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Fake profiles and lies at dating sites like Plenty of fish , Datehookup , etc. It sucks.

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Update on the second video: Due to some MAJOR health complications, I'm being forced to delay the second video for the time being. I should be okay eventually (I'm NOT dying or anything like that) but to say that I am in poor condition at the moment is an understatement. When I get better, I will be FINALLY posting that second video. I greatly apologize to everyone for the delay. I will return.
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Text Comments (1936)
jahrta (7 hours ago)
Play at 1.75x speed and thank me later
jahrta (7 hours ago)
Plenty of Phishers
Ahmed Kamal (5 days ago)
ny recommendations for a (24 yr old) guy looking for a serious relationship? (not short term or hook up like i keep running into
Andy Jay (13 days ago)
Here's a rant. But a USEFUL one. Why are dating sites SO bad? Because the sites themselves are in it for money. They don't give a crap about matching you or getting you a date or relationship. Why? Because they want failures that keep you coming back to their site time and time again. Once you have a relationship you're no use to a dating site. They want you always there. In my opinion POF is the biggest offender. Other dating site who have extremely BAD reputations and poor security with scammers and fake profiles include the following:- Tinder, Match Dot Come, RSVP, eHarmony is an atrocious rip off for women and so is Zoosk who advertise their female members to guys as MILFS and COUGARS dressed in scantily clad clothes and stockings with a huge amount of fake profiles and scammers. I know this is true because the Zoosk ads appear on... you guessed it, Plenty Of Fish. At the time I reported the offending ads twice to POF CEO Markus Frind. It went ignored and the appalling Zoosk ads continued on POF. Some Zoosk ads I saw even had tiny thumbnail pictures of porn star Jodi West amongst other porn star pics. I mean seriously, you want to join a dating site like this that turns its female members into tarts and sluts claiming they have tons of money? OKCupid should be called OKStupid if you have that much time to waste for ZERO real results but plenty of SCAM results. Of course you're not going to get a date. Never mind filling out OKStupid's a million stupid profile questions, which are so repetitious and completely useless at finding you a real date let alone a hookup. No one reads this rubbish. Oasis Active is another absolutely atrocious dating site. They have an algorithm that loves booting you offline when you're in the middle of chatting to someone. No one explains this and thousands of chatting members think it's the other person who has ghosted them during texting. Therefore members get angry with each other for exiting the conversation. No, it's not you. It's Oasis that kicks you offline when you least expect it. POF do the same dirty trick and have being doing it for years. The criteria and parameter algorithms are so poor on Oasis Active and POF. If you want only English speaking members, useless checking that box. You'll still be inundated with Filipinas, Thais, Asians and Spanish who cannot speak a word of English. Their profiles are written in their native tongue. There is only one word they understand... $ money. Then they understand every word you say, providing they are getting YOURS. Oasis Active fails in Smoking and Non Smoking parameter criteria. If you're a non smoker Oasis Active will send you every smoker as a MATCH. And as for profiles LIVING with kids, this is useless on Oasis as it is just as bad on POF. If you want someone WITHOUT kids, tough. You'll get every helicopter mother on the planet as a positive MATCH. In recent times there has been another huge influx of FAKE profile belonging to SCAMMERS. These are on all dating sites. Scammers are absolute idiots and to recognize a scammer is so easy. Their profile if is has a picture at all can be so easily be checked with a website called Tin Eye that has hundreds of billions of Net pictures and the pic's locations. It's a simple drag n drop to search a profile pic. Google Chrome has the same feature with image checking. The fake profile scammers' pics just come up like flies. The other scammer giveaway is there is NO profile. They don't have the time to fill in the profile details. So if you see a pretty girl and she has NO real profile info... It's a scammer. Report the scam profiles when you find one, but most dating sites take ages to delete the scam accounts because all scam profiles generate revenue by Google numbers for the dating site. ALL dating sites have fake scammer profiles. BE AWARE and be advised.
Acko Manah (1 month ago)
Why does the government do anything about it. Too busy fighting each other
Acko Manah (1 month ago)
I have rarely found real people but for most part all these sites are fake. I met more real people on camgril sites. Some becme good friends. I finally got fed up and moved from USA. Now I get to meet girls in person who are obviously real. It is nice
Ronnie Evans (2 months ago)
You rambled and ranted for almost 15 minutes because you can't get laid stick to choking your chicken dude no chick would want to give a whiner like you a chance
petcal2004 (2 months ago)
what about Eurodate.com??
I set up an account just to list scammers! No other reason! I hate Scammers! POF have no forum option in Europe? I guess its different to USA then, Is it same company? www.pof.com as Plenty of Fish? I type in plentyoffish and the address bar redirects to POF I reported 15 scammer accounts and they all still up 3 weeks later! My account got deleted so had to set up another account
124 Spider (3 months ago)
I pick them fairly quickly. I always ask to meet the person or have a phone number. A sure sign that this is a fake person. Scammers. Be aware!!
Nigel Thornberry (3 months ago)
This guy is so salt
C Z (4 months ago)
September 9, 2018.... I once ran into someone using Dame Judi Dench as a profile photo.
roger smith (4 months ago)
THIS IS TRUE>> HOWEVER I ALSO HAVE A FRIEND WHO IS A HOT WOMAN WHO USES THESE SITES> however she is never satified always wines like a dominate bitch and leaves men hanging. so if you get a woman on there most likely its the crazy dangerous ones
Washington Consultants (5 months ago)
Ftustrated with my inability to get dates i tried an experiment. I put a fake ad with Bratt Pritts bio (different name). I found a pic of brad with a beard. I listed all of Brads real info: 5.10, 190#, 54 years of age, duvorved, 4 kids, outgoing, well traveled, etc. "Brad" hardly got any hits. Those that did reply said he was too old, or too many kids, or too short. Apparently 5'10 is too short. Lol. If "Brad" cant get any dates who can?
Edward Hurlburt (5 months ago)
You sound like the character who played Swamp Thing
Joe Gibbs (5 months ago)
So here is the thing... If you are a 'high value' man, which is to say good looking, able to show pics of yourself in good shape, able to honestly claim a high salary etc... then you will get enough genuine interest and messages from real women so as to not be effected by the fakes. But if you are, like me, a pretty average guy... then it has to be said: You're an idiot if you think the girl in this video is hesitating for a second before swiping left on your profile. While dating sites inflate women's egos and give them massive narcissistic fantasies, for us men they ought to be a sharp smack into reality. Be realistic fellas, come on. Know what your SMV is and understand that the likelihood of you scoring above it is like that of winning the lottery. Then you will sniff out fakies like this a mile off. POF and the like make mugs of us if we do not understand this.
Fabiian The Z (5 months ago)
Every girl wanna be blonde with blue eyes. Specially the blacks
Chris Goodchild (5 months ago)
So this begs the question as whether or not the sites themselves create the fake profiles. Because how is it of value to a scammer to not reply to messages, aren't they fishing for people to hook? With there being no response it actually points more to the sites themselves with the plausible deniability that it's not the person you are messaging, but something wrong with you.
Joe Gibbs (5 months ago)
Chris Goodchild It was proven in the Ashley Madison leak that a huge number of female profiles were fake and maintained by site staff - AM is a site where I believe you pay 'per contact' though. And shockingly at the time at least, men were required to pay but not women.
David Carter (5 months ago)
POF stands for Plenty of Fakes...
Jim Cole (5 months ago)
When the curtains don't match the rug, that's your first indicator.
dave watson (5 months ago)
google image it...
Dawna (5 months ago)
...folk....learn to be happy alone!! less hassle!!
Washington Consultants (5 months ago)
Omg. Is that a picture of a Barbie Doll?
marina lopez (5 months ago)
I've tried pof and it was not a good experience. I would never recommend using POF!!!!
Don't Sleep! (6 months ago)
Something about fake profiles stand out that looks ''massively suspect''..... ''There's one born every minute''
FALCONS 2112422 (6 months ago)
She wants you to join safedatingservice site ?
FALCONS 2112422 (6 months ago)
What if she Message U and sends you pictures real or fake
John F Smahaj (6 months ago)
How boring.
kntwing (7 months ago)
i used to met alot of women in p.o.f but now a days it just scams people online for money...
Joe Green (7 months ago)
It's a black guy from South Africa trying to steal your information
sros6 (7 months ago)
Yes I think its up to 80% or more now that are fake. Dating sites are over-run with fakes. And of the 20% that are real 80% of those have faked or enhanced their photos well beyond reality.
Vicky done (8 months ago)
real site try this one http://trackingnutra.com/?a=9138&c=1487&s1=
Phillip Galloway (8 months ago)
I hate online dating about 1,000 times more than real life dating!!
Kyle Dennis (8 months ago)
you know what's worse than fake profiles? children. and you know what's scary? 15% of 18+ dating profile users are underage. SO DON'T SEXT!!!
W B (9 months ago)
This is funny and yet Fake
Don C (9 months ago)
You spend way way way too long getting to your point
SECTOR 7 (10 months ago)
POF is loaded with fake profiles! Two simple ways to tell is if there name is something like; Nicole64376, Mary745899, etc. No one's going to use that many number digits for their username. Another way to tell is if you get a notification from them; meet me or a wink, etc, and then go to their profile just a couple minutes later, if it says the profile/account is closed, it was a fake.
Darren Allen (1 year ago)
Internet dating should be ILLEGAL!!!
ElectroVeeDub (1 year ago)
The reason why women don't respond is because they're swamped with hundreds of messages. Not necessarily because the profile is fake. The more common scam is for guys from South America to use proxy servers and macro programs to create dozens of profiles where they send likes to men. At that point they immediately ask for an email address. The email address allows them to sell the info to advertisers. Send phishing emails. Spam the shit out of you. And attempt to converse and receive your name and address and so on. This is for identity theft.
Khayom Kulobiev (1 year ago)
you talk like my grandpa
Barry Thacker (1 year ago)
I can not get returns a guy told me he posted a pic with a model and he did not get any returns.
stonesthrow420 (1 year ago)
These dating sites are a cesspool of dirtbag scammers, severely obese women who refuse to lose weight with 3 or more children, 50 + years old or just plain crazy. POF is the worst. Total waste of $40. Im a good person with a honest profile and nobody ever responds to my messages except scammers with fake photos. If there is a hot girl on there, and they are real...they are only looking for a supermodel, tall, rich guy that wouldn't go on that site anyway. DO NOT use these sites. They are worthless.
Anna Marie (1 year ago)
didn't do well on any dating site. Then I decided to go out and meet people. didn't take long to find a lady. Dating sites are for fucking losers.
Mclovin 2018 (1 year ago)
I'm sorry brah but all this sounds good and im sure it makes you and your guys sleep better but your dead wrong. Sure you found one fake profile on a dating site congrats. But my nigga your just a lame.Many people on you tube have made fake profiles for attractive men. And the same women your talking about most are fake? They return and send messages to the fake attractive guy profile.Sorry to let you down but your not getting return messages because you and your men are lames.
Johnathan Gaw (1 year ago)
Ya no point using any site like these. They are almost all fakes and bots
classiclistener01 (1 year ago)
I've spoken with a lot of people who were on these two sites, and, I heard many of the same stories on this video and in the comments below. However, here's a new story. I was on Datehookup.com for almost a year several years ago. I met a lot of women. Most were average to above average in looks, which is good. What isn't good is that they were either, and, or...dating other guys; married; drunks; druggies; pill-heads with psychiatric issues; no job; no car; one had cigarettes and alcohol, but, no money for food for her kids she never mentioned; another had no money for fuel oil for her live-in teen daughter, but, money for vodka; three lived with their husbands but claimed they're separated (that would make Thanksgiving awkward!?); one I immediately noticed from the newspaper was a known prostitute (I drove right by - likely a bigger disease-farm than that monkey from "Outbreak"); one was the wife of a guy I worked with (not cool!); one claimed to be a cop who was fired for reporting her superior for sexual harassment (in this day and age, please!); one woman I simply ignored on my home phone once she began talking of marriage after two days without ever meeting, so, she began calling me from a pay phone at all hours!?; one woman had her mom harass me over the phone after I didn't wish to see her; one woman showed up for the first date with her parents; one claimed to be the victim of abuse and how her ex-husband got the kids and the house, but, I know that guy from our high school days and knew she was lying (he's a good man); one had her 'friend' start writing to me from prison; etc...etc...and, so on! NOTE - Don't ever give out your phone number until after a few dates...your address goes without saying! I deleted my profile. Then, soon after, I met someone out-of-the-blue while out one day. None of this was damaging to me. In fact, it was sort of amusing in a "One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest"/Carrie White/Sigmund Freud sort of way. I could write a book about this fiasco...in fact, I just wrote the outline above!? The title would be "Either I'm a magnet for female misfits, or, free online dating for guys pretty-much sucks!" This is insane! Funny, but, insane!
D Sword (1 year ago)
Dude, your a bit redundant here...
Geoff Joffy (1 year ago)
Like we didn't know this already. Dumb video.
Deacon June (1 year ago)
I met my wife on plenty of fish back in 2012, but that was a one in a million chance of that happening, and she found me.
Jeff Tregre (1 year ago)
Good and true information, but he tool 15 minutes to tell you what could have been told in only 5 minutes.
ginny Laliberte (1 year ago)
There are not that many fake profiles. It most likely is that are not interested in you. I don't bother replying when I see that we don't have anything in common or they live to great a distance. I don't understand why a man that lives over an hour away would bother to contact me unless he leads a double life and doesn't want the other woman and I to ever meet. Not rocket science. Relationships are hard enough to have trust under the same roof never mind in another State. Also I am definitely not racist but will not date out of my race because of the cultural differences that this also makes it harder than it has to be. Relationships don't have to be hard. If they are I would rather be single. If this belief thinking is wrong I don't give a shit. Life is hard enough already,...don't need the extra aggravation and arguments. Even the real profiles are crap most the time. They say they don't smoke or do drugs and drink socially and then you meet them and YES they smoke, YES they do cocaine, and after you watch them pound their third shot and on their fourth beer you find out different. So yes the dating scene sucks and people have a real problem with being authentic. Sad that they have to waste everyone's time by lying out of the gate.
Never Ending Purpose (1 year ago)
Okay, just a thought but even though I do agree with you, I would love to know what the purpose of these fake profile is. What are the looking for? Are the purposely put up by POF?
غدر الزمان ن (9 months ago)
Never Ending Purpose (1 year ago)
It's a lie, a scam, a business. They just want your money and the small amount of real women are out of something, whether attention, money or a free dinner. Lots of escorts are on there as well.
james rudolph (1 year ago)
after all this bullshit you still never told us any possible reason WHY they are spending time making fake profiles. And you may be right about the younger ones being fake but i know if you are looking for women from about 35 and older these profiles are not fake. I know, i am a member and have gotten tons of responses and dates. Again, it might be different with the young girl profiles. And, you kept saying, "point im trying to make", and "the point is" and , "bottom line" without ever actually making a point or giving us a cogent, concise summation. You suck dude. The reason you can't get a girl is because you don't know how to engage in interesting conversation. You're boring.
james rudolph (1 year ago)
dude , you need to get to the fucking point. you went over all the details of the first girl on both sites saying this isn't true, this isn't true, that's not true, etc. etc. etc....... WE GET IT!!!!!!!!! get to the FUCKING POINT!!!!!
rodger rain (1 year ago)
Most dating profiles are fake.  If the girls photo is young, thin and pretty, it's probably a scammer.
Sid Thomson (1 year ago)
Who in the fuck would want to date that homely, over bleached, dull normal in the first place?
son7sam (1 year ago)
Shite video. get to the fucking point.
Infinite Creator (1 year ago)
video was boring so I just read the comments. realized the video was still running. kept reading comments.
Tina (1 year ago)
You are so true. Most of the people on these sites lie. I have met some people and they post pictures of themselves that are 10-15 years old. They lie about their height. I am 5'4 and I met a guy that told me he was 5'8 which was a big lie. I know because I met him for a date and I wore heels which were about 2 or 3 inches and I was taller than he was he was also bald and skinnier in person. I don't do the dating sites anymore. I chose to meet people the old fashion way.
Howard Scoggins (1 year ago)
dude your getting on my last nerve already with how your trying to sound, dragging your voice out very annoying.
clonedZ16 (1 year ago)
jesus christ dude! get to your point you same the same shit over and over and over ..there not real there not real there not real ..ok ! man get to you FUCKING point
PROJECT DX (1 year ago)
You have to understand its a MONEY MAKING BUSINESS. Preying on weak desperate men. Theyll take your money all day long. But will also deceive you too. There are only a few decent sites for meeting people. Cupid is one of the better ones. I met my wife on there 7 years ago.
Rodina Nevashedelo (1 year ago)
I don't need this video, but a fact that who made datehookup.comp are crimes!
black5corpion76 (1 year ago)
U better off going on backpage.com and getting laid
Kip Paseo (1 year ago)
Dating websites are for LOSERS for the most part. Only defective people need this shit to hook up. ESPECIALLY the free dating sites. I love to fuck with the Nigerian scammers.
Sir .Driken (1 year ago)
omfg its so creepy how they use/steal pictures from people like that
Torpedomtb (1 year ago)
To think you can find a girl like that online is pathetic. Even IF she was not a model or actress and just average person. Do you really think she would need a dating site? You have to be honest with yourself. I think people who use dating sites have no game or social skills to where even if you were fortunate enough to actually meet her you would have no game to proceed further than an introduction.
April Hart (1 year ago)
wow. Even with the women on Match experience. I just found out Match leaves free profiles up so I"ve been messaging dead accounts. How stupid is that? Pure setup for failure.
Ursula. M (1 year ago)
I used to have a male roommate that is on that POF and all the women that he met, end at the apartment and they had sex. Was only ugly, fat, dirty etc... Disgusting and thank God I now have my on place and no strangers coming around.
MrNonGod (1 year ago)
Great video but even if online dating sucks the average guy has issues with meeting, approaching women in real life and until you show how to meet women in public some of these guys have no choice but to do online dating....I did it for 10 years. I am just getting out of it because I studied on how to pick up women and on my way to writing a book to help guys get off of sites like POF and okcupid to meet women in real life.
Popeye The Sailor man (1 year ago)
Yes hes right...I sent off about 20 emails to girls.....I had 2 replies from unsolicited profiles , then I sent my number , never heard back from them , why would 2 profiles send messages intending interaction , then not reply afterwards.! its a definite scam.
Laura W (1 year ago)
There pictures are found on Facebook. People steal pictures off others profiles. Stealing someone's identity is what they do.
alien_invation :3 (1 year ago)
GET TO THE FUCKING POINT. please stop repeating yourself...😫😤
Super Silver (1 year ago)
Wow its gotten so bad to the point where girls message me saying if I'm fake xD its so fucked up this ruin the online dating scene . fuck I hate China lol.If you trace most of these I.P.'s they are come from China but they can use clone numbers that make it look like its a 213 area code .Wow
Kaitlyn. (1 year ago)
Is that Chloe Harwood?
Simon Rodgers (1 year ago)
this is putting me to sleep... cant watch the whole thing.
FU9L (1 year ago)
Nicky Sydor (1 year ago)
internet dating is nowhere near safe
SPACELING 77 (1 year ago)
I had one from pof it didnt take me long to think something was not right so i did a YAHOO reverse image and discovered that the profile picture was of a porn star called jessie jane
John Rawlings (1 year ago)
I am lucky I have been happily single for 38 years and not having to worry about dating websites. :)
spiralcosmosart (2 years ago)
she's a butt ugly ridiculously air brushed barbie doll goddamn skank DUH!
Butters Stotch (1 year ago)
spiralcosmosart You can find these women on MySpace and Instagram
spiralcosmosart (2 years ago)
get to the point WHY THERE'S SO MANY FUCKING FAKE FRAUDULANT bull shit Profiles? Who makes them. WHY? WHY?
spiralcosmosart (2 years ago)
"there not real, they're fake" No shit? its a mannequin or a photo-op or cgi ir something." only a fucking moron is fooled, but if you have been single a long time you're gonna keep looking for real ones.
spiralcosmosart (2 years ago)
that's a mannequin
al m (2 years ago)
I had amazing luck on POF and OKCupid. In fact, I met and (used) to date a hottie who didn't have any pic up when I met her online. After I talked to her for about a week she put a few pics up for me and I was floored with how cute she was. She consented to get to know me because I was interested without seeing her looks first. This was OKCupid. As for POF, I replied to a hottie who put a song up for her description. I commented on it and we got to know each other. Though we didn't become lovers, we did become good friends. So, I'm sure there's lots of fake profiles, but for myself, I've had these two success stories, and several others as well. My beef with online dating is the sheer amount of superficialness from the girls. I'd have to say most I met are very shallow and have such high standards they can't see the forest through the trees, thus meeting someone who may be a good match in the first place.
A.E.E.N 5th (2 years ago)
most of on these profiles are from africa. hot women dont have these sites anymore, they stay on instagram and facebook, waiting for a like or message from a cellebrity. thats what is going on now, we normal guys and poor will die alone. buy a doll or find a ugly women , stop dreaming . we cant compete against cellebrity and people that can pay anything tu fuck these bitchs for one night. I know some individuals in dubai and us that hire people to contact women on instagram. they fuck new women almost every fucking day
Michael Gardner (2 years ago)
I have a profile (current deactivate) on POF for about a year and I would say there are 100+ women who have looked at my profile -- and I would say about 80-85% are fakes. I once sent 20 or so women a PM from this list as a test and I would say 4 replies were real. It was flattering how validating it can be a first, but after I caught on it's depressing. Still, no excuse to be scammed as the scammer's PM were some of the most insipid and inarticulate crap I've read anywhere.
Christine Spurr (1 year ago)
Michael Gardner fee
TheSpritz0 (2 years ago)
ONLY legit site is TINDER, forget all the other shit scams...
Doug Hylton (2 years ago)
Zeno you are saying that the most of the players on the dating websites are fake. This may or may not be true you are only offering your opinion you have no proof. The image search only works part of the time. Otherwise your voice is boring I had to force myself to keep watching your video.
HOLLOW HILL (2 years ago)
I think its harder to tell fakes on mobile phone
geoffrey dean (2 years ago)
many dating sites are now incorporating into their terms of service that they are entitled to create fake profiles. The sites justify this practice as a means of enhancing the experience, encouraging interaction, and monitoring compliance by members with the terms of service of the site. Of course, since most users never actually read the terms of service, this policy slides by unnoticed by millions who sign up, pay their fees, and then wonder why they are suddenly less popular than when they were a free member and can never seem to get someone to actually agree to a date.
Shamik Halder (2 years ago)
Yea. this is a good video. but not all dating websites are fake. Actually all have few percentage of fake profile for show off that grab the customer.
Bee Bee Cuddlebear (2 years ago)
I got a message from a guy on mingle. com who lived in Islamabad, Pakistan, and he used a thumbnail of Leo Dicaprio.
Bee Bee Cuddlebear (2 years ago)
The guys that are real on pof and cupid just wanna get laid..
William Pritchartt (2 years ago)
This video speaks the truth. All those who use deception (fraud) practices who are responsible for this shit should be in prison.
William Pritchartt (2 years ago)
Hell dude Snatch.cum a/k/a Match.com is guilty as sin for creating fake profiles utilized as an illusion to entice members to upgrade. $mart money say Eharmony does the same thing. I would not waste a dime on these sites.
Jay Ritch (2 years ago)
Murdered is a better word. I was scammed out of $3100.00. Long story. I have an idea my dealings was with a scumbag guy from Nigeria at a computer café which was shut down and everyone arrested which was featured on 60 MINUTES last year.
drylooped (2 years ago)
I actually met my wife of five years on POF and my sister in law met her husband there too. Some people are real you just have to dig through a hell of a lot of crap first.
Koala (2 years ago)
Аll hot girls аre herе => https://twitter.com/2abee024f884a5de4/status/801992405775826944 Fаkе рrоfilеs аnd liеs at dating sites like Рlentyyу оооof fish Datehооkuр еtc It suсks
Kal El (2 years ago)
most profiles are from Nigeria.
joe caterman (2 years ago)
but even if youre right, and imsure you are... i got 12 pof dates.... and they're real
joe caterman (2 years ago)
yep.. its true. Hence why i said I'm sure you are :) I think the best online dating site would be one that somehow emulates the real thing. So, to enrol you have to attend say... 5 speed dating sessions and get recorded. Thats then uploaded onto your profile. Now, we're getting somewhere, because the women can see the guy how he really interacts with other people... she can feel the chemistry better, so the right girlcan maybe choose the right guy for her date rather than looking at her check box.
larry_the_villan (2 years ago)
joe caterman me too lol. the girls are real but its kinda obvious when the profile is fake. girls get a million messages from desperate guys. sometimes they don't see your message sometimes they automatically rule you because there's a more attractive jerk out there and then they get played and complain that they can't find a good guy. rinse repeat
Bizness Crew (2 years ago)
As a business consultant and corporate strategist I can say that I have a bit of experience and knowledge with dating sites and how they operate. I am talking about the strategy aspects of them. There are 4 types of users, in general: Real; Dicks; Scammers; Admins. * The real profiles are your normal people, with normal photos and nothing out of the ordinary. *The dicks create attractive, but fake accounts as a lure just to have some fun and because they are bored. They play around with suckers for a short while before they get bored of doing so and they abandon their profiles. * Scammer create attractive fake accounts as a lure and to attract people with the aim of extracting money out of the suckers. Scammers WILL respond and will be keen to communicate. However, they will NEVER confirm their identity through a face to face conversation. * Admins create attractive fake accounts to create value to the site in order to attract more users. Admins are too busy to respond to countless messages to their countless fake accounts that they create. These accounts are there for show and to attract more users who will think the site is great because it has so many sexy people. This is a marketing tactic. Conclusion..... If your messages are ignored, don't take it personally. It's just marketing. If you do get a reply ALWAYS, ALWAYS request face to face Skype contact.

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