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Teenie Tiny Maltese Boy!

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Teacup Maltese Boy, www.tcupisland.com
Category: Животные
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Pablo Duarte (2 years ago)
MJ FAN (4 years ago)
How cute
annirunaway (5 years ago)
Yea...puppy costs thousands and then dies in 2 years. These folks are laughing all the way to the bank.
anastasia coope (5 years ago)
They are so small that a lot of their body does not work correctly.
Aerith Rothschild (5 years ago)
Merve Alaçam (5 years ago)
Vosa Cat (6 years ago)
What song is this???
TheMinecraftHat (6 years ago)
tchupisland speaking serbian?razumes me???
anastasia coope (6 years ago)
I know they are cute, but the truth needs to get out! These dogs are very unhealthy!
Kenneth(VIP) (6 years ago)
Sup dude

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