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Ishq Bulaava |Korean Mix| Legend of the Blue Sea| Tae Ho and Cha Si Ah

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Nehru Ahongsangbam (1 day ago)
To be honest, I think of Tae Oh as the most good looking in this drama, even more than Lee Min Ho.
Fahim Ahmed (15 days ago)
2019 anyone
Nusrat jahan Nurin (24 days ago)
Hi lip is ossume💜💜💘💘
Uzhair Kamal (25 days ago)
Moumita Akter (25 days ago)
Awesome 😙 😙 this video is really cute
Technical ashu (28 days ago)
Thank you i really love this darma plzzzzzzz this my channel please subscribe guy's please its a Handstand video https://youtu.be/CnuJKMJEh4g
adeeba saifi (1 month ago)
boy is so cute😍😍😍😍😍
Manaza Shahid (1 month ago)
Awww after main lead role Lee min hoo I really love that guy he is such a cute boy awwww
muffins and cupcakes (1 month ago)
I love them more than the main ship UwU
بلاك بيرد (1 month ago)
ممكن اسم مسلسل
Gong Aerum Fangirl (1 month ago)
MY ARMY , MY BTS (1 month ago)
Jelek , kok Tae oh Ganteng Cake Tapi Lagu Nya India Jadi Jelek Video Nya 😑
kai p videos (1 month ago)
Beautiful song with amazing couple 😍
pramod more (1 month ago)
he is cute than the girl🤩tae oh
Farhan Rahim (1 month ago)
Tae hi is sooo sweet 🙂🙂🙂🙂
Saesha Rahin (1 month ago)
I saw the full drama ....it was awesome😍
Jeffrey Pratt (1 month ago)
What that song man
sam sony (2 months ago)
Shin wonho 😘💗💗iloveu
Sakshi Lode (2 months ago)
He so cutest...😍😍😍😘😘😚😊😙
Kritika Jai Shri Radhey (2 months ago)
They're one of the cutest couple ever 😊💟
Aárâv dîxìt (2 months ago)
My favourite
Angati Byula (2 months ago)
both r sooooo cute
samiksha sapkota (2 months ago)
World best drama perfect couple , story
Abhay Tomar (2 months ago)
Shin won-ho 😍😍😍
Mahi Spy (2 months ago)
Awww this guy is shooo cute😄 and the song was soo amazing👍loved it❤
Shahe Alam (2 months ago)
I love themm
Korean Mix (2 months ago)
I love shin won ho
Khushboo Gautam (2 months ago)
He is soooooooooooo cute
Mona liza (2 months ago)
Nice work i watch it everday thanks
Waqas Asghar (3 months ago)
Guys you like Korean dramas
ICHCHHA SINHA (3 months ago)
Awwww he is more cute than the girl, why is he so cute that anyone will fall for him 😊😊😊😊😊😊
Prati Meshram (3 months ago)
the copules are soooo sweet
VANDANA PRAKASAN (3 months ago)
there love story was funny and cute😍😍😍
Rajnish Kumar (3 months ago)
zuni butt (3 months ago)
Hahaha phly pasnd nae tha krta joth bol k phas gea or bd ma sachi ma pasnd krny lg gea tha
Great creation,as they werw not real couple in the drama
aliya rizvi (3 months ago)
in this drama she is so innocent now her new drama is also so amazing plzz don't forget to see
Kunika Gadge (3 months ago)
He is so cute 😍❤️😘
Pawan Deep (3 months ago)
Is there any korean person who can tell me the meaning of korean word 'croscendo'....
nerry serry (4 months ago)
I think u need to make a video on ban ja tu met I ran I on Lee min ho and Jun ji huyn
Aprajita Saw (4 months ago)
Neena Nair (4 months ago)
Awe his smile is the cutest and perfect song
Sweety Mondal (4 months ago)
My favourite song..... 💖💖💖💖💖
Divya Sharma (4 months ago)
बहुत प्यारी जोडी लग रही है और हम दोनो को देखने के लिए बार बार विडियो चला रहे है गाना भी इन दोनो पर खूब जच रहा है विडियो बहुत बडिया बनाया है 🤗👍💕👌 बहुत बहुत अच्छा काम किया है गाने के साथ सही सिन डाले है 👏👏
Soni Tyagi (4 months ago)
He is even cuter than lead .
Preeti Yadav (4 months ago)
Very nice song
Gk Somani (4 months ago)
This guy is soo cute
Tejaswini dave (4 months ago)
Shin won hu is the cutest actor i have ever seen 😍😍😍😘😘😘😘😘
Aiman Fatima (4 months ago)
Luv u shin woo ho😘😘
Rupinderjit sahota (4 months ago)
So cute😍😍😘😘😍😍
sapna Vishwakarma (4 months ago)
Shin won ho is so cuteeeeeeeeeee
Mannat Khan. (5 months ago)
That's good you made this video.. I really like them...😍😍
Manpreetkaunke Kaur (5 months ago)
Supar so cute video👍👌💖❤
sadhana minoz (5 months ago)
tae ho cuteee nd innocent song is perfectly matching
Leeunbi Khan (5 months ago)
Shin won ho is the parfact divination of cutenes
Mani Abrar Awan (5 months ago)
Oh my good soo decent boy
Tae Yoon (5 months ago)
Damn I want to watch a drama with them two as lead
R. Priyadarshini (5 months ago)
I love this drama tai oh is the most cuteeeest boy in the drama i like him more than Lee min ho He is one of my korean crush .
Hayat Jannat (5 months ago)
Shin won ho. 😍😍😍. He is sooo cute love
Ashok Boinwar (5 months ago)
Shi won ho is sooooooooooooooo cutest I love her sooooooooooooooo much
Tootoo Chuchu (5 months ago)
Tae Hoo( so cute) ❤ LEGEND OF BLUE SEA
aisha siddiqui (5 months ago)
Tae ho looks like third kamikaze
BHARAT PAWAR (5 months ago)
Tae ho is the cutest boy in this drama😙
SANGEETA SHARMA (5 months ago)
he is sooooo cute...💕
Ifra Ahmed (5 months ago)
Love them
Ilma Shaikh (5 months ago)
waaao ur aditing is amazing.. thaks in dono ki video k liye
Ilma Shaikh (5 months ago)
darama name is the legend of the blue sea
rabia rabia (5 months ago)
Love this couple sooo much .that guy is soo handsome ..😘😘😙😍 Guy name??😁
diya mehta (5 months ago)
This is one of the best part I love their shipping ❤❤ and tae oh is just so damn innocent and cute ❤❤❤❤
Simra Naz (5 months ago)
Nice video
Tae ho is the cutest in the drama.........and this songs suits this couple perfectly
Ishita Sharma (5 months ago)
His smile is so cute.. I am fallen for him
Ishita Sharma (5 months ago)
His smile is so cute.. I am fallen for him
sabiha khan (5 months ago)
soooo cute
Ranu ranu (5 months ago)
Mika Korean (5 months ago)
Mika Korean (6 months ago)
Only for my shin these like..... Shin saranghee
Luqman Virk (6 months ago)
Poonam Leekha (6 months ago)
Nice video 👌👌👌✊✊
Jigar Singh (6 months ago)
Nice video
shakra naheed (6 months ago)
please make a drama on these characters
Pratisha Mishra (6 months ago)
This is my fev drama... Nd #sanam... Wao... Very nice song...
Mamta Ch (6 months ago)
he is so cute shin you smile is so cute 😍😘😘
Divya Sharma (4 months ago)
Smile so Sweet
Bharti Chawriya (6 months ago)
i love tae ho in this drama♥♥
Jayeeta Guha (6 months ago)
Jayeeta Guha (6 months ago)
Besh valo
Thakur Suraj (6 months ago)
Both are so so cute but song was not so matched .. I think u will have to used another song for this cutests video ok
HAWK (6 months ago)
Which drama?
Gunjan Salwan (6 months ago)
Didn't he had a crush on sim cheong??? 😜
Gunjan Salwan (6 months ago)
Oh tae oh why are you so cute you are so so so cute
Divya Sharma (4 months ago)
I agree with you 🤗😍
Aqsa Anam (6 months ago)
my favorite drama I love this
Imisha Shrestha (6 months ago)
Awww he is damn cute😍😍😍😍
Viredra Kumar (6 months ago)
osam tae ho
pooja Makwana (6 months ago)
Shinwoho you are amazing
Rani Chavan (6 months ago)
he is so cute
KaranOrai (6 months ago)
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Mainu Bora (6 months ago)
This drama is unforgettable.....
Bipasha Debnath (6 months ago)
I love them..
Luqman Virk (6 months ago)
Woooooo amzing song yeah yeah yeah soooooo cute little boy 😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲😲
Saku Gurung (6 months ago)
Legend of the blue sea 😘😘😘
Alina Khan (6 months ago)
Awww i like him he is so cute and the best couple with girl

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