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Milk glass find :-)

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Gypsy (4 years ago)
I Love your milk glass. I think you have a good idea filling the big one with flowers. It would look so shabby sheik (I have no idea how that word is spelled LOL). All 3 pieces are very nice. Good finds !  Hugs,  Sharon
Glittering the Sky (4 years ago)
Beautiful glass. I like the 3 of them.
scrappinfriend (4 years ago)
guamgirli (4 years ago)
Nice vase! Flowers in the vase would be nice! I have never seen milk glass in my area. (Bummer) Tfs!
CraftyAdriana (4 years ago)
very pretty! i need to look for some.  tfs-hugs-adriana
scrappinfriend (4 years ago)
Yes ...go look for some ;-)
Kimbo Kreations (4 years ago)
love the vase so pretty
scrappinfriend (4 years ago)
Thank you Kim :-)
Ana Llanes (4 years ago)
Hey Connie. I love your milk glass pieces. Little by little you will find them and by the time you blink twice you will have 20. I store bling, knobs and sprays in my large vases. Hope that helps. TFS. ana
scrappinfriend (4 years ago)
Thank you Ana for the idea's :-) YES ..I hope I can blink twice so I can have 20..lol
ScrappingLatina (4 years ago)
Beautiful piece... Tfs.
scrappinfriend (4 years ago)
Thank you Jackie ..I hope I have more :-)
LelerLaneVintage (4 years ago)
Hey Connie that vase is one of my favorite pieces. Love the little pedestal cup as well. Tfs
scrappinfriend (4 years ago)
Thank you for watching :-)
BeadyBomBom Elizabeth (4 years ago)
Beautiful pieces! At first they are hard to find but all of a sudden you start to find them every where. 

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