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Present Simple - The Daily Routine of the Queen

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Practise your English with this fun video activity. Use the Present Simple tense to describe the daily routine of the Queen of the United Kingdom. Download the worksheet from here: https://en.islcollective.com/resources/printables/worksheets_doc_docx/simple_present_for_daily_routines_-_the_daily_routine_of_the_queen/adverbs/95664 Or here: http://www.eslprintables.com/printable.asp?id=899034#thetop Disclaimer: The video is simply a fun way to practise the use of the grammar structure. The information in the video is not a factual account of the Queen's daily routine. Also, it includes pictures of the Queen herself as well as actors impersonating her. I hope your students enjoy it! Instructions: • Watch the video. Look at the pictures and read the sentences. Each sentence has a missing word. • There are three word choices in blue below the sentence. Choose the correct form of the word to complete the sentence. • Use the Simple Present tense, which is used to describe daily routines and habits. • Remember to add “s”, “es”, or “ies” for third person singular nouns, such as “she” or “the Queen”. o E.g. “She drinks a cup of tea in the morning.” • Use the base form of the verb for all other nouns and pronouns, such as “they” or “the Queen and her family”. o E.g. “The Queen and her friend go for a walk.”
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Text Comments (136)
Jeanne Françoise Peh (1 year ago)
Interesting presentation of the present simple use
Edith Cunningham (10 months ago)
People don't speak or write correct English any more. If I were American I would write 'anymore' as one word!
Peter Trent (11 months ago)
Jeanne Françoise Peh
Anna Chmielewski (1 month ago)
God bless our Queen
pari pari (1 month ago)
And how about dinner?
Sgcghh Dgcvjj (1 month ago)
Raja Sekar (3 months ago)
Honorable QUEEN of English, Madam lot of people's not having Foot and shelter in African continent. Kindly ask you, help them, Also education.Thank you Madam.
Gustavo Gutierrez (5 months ago)
Mm old bitch.. Boring...
Ian Robertson (2 months ago)
As the Queen would say NAFF ORF PEASENT
Rony David (5 months ago)
Alcione Silva (6 months ago)
Não deviam nem mostrar o vídeo.. não tem como assistir com tantas escritas maiores que i vídeo. Pura falta de inteligência e ainda tem coragem de expor um vídeo desse. A estrita poderia o mais pequena possível. Essa não entendi ..desculpe mais muito ruim e sem graça essa ideia. Não precisa escrever nada basta o filme. Obrigada.
Janis Hart (6 months ago)
That woman in bed is obviously NOT the Queen! The Queen would NEVER allow herself to photographed in her NIGHTGOWN!! ; p Also the pic at 1:12 is not the Queen either - it's a screenshot from a TV movie about the Queen.
Laura Cleghorn (6 months ago)
This was moronic to have a quiz. So when she gardens she is dressed in her Sunday Best Church Attire? Give me a break you guys!
SpinyDragonHarry (6 months ago)
God bless the queen 👑
Mar Martinez (6 months ago)
And when she work??????
ZORAIDE SANTOS (7 months ago)
M Scott (7 months ago)
The Queen feeds the dogs at 5 pm not after breakfast.
Pam Tufnell (7 months ago)
One of the dogs isnt a corgi
Catherine Malian (7 months ago)
darius kaulinskas (7 months ago)
health and Knowledge about is as You can see.
Magrea Oraison (7 months ago)
Perfect lesson thank for sharing what next?
Miriam Atelier (7 months ago)
you forgot one verb
Abundant libra24 (7 months ago)
Hnd po b mg ktabi S bed ang queen at king?
ELENA SEREIX (7 months ago)
And what about some work?
Kurdish Guy (7 months ago)
Shall I have swap my life with her😄😄😄
marcia maria (7 months ago)
Eles tem uma coisa q é um exemplo estão juntos até que a morte o separe como diz o senhor.....
rose du mali (7 months ago)
Boring life
MELA (7 months ago)
In her office Queen checks if everybody pays rent for the apartments in castle.
Angie Cameron (7 months ago)
I saw Helen Mirren in one picture.
perla51 (7 months ago)
GOD save the QUEEN.
Sel in (7 months ago)
Chouette vie
Jose Sibrio (7 months ago)
Fuck that bitch ...now my taxes are going to that ugly fucking piece of shit crook who charges canadian and australian taxes to live cause she says so....shes a fucking crook and the countries thay pay her are fucking slaves ...stupid countries
wuhazet (7 months ago)
5:09 a wieczorna toaleta...?
Trance State (7 months ago)
Bizarre video trying to describe someone who works 24 hours a day from birth til God Save the King..foolish people.
Malcolm Ledger (8 months ago)
After breakfast, the Queen have / has / had a shit. (What, no photo?)
Ian Robertson (8 months ago)
I just love these idiots who seem to think that they know everything about the Royals when in essence they know bugger all !!
M Scott (7 months ago)
Ian Robertson God help us all if you becomes the standard for learning. It is worrying though how many gullible people there are who believe it.
Ian Robertson (7 months ago)
Sadly... Thank God it is not a learning channel
M Scott (7 months ago)
Ian Robertson That's the essence of most YouTube channels.
Pat Perry (8 months ago)
Redpilled_Tuber (8 months ago)
Wake up Cup of tea & bacon sandwich in bed Wake philip up Put on the tartan knickers & crown Peep at the plebs outside the window through the net curtains Out in the gardens...shoot a few animals Spot of lunch Call the prime ministers of the realms and tell them all to work harder or they'll be sacked Whiskey in the drawing room Organise the invasion of an African country from the sofa Wake Philip up Afternoin tea Coronation Street Small supper beans on toast Wake Philip up Bottle of gin Bed
suchai piset (4 months ago)
They do not share the bed room.
she doesn't cry and don't eat at morning because she is a reptilian
Fz Fr (8 months ago)
Epalahame Toetuu (8 months ago)
When the Queen By Her Self Then Used 'S' And Than three Of More Doesn't put 'S' Lmoa You Should Be Go And Study Again Dump
sulman amir (8 months ago)
i soory englad qunee eer sooer i a fight 4 you
J M (8 months ago)
should not say "eat" lunch
eleni Kominos (8 months ago)
Name of Music Please?
nelly cabrera (3 months ago)
eleni Kominos arrival of the Queen of Sheba by Haendel.
eleni Kominos (8 months ago)
LOL.. Some of the Pictures are not the Queen.. What a Funny Clip.. Like the Music!!
Prolinium (8 months ago)
HM used to have corgis. The last one, willow died recently....(April 2018) she now only has 2 dorgies....dachshund / corgi mix.
Holly Winslett (8 months ago)
WTH kinda video is this? Asking stupid questions that a first grader knows the answer to.. and, the words are covering up the pictures! You can’t enjoy the pictures bc of it! 🤨 I’m not impressed.
pskton (8 months ago)
You could have done with out one,no need to repeat the same thing.
englishmans are lowlifes
bilbil (8 months ago)
i dont think your video is fun at all.
rameez raja (8 months ago)
She does no real work only plays with dogs and horses and digs in the garden . Her husband is a drag so she meets him for 5 minutes after lunch before he slips into a gastric coma. So who is her lover? the gardener? the jockey? or the footman?
M Scott (7 months ago)
rameez raja You do realise that this video is totally inaccurate don't you?
Helen Sandwick (8 months ago)
that's Helen Mirren reading the newspaper at breakfast
Shevita Gamer HD (8 months ago)
Gracias me ayudo mucho
TOP LISTÁK (9 months ago)
Linda Swoveland (9 months ago)
I could do all those things if I had everything else done for me as she does. No cooking meals, no housework, laundry, ironing. No cleaning the car, no grocery shopping, putting groceries away, no dish washing.
mistofoles (9 months ago)
Not all ( if any) of these pics are actually the queen, there is no way she would let a camera crew in her private chambers while she was in bed. I'll admit I was fooled for a moment, though.
mistofoles (9 months ago)
@3:11, the queen and her friend ----- their horses. Either "ride" OR "riding" would both be correct.
Adi Minzer (9 months ago)
Oh, i see my english was correct ...
lavnish garg (9 months ago)
Nice way to learn something ........I think Queen life is also as similar as ordinary person
Patricia Macario (9 months ago)
Wonderful for beginners!
That was fun PP. I have subbed to your channel.
keri caye (9 months ago)
HOW STUPID ....what is this...English lessons?
Alexander Mashin (9 months ago)
You mixed up third and first persons in the introduction. "English through video", my ass.
Es DeeKay (9 months ago)
When the Queen visits the bathroom, she.....while sitting down. shot / shit / shat.....
Good human be happy (9 months ago)
She's given her life to serving her people and she's always done a great job at that. It's quite incredible when you think about it. Most public servants only spend a small portion of their lives to serving the people however the queen has spent her entire life and continues to do so. She's an incredible woman.
József Lernyei (9 months ago)
And she's reading an article about Diana's death...
TheGreg131313 (9 months ago)
They forgot to ad the part where she feeds on innocent children and people Engladns Reptilian Queen .
elaine s. (9 months ago)
Feels more like a English test than actually saying outright the queen does this or that.
le corguillé Isabelle (9 months ago)
Vraiment très bien conçu. Merci!
supernumery (10 months ago)
You have far too much time on your hands, could you not find some voluntary work, say in a soup kitchen?
Dennis Challinor (10 months ago)
What was the grammar lesson in aid of??? Nice music and photos of HRH. Nice video!!!
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Miche Y (10 months ago)
Helen Mirren in there lol
Ponpon Kız (10 months ago)
Bizim için bu ödev olarak çıktı
Figo Fago (10 months ago)
A Boring life nothing special
Marcos Garcia (10 months ago)
I am relieved that my English is not so bad.
franco devi (10 months ago)
a very interesting way to lear English
Lise Giroux (10 months ago)
god bless the queen
Bob Lowney (10 months ago)
really, using helen murrain as the queen?
Chris Taylor (10 months ago)
very odd clip
Bree Bree (8 months ago)
Chris Taylor very very odd
Mark Simons (10 months ago)
Where would we be without our own dear Queen? We've seen the omni-shambles that power to the people has led us.......Brexit. All this so the Etonian class can continue to rule over us.
To the Beach (10 months ago)
brilliant lesson. just checked my grammar, 99%correct.
Tippy H (11 months ago)
wow she have had such productive/great life she must ve wished she should have lived till 159 yrs. best wishes qe
blue bird (11 months ago)
that  was    Interesting  video  about   English  and  queen  to ,
blue bird (9 months ago)
you  must  hindi
blue bird (10 months ago)
you  don't  make  sence
Ruthie Kumar (10 months ago)
Your keys sticking too?
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This is an amazing video! I love it so much! This video helps me to do my homework! Thanks! :)
M Scott (7 months ago)
SANSY THE GİRL SKELETON You do realise that this is all rubbish? Won't help with your homework at all.
Cleison S. Vieira (11 months ago)
Atti Bartal (11 months ago)
CreezArtz [VFX-GFX] (1 year ago)
Video di merda
Le Petit Radis (1 year ago)
Mdrr notre prof d'anglais nous a montrait cette video ! ( mon prof et trop drôle )
Tracy Mason (1 year ago)
Didn’t know this was an English lesson 🤦🏼‍♀️
alexandre alves (1 year ago)
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alexandre alves (1 year ago)
hello it s me
alexandre alves (1 year ago)
bon jour
alexandre alves (1 year ago)
good video gui leitinho
Streek YT (1 year ago)
Streek YT (1 year ago)
Barbara Hallinan (10 months ago)
did she just fart.....omg..............
Streek YT (1 year ago)
Good video
Streek YT (1 year ago)
Emely Whatley (1 year ago)
o 0 hola you mean
Roslina Landang (1 year ago)
Streek YT (1 year ago)
Funtime Fox (1 year ago)
Stop turning videos into homework

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