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Joan of Arc's virginity is tested (The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc)

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Joan of Arc's virginity is tested (The Messenger: The Story of Joan of Arc) Copyright Gaumont 1999.
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Text Comments (357)
Dennisse Napuli (1 day ago)
why am i even here lmao
ACE Cobar (2 days ago)
That forehead tho
Shah Bano Manoor (3 days ago)
Is that a movie or series name plz
Tommy Ngo (4 days ago)
Why is this in my recommendation?
Asdf Asdfg (6 days ago)
What the F?!
SQUIRT IVY (8 days ago)
I’m trying to figure in what way can they check if her hymen is intact without breaking it ? Seems terrifying 😩😮
Alex John (14 days ago)
Virginity is the best jwellery of an unmarried women
anywaythewindblows 89 (14 days ago)
I’m glad I didn’t live In these times. This is barbaric, unsafe, unhealthy and unsanitary
Veerender Kaur (20 days ago)
Emily's coools Villa marie
Scary looking nuns.
Sarah Gray (24 days ago)
Hey, and I thought MY gynecological examinations were stressful and embarrassing!
Unicorn ArtLover 101 (25 days ago)
This is digusting ,old hag seeing her body. RAPE! Also you cant test that with the hymen. It can break dancing like are u freakin kiddin me! You cant test virginity , its not a scientific thing
Katz mfCat (27 days ago)
Why did this pop up on my recommended..?
Abi Foley (1 month ago)
I have no idea what's going on
Zoe Dark (1 month ago)
She wasn't sent by God.She was most likely schizophrenic
Marvel Disneyfan (1 month ago)
Well... that wasn't at all invasive or uncomfortable, I'm sure.
Truth Honestly (1 month ago)
Lmao 😂 wow 😳 fucked up some girls aren't born with a hymn some get torn when hose riding and other things so sometimes there's no blood
Rachel Alexandria (1 month ago)
So some old lady nun just popped her cherry. Jesus!!
Happy Emoji (1 month ago)
Every bullshit came from religions and all of them are more focused on women’s vaginas than on actually useful and beneficial things to humanity or developments. Bullshit times bullshit equals bullshit squared...
Haily Desai (1 month ago)
The nun's answer just killed me.. like WTF... was a girl some kind of a machine or..???
Jelena Vojvodic (1 month ago)
Tedison (1 month ago)
All these people just to test virginity? I usually do this kinda thing alone, plus the subject, ofcourse.
Maleeha Milli (2 months ago)
How the hell i end up here watching this shitt😂
Imran Khan (2 months ago)
Stay away witch!
Aafreen Manzoor (2 months ago)
Wtf is this.. it was such a disappointing video..
endlessummer (2 months ago)
What a barbaric inhumane practice done to humans by humans. Imagine how many and which barbaric practices of today humans of tomorrow will look at with disgust.
shabbu shabbu (2 months ago)
What the hell they are doing.. Bulshittt yrrr
aira tabelin (2 months ago)
intense curtain opening
Zuhair Ahmed (2 months ago)
How did they know if she was Virgin or not? And did it really matter? I know during those times women weren't allowed to have sex, but still..
The_Drop Bear (1 month ago)
She claimed to be a virgin sent by god to free France, they couldn't test the first claim so they tested the second
carlo jade cabite (2 months ago)
Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh! Oh my gosh😍😍 milla jovovich😍
Abcd efgh (2 months ago)
Religious Retards. ..
Sapna Thakur (2 months ago)
Bhopdiwale .....virginity test lenge... fuck this culture
Sapna Thakur (2 months ago)
Gand mar deni hai...maine.. In logo ki
you tube person (2 months ago)
That's a rather public test
Mar joseph Reyes (2 months ago)
Some women are not born with hymen. I'm one of them. I felt so weird and different so I used to ask my mother why I don't have it every single day. Then one day she got fed up and told me "you are a boy, damn it you are a boy" -THE END
Rusty Asplico (2 months ago)
Why cant do it in private😅
Zayn Zayn (2 months ago)
How to tested virginity? By fucking it?
Madcatlover (2 months ago)
In days long past woman had their own version of the prostate exam
Prighwait Naamee (2 months ago)
Christianity is a weird and dark cult.
*MA* *YUMI* (1 month ago)
Prighwait Naamee Christianity is not a cult idiot!
Rupali Nemade (2 months ago)
what the hell r they doing....
akhil. s (3 months ago)
When I saw her as Joan of arc my impression was ewww
KASHIF Hyder (3 months ago)
Why All Ibrahimic religions so much upon virginity based .jews. cristins and Muslims all of them always looking for virginity of girls. What about the men's.
lilly burbine (3 months ago)
Courtney Crevier (3 months ago)
You can’t tell.
aprilshower7799 (3 months ago)
aprilshower7799 (3 months ago)
These people dressed like witches....all of them...
motivational quotes (3 months ago)
These is so *disgusting* how can they do that _thankfully we born in 20s_
manasi pawar (2 months ago)
Farooq Shah (4 months ago)
Damn that was scary !
nativefate (4 months ago)
The Virgin birth is under the constellation of Virgo which is the Virgin Mary and in all cultures it's one in the same if you look at the similarities and the planet mercury is the messenger of of God which 2 signs Gemini and Virgo ,the 3 kings is orions belt and Bethlehem means house of bread which also means Virgo and dante, is a Gemini and wrote the divine comedy of dantes inferno which we all go through hell and he just mapped it and if we look back to Adam and eve we all can see that we are still paying for that sin and not one of us today have taken responsibility for it and the only way we put the apple back is by owning our own shit and this happens all the time and it's on a cycle and every 2600 years or something like that it repeats and be my guest to prove it wrong because we are in the age of pieces and that's why the Pope wears a fish hat and jesus or any other savior is one in the same and it is fact and we fight wars over what ! Think about it ! It's a diversion and that's the question that you really want to ask and it all is practical and logical and can be proven and makes sense
Ali Rizvi (4 months ago)
tht old hag went down on alice from resident evil
The real first _ (4 months ago)
Not my proudest fap.
manny vasquez (4 months ago)
Catholic church
פאטמה (4 months ago)
They did the same thing for me before my wedding night
Sonnylyn Trettler12 (4 months ago)
ouch thats hurt.
Nongdren Rajkumar (4 months ago)
i thought the examiner was a male😂
Rekha K (5 months ago)
This is so stupid ! Do not spread false news for your views ! Shame on the director !
Yolo Swaggins (5 months ago)
Give me an hour with her and they'll find plenty of corruption and violation.
bullet raza (5 months ago)
hw can they check
Gaza Kim (5 months ago)
No gloves 🧤😂😂😂😂
True Muslim (5 months ago)
Hows its done..? what's this all about??
STIFAN FERNANDES (5 months ago)
Congrats! she's a virgin.... now lets celebrate
Corcon (5 months ago)
Would've been awesome if the test determined that she was a man.
Tina Rider (5 months ago)
Androgyne Joanne d'Arc..hermaphrodite..a real heroe..bless..
Jef Sara (5 months ago)
Stupid bastards 💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪💪
satavisha rakshit (5 months ago)
Chutiya hain tu!
Austine Medina (5 months ago)
She ain't virgin anymore, She was touched by the scary nun. I don't know why I got here.
Sarah Gray (24 days ago)
This is a medical examination performed by a woman.
Carol Smidt (6 months ago)
Bloody dark age BS How do we test men then!? 😱 We just take their word got it Women have always been 2nd to animals disgusting.
STALIN RAJA (6 months ago)
Men's have rights to marry a virgin girl.... if girls lost their virginity should punished by law severely
Natasha Swart (5 months ago)
demon for sure (6 months ago)
Hahaha..no sign of violation.hahahahahaha
Jesus Christ (6 months ago)
My Disciples did this to me as well.
Peleki Rokovadaa (6 months ago)
Back in those days the midwife also had a PhD in Gynecology 😂😂😂😂😂
Shubham Mittal (6 months ago)
Love sex lust is must always
Jae-Ann Carter (6 months ago)
Lmao i shit you you not I watched this in french class today Plus i go to an all girls Catholic school
andrea105 beautygirl (7 months ago)
Wow sex was a violation and corruption back then damn religious catholics
esrapk (7 months ago)
Men are vermin
Maancy Leo (7 months ago)
This is stupid, people are sick...still there are people like this living among us... good to be an atheist
Makayla The Ellie (7 months ago)
Well.. Not after that man handling she's not
Mary Klassen (7 months ago)
That must be awkward
Sophie Louise (7 months ago)
The fact that this actually used to happen is purely disgusting and wrong.
Sunflower 77 (7 months ago)
Mormon mother's have their daughters go through this. They did it to my sister!
Dilini Iresha (7 months ago)
What a disgusting test.
Shivangi Chatterjee (7 months ago)
Thank godness i am in 21 century i😨😰😱
Stephan Vazquez (7 months ago)
Well that lady just fucked it up if anything finger fucked it practically
Movies with friends (7 months ago)
....Seriously we did this year's ago? This was considered a virginity test? I've seen more proven test in a in a legend of Zelda puzzle
Warrior Princess (7 months ago)
how did they test? i'm confused
Lyrik Tracy (7 months ago)
o shit is that Alice from Resident Evil
Nela (7 months ago)
Que humillante😠😠😠
if that ever happened to me I'll be like "hold up nah hell nah nope *walks off*"
TAO TAO (8 months ago)
It’s disgusting that women were complicit in this.
Sonia Ndukwe (8 months ago)
A few packs of ketchup would come in handy
Pilar Cuervo (8 months ago)
Why is this in my recommendations
Ashir Shrivastava (8 months ago)
What the actual fuck is this?!
Leena Kirar (8 months ago)
What rubbish
Punima Boodhun (8 months ago)
it sounds funny😆😆😆😆《NO SIGN OF CORRUPTION & VIOLATION》long live 🤣🤣🤣anticorruption unit
movierocks (8 months ago)
Keep in mind that this is taking place around the 1200s 1300s. Woman were expected to remain virgins till marriage at the time. Premarital sex was not viewed favorably in that time period. Most people had a basic knowledge of sex back then such as a broken hymen usually meant that a woman was not a virgin. They did know the basics of how sex worked.
ThisWildFantasy (8 months ago)
Actually it's taking place in the 1400s, but you are correct, women were not expected to have sex until after marriage.
c'est moi (9 months ago)
yes some girls are born without a hymen and eve riding a bike or a horse can cause it to break. I bled very little when i lost my virginity. like a few drops and it burned when i pee'd for like a day. no big deal. they try to make it seem so sacred and its not.
SQUIRT IVY (8 days ago)
Ouch . You poor thing . So glad I am a lesbian 🌟
Ashley Nave (3 months ago)
The Catholic Church is also overcorupted to this very day. Hymen membranes were misunderstood in those days, and today it would be considered outdated to forcely check a virgin woman to see if there hymen membrane is intact, at least these days women aren't treated horribly in certain parts of the world. The Catholic Church is the most overcorupted religion history.
Ashley Nave (3 months ago)
Yes it is true. I'm a 35 years old virginal woman, hymens can break away from non-sexual activities that happens to be physical activities, hormones, and age. It's even true a virginal woman of her 30's and 40's might already have worn away hymen membrane. In Joan of Arc's day, women were mistreated and treated horribly because of the Catholic Church.
tiny space (5 months ago)
c'est moi ....yes some girls are born without hymen
I'm Cute (9 months ago)
The power of female virginity.
Ashley Nave (3 months ago)
That is why I hate the Catholic Church, and the nuns that say that they are virgins proof of it that in the nunneries that Nuns in the Catholic Church are the worse known corrupted women in history, nuns have given birth to babies and murdered them. The Holy Empire of the Roman Catholic Church is Satans Temple hidden in many ways.
Dollars to Donuts (9 months ago)
LOL.....Imagine walking in on this type shit on a first date? “Hey, you look great tonight. My Mom wants to check out your beef curtains real quick, to make sure you’re intact”

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