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Google Sexualising Children Evidence part 1

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Google is a racist organisation that perpatrates, hate towards African woman, discrimination,and sexualization of younger children. Learn more visit:https://yabantu.tv/news TV : https://www.watch.yabantu.tv MOVIES : https://lokshinbioskop.watch
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Onie (4 days ago)
I fapped.. gosh
THE CRITIC (18 days ago)
Never allow them to change your mindset. You are our last hope. The brothers and sisters in this country who have the platform to make a difference have sold us out. They are more dangerous to us than any white man ever was because they are targeting or children with a script that has been carefully prepared and handed to them by the white race. I enjoy your vids. They are both educational and enlighten. Can you give me an idea on statics on violence, drugs and rape in your community as compared to the rest of the country?👍🌷
Kelly Byrne (30 days ago)
Why bash our culture? We differ. Okay. Why does that always lead to the U.S being wrong? Its sad that citizens of this country throw it under the bus as fast as they can. I have no problem with thier culture btw. Just the sad lack of patriotism. You hate this country? LEAVE!
Stefano Comoglio (1 month ago)
Found this video embeded on 4chan, guess what they were doing with it :/
help4343 (1 month ago)
Wait you want them to leave you alone, but you are using their platforms? Kind of a confused message here.
Sailor Barsoom (2 months ago)
I don't think that Google and Facebook want you be promiscuous. I don't think that Google and Facebook want you to get pregnant. I don't think that Google and Facebook want you to get diseases. Google and Facebook DO want you to act as if you were Americans, and they want to delete pictures where you are NOT acting like Americans. I don't think that they should do that. You don't insist that Americans be like you, so why should Americans insist that you be like them? Now, if you came to visit the United States, you would have to cover up, because that is the law here. But it isn't the law where you live, so why should you have to pretend that it is? By the way, there is NO American law requiring Google and Facebook to remove your pictures. It is simply that some (some!) Americans freak out over breasts. Google and Facebook are afraid of offending these freaked-out Americans, so they remove your pictures. This is not motivated by a desire to see you diseased, pregnant, or sleeping around. This is motivated by a fear of the most bass-ackwards element of our population. MOST Americans are fine with it.
Benson Gathua (2 months ago)
You should also stop buying their Computers and Smartphones and stay safe in your villages. If you could not have bought them, you could not have known them hence less blah blah blah infront of their cameras...
Paul nmn (2 months ago)
Fertile young women are the future! .Be proud to display yourselves. GOOGLE IS SATANIST!
universal universe (3 months ago)
My Queens
gazyatri (3 months ago)
That's right, Google! Let them be naked and take photos and record videos of them being naked and post them on the web if they want to! It is their culture!
Captain Zouave (3 months ago)
That’s a lot of nice titties, but she talks too much
American society is a sick society. They believe menkind get naturally born in clothing. Do not let them have ill influence onto your culture. Everything is fine with you and your culture. Only the sick people in America are wrong!
Neal And Associates (4 months ago)
I've been thinking of a respectful way to put this for a few minutes now and unfortunately I can't, because no matter what, somebody's going to get offended. I completely respect their culture and if children and young girls want to show off their bits in public, that is allowed. I would not be horrified if I went into their area and it was happening because that is their culture and as a reasonable and intellectual person (I attempt to be), I need to accept and respect that. That being said, if this kids came to this country, they would be forced to cover up, as we have laws that forbade this. So they're asking us to respect their culture and I think many of us probably do, but doesn't that mean that they should respect our culture? Now Google is a company that the started in the United States (I believe). Google is also a private entity. Granted it's for everyone to use, but they also have the right to choose what kind of content they allow on it. Why is it so wrong?
やきそば海賊 (5 months ago)
FreshNova Akani (5 months ago)
Illegal act
No shit (5 months ago)
No shit
Brently Bennett (6 months ago)
White men are perverts when they see this they want to rape , or make smut.
Viktor Khivrenko (6 months ago)
чего им нужно этак и не сообразил , однако смотрелись не нехорошо .
mgtow for teens (6 months ago)
Paf muc
ceopimpwolf (6 months ago)
Google stop stalking me an Millicent gay ass hoes
Rapprince Cyanide (6 months ago)
Inspiring. I don't expect people outside Africa to understand but this is culture. I will help spread your message, naturally I am just not fond of media censoring. We come from different tribes and cultures, tolerance is what we need.
kirk burdette (6 months ago)
Im doin wrong with them titties
A. Osmond (6 months ago)
You are sick and tired of being sexualized, but you come to complain about it naked with your ripe breasts hanging out. Wow! make some sense Africans. What is the logic behind exposing your shiny breasts all the time? This is softcore porn. Stop showing men your breasts. Save it for your husbands young girls. This is wrong!!!
Nyamwasa Joseph (7 months ago)
Africa is africa let us convince the world our cultures
Paul Moronczyk (7 months ago)
what you tell YASHUA ON JUDGMENT DAY.?
Larrypint (7 months ago)
What has white supremacy to do with that? Google Terms are also against white supremacists.
suveer smith (7 months ago)
Konstantin Borus (7 months ago)
It is America mostly with it "puritan" views. And because Google and Facebook are american corporations they bring their agenda with them.
Paul Moronczyk (7 months ago)
this why women get hurt.
Paul Moronczyk (7 months ago)
jesus loves you but your putting self down.john 3;16 respect your selfs.
Alisson Amilcar (7 months ago)
A maioria vinheram por causa dos seios, mas poucos sabem o que ela está falando.
Peedinkus (8 months ago)
Enough cuntsplaining.
Truth Quad (8 months ago)
its about how you grew up and your cultural differences. America the most unhealthy country in the world is still trying to tell people what to eat. they criticized china for eating dogs and cats even thoough Americans eat beef which is offensive to india.
Vegans are dumb (8 months ago)
Black tities. ewwww. Disgusting
Well we did the same but now everyone get offended when theyre born
Rakesh Vasava (8 months ago)
I am Indian & I respect to African culture
One Alen (8 months ago)
I think guys you must hide your nudity, before protesting something to public. Public world. Because the public world are cruel and dangerous place now. So hide your tits pls and continue to protesting! NOW!
Chris Campling (8 months ago)
Am I right that the woman have to be virgins but the men they don’t give a y can have all sorts of diseases
Jason Bourne (8 months ago)
It’s not Google, but you!! Find God let go perversion and respect culture. Hmmmmmm?
CaryandBabe CaryandBabe (8 months ago)
robert eichenlaub (8 months ago)
you girls need to cover those young firm boobies up. shame on you supplying pedophiles with pictures and videos
lovelle sokan (8 months ago)
Western are perverts. In our culture this is an art form of beauty, not a shame of your sexuality. But westerners see it as nudity because they are obsess hooked on poem. Dirty minds and lust.
good for you, not everyone in the west is a fucking pervert, now gtfo with you stereotyping
Norn Itus (1 month ago)
+js fs Na that's not what I'm saying, I think I misunderstood you and we're on the same page.
js fs (1 month ago)
+Norn Itus It's also not genuine to state that these companies are being "Racist" when they regulate what images are removed. Lets not pretend that there are individuals working for Facebook who's sole purpose is to hunt down images of African girls with their breasts out, simply because they are girls from Africa. They are not strictly against African culture.. When you have millions of users on a platform such as Facebook, it's impossible to be selective with enforcing the rules of conduct. Their pictures being removed is a general sweep, not an actively "Racist" attempt to shut down their ability to express their culture.
Norn Itus (1 month ago)
+js fs You're not really being genuine though are you, you're talking about huge multinational corporations. This isn't really a free speech issue, it's to do with private entities being allowed to control what's posted and displayed on their own platforms. Which in majority of the world they are absolutely entitled to. Very different than implying that their censorship is somehow inherited from some absurd Western culture where nudity is always sexualised... it's a complicated nuanced subject.
js fs (1 month ago)
+Norn Itus And they work for U.S based companies, and follow U.S business protocol. They don't complain about the culture of the I.T world as they are working within that culture. They conform to the culture within which they choose to partake in, hence, these individuals should accept that Facebook, also has protocol. If you're going to freely choose to partake in Facebook, you should follow its rules and regulations.
Waleed Abdo (8 months ago)
I love the black nipple ammm
USMC 1div.RECON (8 months ago)
WTF.... get with a bra program and you will not be kidnapped and raped 👎
sam adrien (8 months ago)
1:57 shurrie from black panther?
Nakoa Warrior (8 months ago)
I say tities look great!!!!!!! And its too hot there for clothe's and it has always been that way there. They are calling it racists,... I don't know who don't think black women are not 50 times sexier than the women of their own race. Perhaps they don't like clothing but google thinks its some form of child abuse to let children run around naked. And these people view that as sexualizing their children,.. google is a bunch of perverts. I'm American and I want them naked,.. that is true freedom,.. I only wear clothes if someone comes to my house. But I know there,...... sex is always on a black mans minds,.. and a lot of girls there's first partner is their father or their uncle. perhaps that's why they say google is sexualizing their children. Having sex with a child is rape. Um, telling a true story is supposed to be the news. In Africa nudity is tradition,.. it is not dirty,.. its the way god made everybody. I don't think they are trying to be feminists,... they don't want to be judged by other's for being who they are. And they didn't eat any Apples there yet. If I went to Africa I'd be wearing long sleeves and long pants snake chaps and a mosquito net and a 375 H&H for wild animals because I want to come back alive. How can they speak better English better than the black women that have been in America for 200 years?
T0B0N 4567 (8 months ago)
Western men get turned on seeing a mother breastfeeding.work that one out
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Pernie Sweemmer (8 months ago)
But you do have too many children and diseases
Harshit Jain (8 months ago)
Bhosdi K pagal
Scott Cook (8 months ago)
Civilization is coming put your clothes on.
Ali Wajid (8 months ago)
hi im frm india
hbecker (8 months ago)
They mean the white people is the input for all problems and deficits in Africa. I say stop the development aid and send the doctors and medicins for them. No one chinese or muslims help them , only whites.
Rapbor Marngar (8 months ago)
IBRAHIM MUSA (8 months ago)
All the comments moralizing all these dirty girls is commented by South Africans, they should not deceive people by making a senseless comments as if the are other part of the world,South Africa is tenth 10th world country.
vnon kwinn (8 months ago)
2.1k' Dumb thumbs down" Don't respect or understand this culture, Cause they are a world of Pedophiles and Perverts who can't see past nakedness unless they are into Pornography. Stop Coveting Others with haft baked negativity And Exploitation. There is no shame in it All of you ignorant children of a Neanderthal . 6.1k' With the thumbs up' Right on, Need more & more like ya. "PEACE !
Kobena Rue (8 months ago)
It about time the western world respect our culture and our way of life. Stop blackmailing everything a black man will do
Kobena Rue (8 months ago)
According to white men everything black is evil and bad
Dipak Kumar Roy (9 months ago)
African danch
RivieraByBuick (9 months ago)
"This is our culture and nobody can tell as what to do" - oh fuckin really? ISIS has their unique culture as well. There are several differeneces among human and animal beheviour. People respect public wearing clothes - animals do not. People do not kill their own specie for food - animals do. People do not eat excrements - animals do. Human is someone who evolved from a stoneage naked ass moron to a fly to the moon. Those tribal africans should not be classified as human beings, that is just too much offensive to all of the scientifical, cultural, psychical achievments The humanity has made in it`s history. I see double standarts here. Go on and walk with a naked ass in your home Africa, but do not tell us what to do with our culture on our google and our facebook.
Chidiebere Egbufor (9 months ago)
I want to go this country 😀😀😀😀
Eustass Belarmino (9 months ago)
Respect and understanding is what our world needs, they are free to practice and believe whatever tradition they have, whether it is different from ours or not, you have my full appreciation and support
ARENELL WINDLEY (9 months ago)
In the Garden, they were naked and unashamed. Then they were infected by the impure thought patterns of Europeans who were based in their interpretation of seeing the body as a sexual object only when exposed. However, the wrongly informed Europeans have perverted the culture so that now shame is imposed upon innocence in the African rituals of passage into adulthood for these youth. It's the degenerate mindset which makes innocence lascivious.
Lyle (9 months ago)
google sucks
Sylvia Banz (9 months ago)
Stupid culture,and please next time when fooling yourself don't use the word Africa's because Africa is very big in the part of Africa where I am from this don't happen ok.
꧁꧂ (8 months ago)
Stupid culture? WHY???
Crick Malcolm (9 months ago)
It's about time the west realised they are not the world police and stop interfering in other cultures. What makes the west think they are right, we have more young pregnancies than any of the countries here
S Li (9 months ago)
Don't let white people change your culture and tell you what they approve or disapprove of... that how some black people started to hate their hair, their skin complexion, their culture, their Africa. If you ask ignorant people of the world... when you think about Africa what comes to mind. They first thing they will say is black skin... like its a curse. Not knowing the darker you are... The healthier you gonna be. Your skin is the first protector of your body. The paler your skin... The more you are prone to diseases. The dumbest thing you can see... is a black women with (plastic) weave on her head, you look STUPID! Stop making white people dictate with is beautiful and what is right in your culture. A people without their culture will fall for anything and die without a culture of nothing.🌍
D.M Wade (9 months ago)
Kato Raymond (10 months ago)
This is there culture let them be .
THE CRITIC (18 days ago)
Which is also your culture
john antap (10 months ago)
virginity is the women's dignity and pride..
Rizone mus (10 months ago)
breast not main sexual part
Rizone mus (10 months ago)
why exploit woman only show her breast
Paul Paulsen (10 months ago)
No, the desease is in in the head of americans who think they are superior. americans never show respect to other cultures.
Alexander Norgan (10 months ago)
Necked women with nice breast in Cameroon north
Claude Mazzocco (10 months ago)
Every culture should be able to live and promote their cultures. Only one who can judge any one is our creator .google and facebook are just coporation of greed .great to see young adults and children to follow their culture .
Super Dave (10 months ago)
Very nice! Well done! Google and YouTube are criminals with their Liberal viewpoints. Thanks to you from California, USA! 🇺🇸
Twogee Lotts (10 months ago)
The edomites (white race) don't do nothing but try to control and exploit african culture. You know the Caucasian race is full of pedophilia and bestiality.
Deez nuts99 (10 months ago)
@TV YABANTU thank you for this video It just shows how people can be cruel to people that love doing what they love, That was a good thing for you to do.
Bruce (10 months ago)
Proudly AFRICA
em brewer (10 months ago)
I agree because there contrey is there damn contrey and ours is ours and we have our own things that we do here and they have there own!
daniel dalai (10 months ago)
A very important message to the pathological prudery of American society which tries to control the world. Thanks for this great message. Girls rule at the Earthgardens Communities: http://riverprincess.tripod.com
Edwin Martens (10 months ago)
If all nude impies sex, you have a big problem between your ears.
Kenneth Janczak (10 months ago)
dont get it why some people r so offended by girls/womans showing videos or pictures of there breasts.....common....breasts is damn nice and beautifull things to look at....
james ester (10 months ago)
google is not sexualizaly felmales your cultules is sinse it on the internet yours proble be complete naked
Grace Amie (10 months ago)
This is African culture. Most American plays or films are worst like make it or break it. The girls are practically naked with their ass well exposed. We all danced traditional dance. Breast was not private part of the body in Africa. We wear bids to cover the only private part ie Virgina.
Grace Amie (10 months ago)
This is African culture. Most American plays or films are worst like make it or break it. The girls are practically naked with their ass well exposed. We all danced traditional dance. Breast was not private part of the body in Africa. We wear bids to cover the only private part ie Virgina.
Vinay Beniwal (11 months ago)
Kya bakwas ha ya
Bante Ansari (11 months ago)
Hum Saath Saath
INDIVIDUAL ONE (11 months ago)
I notice that Youtube and mainstream Media are willing to put pictures of nude underage Black girls, but never underage White girls.
Banwarilal Jat (11 months ago)
ghujar braders
Rajo Entertainment (11 months ago)
Fuath Mohamed (11 months ago)
There is nothing like African culture, many countries in Africa have similar cultures but not all, Africa is not a single country
meri aashqi (11 months ago)
very bad
Pt Smith (11 months ago)
the bra store must be broke .. but I like it ...
Michael Jade (11 months ago)
The culture should be exercised by the adults. You may think using the kids topless as a culture, but remember there are sex wolves exploiting the nudity of these kids. It is wrong to accept money from tourists to show them your topless kids.
Chi Vik (11 months ago)
Culture is good but this has to be abolish
Samsuddin Mailk (11 months ago)
Samsuddin Mailk (11 months ago)
samsuddin. mailk
Beleg Cuthalion (11 months ago)
glad to see Peep's stocking up for themselves . 👍✌️
বাশির সুর (11 months ago)
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