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Happy New Year! Here's Animated Beatles Video #10: Sour Milk Sea. Sour Milk Sea is a song written by George Harrison that surfaced during the White Album sessions. The song was recorded professionally by Jackie Lomax on The Beatles' Apple Records label and released as a single in 1968. In addition to Jackie Lomax, the single features George Harrison and Eric Clapton on guitars, Paul McCartney on bass, Ringo Starr on drums, and Nicky Hopkins on piano. The song is notable for being among the few non-Beatles songs to feature at least three members of the band. This version is featured on all three versions of the 2009 Beatles bootleg album, "Now And Then." * 438 photos were taken and animated for this film. * The female dancers ARE nude. The one dancing beside John is a male. They were edited into the video through greenscreen. * The studio banter used in the intro was taken from a rehearsal of "Think For Yourself," also written by George Harrison for the Rubber Soul album in 1965.
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ぇんおんだもん (27 days ago)
ぇんおんだもん (1 month ago)
ぇんおんだもん (1 month ago)
W M (2 months ago)
John was there (with a lantern jaw and the wrong hair colour).
what the heck is this
Min Snail (4 months ago)
The Beatles cartoon is filled with cursed images but this oh Jesus
Min Snail (4 months ago)
It was all fine till that DANCING SATAN appeared
Min Snail (4 months ago)
I hate it
Jack Halle (6 months ago)
Something is wrong : John was not there, Eric was, and Nicky maybe.
ぇんおんだもん (27 days ago)
It says in the description
Giuseppe Grasso (6 months ago)
What a great song !
Bobby Cormier (6 months ago)
it would be perfect without the aggravating, intrusive silhouetted chick undulating in front like an austin powers parody of a james bond flick.
Mike Davies (2 years ago)
Best version I have heard. Just watch and watch, Quality!!
Ausio N7 (4 years ago)
Eh creepy, and why the fuck is that bitch dancing??
swarlock (5 years ago)
This was superb!
McCartnee (7 years ago)
@debjorgo I didnt do a thing. This was a remixed version another Youtuber posted. I just copied it for use for this video, since, as you said, it was the best sounding one. Thanks for watching! Glad you liked the video!
titusho2 (3 months ago)
Please do.."Tomorrow never knows"! ..its so mystifying and with rythem!! Beatles 🐞🐞🐞🐞+#🐞5 Mal Evans, are the ultimate Apex of music .
debjorgo (7 years ago)
Well this is better than my copy of the Beatles doing Sour Milk Sea. Did you add instrumentation or is this all Beatles?
Andrew Hyden (8 years ago)
Great George tune. Thank you for such a creative presentation! That was fantastic!
MrKrawuzikapuzi1 (8 years ago)
Haha-great Video,...very well done! Congratulations!!
McCartnee (8 years ago)
Oh, but I have!
fezwoz (8 years ago)
Could you do While My Guitar Gently Weeps
McCartnee (9 years ago)
The video you use to superimpose your green screen "object" onto hides all of the green. It's called Chroma Key. I dont think you can do it using Movie Maker. I paid$100 for another program just for that purpose.
McCartnee (9 years ago)
@Freakears I plan on doing Revolution still...just not sure how. My original idea just got too confusing with the effect I wanted to use. I may do as many as 15, now...one that's in the works wont get posted until after the DVD is made, but it will be on the DVD.
Freakears (9 years ago)
Does this mean you're still going to do Revolution, or is this your last animated Beatles video, going with your original plan of stopping at 10?
McCartnee (9 years ago)
I didn't like my idea for Revolution. it was far too complex and the effect I was using confused too many people. It's still a work in progress...
Erica Risti (9 years ago)
Pretty cool! :)
DaGGortiz (9 years ago)
HA HA! Johns monologue in the first bit! thats HALARIOUS !!!!

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