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Can You Guess What These People Have In Common?

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Text Comments (830)
Anton Lumeran (2 days ago)
This gave me worries
Meilani Cheung (3 days ago)
I've been behind on Buzzfeed videos, but HOLY SHIEZ CURLY YOU LOOKIN' GOOOOD!
Eliana Christiansen (6 days ago)
OKAY BUT WHY AM I NOT IN THAT LINEUP??? I do musical theatre so whenever I tell people I have awful anxiety their first instinct is to doubt me... and tell me, not very kindly, that they do.
Helena K. (6 days ago)
They're all humans
Love Vocaloid (6 days ago)
I am just here for Curly I love his hair cut.
JustSomeDrawer YT (6 days ago)
Gard (6 days ago)
4:12 i have never related to anything more
Renea •-• (8 days ago)
Aww :( Curly cut his hair (He may had shown it in earlier videos but it's been awile since I watched him) 😂
Jordan Sailors (9 days ago)
lowkey thought they were all LGBTQ+
anna neumann (9 days ago)
I have c-ptsd too, but also .. magnesium does way more than i would have thought. - just in case that helps anyone.
Ninja bunny_the_gamer (9 days ago)
I knew it....I mean I also have anxiety...beginning this school year as a freshman in highschool I had 2 anxiety attacks during Gym class after running because I was panicking since I couldn't breathe well and I also got one after doing these worm pushup things in gym class that my gym teacher made us do 5 times in a row...(worm pushup things- you do one pushup then try to get your feet close to your hands as possible and your hands have to go back to pushup position after and you do another pushup and it keeps going until you get to the end of the distance you are going)
beerus uchiha (9 days ago)
First thing I thought of was they all human lol or LGBT
DEMA ABDULLAH (9 days ago)
more of these pls
Quang Nguyen (11 days ago)
They all can talk.
chocmilkshake24 (13 days ago)
Lemme save you time. The answer is: anxiety
Soo Loo (13 days ago)
Step forward if you've ever felt personally victimized by Regina George
Zara Jones (15 days ago)
Anyone else low key thought it wad going to be that they all worked at buzzfeed😂
Alisa Novak (16 days ago)
My first thought was, "Everyone step forward who is human," but it never happened...
Aidan The Wizard (17 days ago)
They all work at buzzfeed?
BTS Trash (17 days ago)
As soon as i saw the title I guessed they all have a name and age
I thought it was something cheesy like "ThErE HuMaN" but I'm glad it's a wake up call
Midge (20 days ago)
The one in the red dress is 100% a tranny
Coyce (21 days ago)
Thought it was depression before I clicked on it. While I failed it's still close enough
Dane Reads (21 days ago)
I got it pretty quickly but then I have GAD too. Thanks for highlighting it!
The King (22 days ago)
all part of the lgbtq ?
David Martin (22 days ago)
High Anxiety..... Not one of Mel Brooks better efforts.
Rahul Pednekar (24 days ago)
Anxiety ?? Idk what that is but I think I might have it
Queencat16 (24 days ago)
I figured it about some time in the beginning
Helmut Bevensee (24 days ago)
That’s the naked guy from the Sarah Silverman show!
Ava Rose (24 days ago)
I have ADD and it does cause me many struggles in my everyday life but I know that without it, I wouldn’t be a single bit close to who I am today so I’m some ways, I’m thankful that I have ADD because it has given me an amazing life
Lynn-huei Cong-Bowers (24 days ago)
I’d give them all a hug
Lynn-huei Cong-Bowers (24 days ago)
They all eat food
Olivia Keffer (26 days ago)
HEY STOB IT (26 days ago)
They have depression? Oh I was kinda right :’D
bloodyadaku (26 days ago)
They're all the same height lol
Rachael Webster (26 days ago)
I guessed it pretty quickly once the descriptions came up. I think I have it, you've made me want to go get it formally diagnosed
Maisie Freeman (27 days ago)
personally i thought they were all gay
Maddie Brale (27 days ago)
That blonde girls voice reminds me of someone
Chloë (27 days ago)
They are all lgbtq+
Geron Leo (28 days ago)
Guys i swear i have all of the common ilnesses Etc: asthma,eczema...
Geron Leo (28 days ago)
They all have eyes
Maya_27 (28 days ago)
Wow I'm black gay and a woman I might as well be signing my death certificate
Lara Park (28 days ago)
I thought they would be in the LGBTQ community.......
Lara Park (28 days ago)
Grace Slentz (28 days ago)
I thought it was going to be registered to vote.
Allison Steigerwalt (28 days ago)
Once they said the little demon I 100% knew it was anxiety👌👍👍👏
Michelle Betman (29 days ago)
0/7 are vegetarians. 7/7 are meat areas. Done.
Ava’s Outlit 101 (29 days ago)
They are all family and human
Makeup Gamer (29 days ago)
I thought they were all trans
Akshatha Manjunath (29 days ago)
Why is BuzzFeed copying content?
DreBone1986 (30 days ago)
Anxiety, really??? 5 minutes for the worst kept secret in the world, what's next: Can you guess what these people have in common, it's breathing air
Olivia Sanders (30 days ago)
love you rick
Rick Storer (24 days ago)
#awesome7 Lol (30 days ago)
I would have never guessed that
Flippy (30 days ago)
They exist, they’re humans, they’re alive, they have clothes, they are all at least one year old, they can blink, they have seen a human being before, they have at least one hair on their body, they have noses, I could go on for a while.
Leonora Matthews (30 days ago)
I immediately thought step forward if their all human 🤷🤷
Leonora Matthews (30 days ago)
Step forward if you're on BuzzFeed 😂😂😂
Amber (1 month ago)
The dude who said he has a bit of depression but mostly anxiety is relatable.
Draco Malfoy (1 month ago)
I thought they had arthritis, but sure.
Ize Rautenbach (1 month ago)
They were all never in space
Adolf Hitler (1 month ago)
3:57 this dude just described my PTSD, didn't even realize how anxious I was till a therapist help me realize.
Adolf Hitler (1 month ago)
damn, curly has lost a l o t of weight
AuthenticTaffy (1 month ago)
I have anxiety :)
Liz Mowrey (1 month ago)
I almost said "step forward if you have depression". I was kind close
bella velez (1 month ago)
@cut the original line ups
Clara Tzotschew (1 month ago)
step forward if your part of the LGBTQ+ community
Brooke Notman (1 month ago)
they all gay
Natasha 2 (1 month ago)
My guess was depression but it’s anxiety
kiera debacker (1 month ago)
ok it bugs me because everyone says “everyone has anxiety toughen up” it is true but being diagnosed with it is a lot different it never goes away but people with depression it’s the same thing sometimes we feel depressed but we don’t go around saying everyone has depression sometimes. anxiety is really hard to deal with and something you can’t just toughen up over y’all should be more understanding
Erin Casey (1 month ago)
You should do OCD.... I know its an anxiety as well, but "I'm so OCD about____" is too common and should be talked about.
Taylor Ma (1 month ago)
Please do more of these.
Kim Yung Chai (1 month ago)
I thought they were all gay
everlight 44 (1 month ago)
I thought they are all transgender persons I don't know why...
Ash Wong (1 month ago)
Step foward if you're a human Wow everyone is steping foward, I did it!
Asantewaa Yeboah (1 month ago)
I would have said step forward if you are human
moscardo (1 month ago)
i knew it was anxiety even before i clicked on the video lol
TheEliteGeek * (1 month ago)
These people are all in a BuzzFeed video
Grace Ronan (1 month ago)
I stepped forward for the elf ❤️
Caitlin Canup (1 month ago)
Yo stealing from cut
Axel_Val (1 month ago)
We hired India as a model at my previous work a couple times and she's such a nice, sweet girl! I did a double take when I saw her photo in the intro and was super excited for her. Go India!
Steven Nesbitt (1 month ago)
They all hate straight white men
GenuinelyKennedy (1 month ago)
Okay so I may have cried watching this, then I started reading the comments and got scared to post one myself. I've struggled with an anxiety disorder since I was a toddler and seeing such a diverse group of humans who no one would have guessed have this thing in common just made me feel so much less alone.
Laura Cornish (1 month ago)
This was soo bad an predictable. I swear before I even clicked on this vid I knew what it was gonna be either anxiety or depression. This YouTube Channel always does this thoooo 😑
kizzyneetyan (1 month ago)
I almost cried watching this. Was diagnosed with GAD 12 years ago, and it took a long time for me to be comfortable telling anyone. I got called a "perfectionist" when I admitted it as a teenager - that I just wanted everything to perfect and my way, not that I was panicking because things were out of my control. Good to know some things are changing.
oSheCxrsedYou- (1 month ago)
*Guys is it just me or did curly lose weight ?!?!?*
enacrt (1 month ago)
They're all on a BuzzFeed video
Lydia Arogyaswamy (1 month ago)
I have anxiety everyday at school and I have mental breakdowns 💔💔💔💔and I am only eleven it is scary
Nickita Wint (1 month ago)
All of them got one pair of eyeballs
My AG Fam (1 month ago)
Something that I want every with anxiety to know: your not the only one with a social battery. Baby steps
xoALSox (1 month ago)
So do I but I don’t make this big a deal about it. I don’t want sympathy and I don’t shout about it. General and a little depression.. it’s not something that needs “I’m still human” attached to it. Cos everyone knows that
Tima's Corner (1 month ago)
I guessed it before I even watched the freakin video
Nephtalie Bottoms (1 month ago)
I was thinking LGBT but ok
Amelia (1 month ago)
I thought I would be they are all human...BUT THATS GOOD TOO
StaTic (1 month ago)
Human ? Duhhh
Estee Deblauwe (1 month ago)
susie malone (1 month ago)
I have generalized anxiety disorder
FKA Pearl (1 month ago)
Nowadays everyone has anxiety
molly huson (1 month ago)
Ok for the people who are commenting that the video says it's about how everyone has anxiety , it's not it's just out of these seven people
Allison Hunter (1 month ago)
They copied this from Cut, same idea but a different way of doing it.
The Granny girl (1 month ago)
I know what they all have in commen they live on earth they are human they are in the same room they all have birthdays You all work at buzzfeed They have hair They have clothes
jessicajnsm (1 month ago)
The whole video I had CONVINCED myself it was that they were all in the LGBT community. But then they started describing the thing and I got confused but still believed. Ugh.

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