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Teacup Maltese Puppy - Vivian

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New Project 91
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Sophie's VideoStars (5 years ago)
Dosent that hurt when it nips you??
Izabella Duskhand (5 years ago)
zo scheetje ik wil hem wel hebben wat een poepje
Alexis Ann (5 years ago)
so you literally searched up this puppy up on google to see if it was sick? boy you need a life.
O0oOo8oOo0O (5 years ago)
Alexis Ann (5 years ago)
Why are they sick? They have lives too, you know.
robbie jones (6 years ago)
i want all of them
Cvxntxx (6 years ago)
gypsijewel (6 years ago)
cant take it, these puppies, the music, its all too much!!! on to the next video
FatMissyCat hat (6 years ago)
What if you were an animal and got called sick animal
FatMissyCat hat (6 years ago)
its mean to say that what if
O0oOo8oOo0O (6 years ago)
Eva Pou (7 years ago)
how cuuuuuuteeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

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