sya parin #1 ..hehe
ser astutik (1 month ago)
Ji chan wook much better
Rupali Ojha (1 month ago)
Ji chang wook❤❤❤
푸자 (1 month ago)
Ji Chang wook
Lastik Dünyası (1 month ago)
Ji chang wook
Na Dar (1 month ago)
Ji Chang Wook😘😘
Bilal Zaman (1 month ago)
both are best
johanna0608AR (1 month ago)
JCW ♥️♥️♥️
urvashi agrawal (1 month ago)
Ji Chang wook....😍😍
SIBS PLAYZ (1 month ago)
ji chang wook
Titik Zairin (1 month ago)
Lee Min Ho😘😘😘😘
Monserrat Miguel (1 month ago)
always Ji Chang Wook <3
Rajat Sharma (1 month ago)
Ahh that is really a difficult question because both are good
Milan Gunasekara (1 month ago)
Both are winners cause they are successful in their living life.good luck brothers wish you all the best 💝🥇🥇🙂😀👍⭐️💐
Nicole Andy (1 month ago)
Lee min ho is win 👏👏👏

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