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Virginity Testing ceremony - 28/06/2016

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Virgin Testing Schools - The African schools are designed to promote virginity and purity in order to empower young girls into remaining virgins and saving themselves for the right husband and marriage. These girls are still pure as never had any sexual intercourse or touched by man. The girls spend most of their time, singing, dancing, and empowering each other as woman. Their lessons are all about woman respect and dignity. Loving yourself as a woman and how to take good care of self until you are ready for marriage. Enjoy this beautiful amazing African Culture. Amatshitshi. Facebook - https://web.facebook.com/UMkhosi-WoMhlanga-1557898191142540/ www.filmafrica.tv
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gwopo chase (2 months ago)
Donna Runzel (2 months ago)
I want to suck all of them. Boobs!!!
Day 1 Daddy (3 months ago)
Learning to stay a virgin my bouncing raw titties all over the place. Makes sense. Love it.
Poiuy Yuiop (3 months ago)
Sexy OKسمر عراة
dig bick (4 months ago)
Those boobs are awesome
Dale Sims (5 months ago)
You girls think you have it bad. I havent been laid in 35 years and I'm hot as a pistol and I can't even dance with women! 70 years old and still looking. I'm a widow.
Fusion Player (3 months ago)
Dale Sims so did your wife never sleep with you?
abdirizak ismail (4 months ago)
Llime Works Press (6 months ago)
This ceremony has ruined African music for me. I used to think it was great (and still do) but now I see young shaking tits whenever I hear African beats. Perhaps I was meant to be an African king (that's who they are shaking them for). Oh yeah, some people would say, it is their tradition. Fine, but I still have a hard time controlling my boner, it is a part of my tradition.
Flying Bob (8 months ago)
Love those brown boobs.
TheShanklow (8 months ago)
I wonder what their overall diet is their skim looks amazimgly flawless even the older lady looked great to be an obvious elder.
juan diego (9 months ago)
I love the amazing African culture
Josh Robinho 11 (11 months ago)
I like our they sing

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