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Dating tip: how to properly address a ladyboy

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💕 Quality dating site for ladyboys and men ► https://myladyboydate.com Well, to begin with, don't call her "ladyboy"! And tips on how not to do an impair on your first date with a transwoman! Got a question, want an answer? Just ask by posting your question into the comments! My Ladyboy Date is the first decent dating website for transgender women and men who like transgender women. It's free to sign up and review your matches, browse the profiles and watch the photo.
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Text Comments (92)
richard242ful (14 days ago)
your a beautiful woman
Steve (1 month ago)
Easy, scifem. Scifem- a male whose mannerisms are feminine and whose anatomy has been changed by science to resemble a female. Keyword resemble as opposed to and independent of real females or real women. Thus not needing to be outed or revealed. It is better to start your own kingdom(Scifems, definition truthful and transparent) than to battle another( real female and real women). Counterfeit at best.
Shag Wellington (2 months ago)
I would like to date Maki. She's hot. She sounds Phillipina.
Alabi 2k (2 months ago)
The transgender designation often includes those whom simply dress up as women for a night at the club , but live their lives as males otherwise. Once a TS has had SRS, she is basically no different than a genitic female ( except for the periods and pregnancy bits). The true fun comes with a beautiful, and fully functiona,l pre-op TS.😍
Frenky B. (3 months ago)
Nice video. You're so cute, Maki :)
Andy Jay (3 months ago)
Does anyone know where to find, search or connect with trans women in Australia? I know that most genuine TG's do not go on dating sites because of the poor reputation D.Sites have and the abuse they get from a majority of sleaze members.
My Ladyboy Date (3 months ago)
You may want to check our site.
KamiKaZe Bazz (5 months ago)
I'm in love with her, she's everything a man wants 😍
Tuco The rat (5 months ago)
Suck her cock is the best way
Magdalena De Moraga (5 months ago)
Don’t you ever dare to call us ”ladyboys” or ”shemale”. Those men have NO chance.
henry12h (6 months ago)
semaj epits (7 months ago)
you are very beautiful woman
Chris87 (8 months ago)
GOod movie.. Why do you call the website myladyboydate.. If ladyboy is a no no word.
uglyblokeonabike (8 months ago)
Your website looks like My transsexual date.
Tomoe Gozen (9 months ago)
How about call them Susan B. Anthony!Get it!!!!!Ha haaaaaaSusan is really a dude named AnthonyLMAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Dee Zama (11 months ago)
Dear Maki,when i chat with transgender women they call themselve mostly ladyboy.If its not respectfull why do they call themselves like this? Btw i never do call them like this...with kind regards,very educational vids.
911 991.2 TURBO (1 year ago)
Thanks Maki I really appreciate your advice your amazing I look forward to seeing your other videos
Male Sensitivity (1 year ago)
I just want to meet a chick with a dick. All of these terms are confusing.
LC Michaels (1 year ago)
how about the terms "precious", "beautiful", "kind", "accepting of others", do I need to continue?
Mr (1 year ago)
you say not to adress em as ladyboy yet you promote a website with ladyboy in it ????????
R.Peter Lucarelli (1 year ago)
Your English is perfect. It is hard for me to imagine that you are TG. Everyone deserves respect.
misterteaification (2 months ago)
It's only "perfect" if you think 'impair' is a noun :(
Asa Joyse (1 year ago)
maki i need ur help plz
RobDogs (1 year ago)
If they don't want to be hated why do they act like a fucking trap? What if I want to fuck some Thai women without getting a cock in my face?
Cloud (2 years ago)
Bad penis, no.
David Bonnie (2 years ago)
Thai ladyboys self identify as such. You are Phillipino and are therefore not a ladyboy.Frankly, men do need to be told how to address anyone. In Thailand the term is preferred. I am pretty sure I told you that.
David Bonnie (2 years ago)
You don't seem to understand that Thai transgender people SELF IDENTIFY as LADYBOYS!
Wonder Woman (2 years ago)
thank u for addressing me in that particular country, the warm smile that they both to me are priceless, from time to time when i visit that country! u are old enough but the hell u are to judge people, specially asian! U have to be educate yourself forgive who made mistake or give a freedom those who wants! im young and beautiful woman who hugs life and others who try to forgive and forgets for a people like u!by the before u judge me try to FART and smell it! then realize are we the same human being?i think no! what i learn that do not judge anyone that u dont know what or who they are! my English is not yet perfect because this is not my mother language
David Bonnie (2 years ago)
and you would know because? are you a thai ladyboy?
Wonder Woman (2 years ago)
no! only on your own mind
Rafael Patrón (2 years ago)
What if i calle them kathoei? Its fine just in Thailand or is it fine in general?
Sam VanMeter (2 years ago)
I'm sorry but I was creeped out by the dating site. The ladies are beautiful but after chatting with a few I just felt suspicious. I had a year long ongoing one but I was just too afraid to visit tge Philippines after reading about kidnappings and how even taxi operators can rob you. Started feeling like the woman I was talking to wanted me just for money. Also kept getting called my love way to early in the relationship. Can you make an alternative dating site for filipino transsexuals in the USA? I just feel safer dating in my own country where I know the laws too. Sorry to be critical but I just felt there were too many red flags. Cebu and Manila intimidated me after checking out the State Department. Kudos to those who are braver than me. Maybe if the USA lowered it's restrictions on people visiting maybe the site would have worked better.
Jhana Moreno (2 years ago)
we have new president now ... public places, foreigners are safer now from snatching.. I see many foreigners lived here . in my city
Mystogan Edolas (3 years ago)
If I'm dating you and I call you shemale or ladyboy, it's ment to make a distiction.....damned be to the PC culture!
Thomas Taylor (3 years ago)
ironcitydevildog (3 years ago)
I'll just call you women!!!!
Marly Jeane Hamilton (3 years ago)
Well we can first start by not calling them a ladyboy...
Possum Cassanova (3 years ago)
Sup dude?
George Koeter (3 years ago)
Thank you Miss, for explaning the difference between shemale (sex-orientated) and transgender (person-orientated).The other day I saw an item about transgender woman working on an airline as a stewardess, goodlooking and kind young ladies. Keep on making YouTubes!
Taeh (3 years ago)
People are who they are.. But what confuses me is that when the sex change is not complete and you have parts of both genders.. What will be the gender to use on official documents? I wondered that..
webgrunt (8 months ago)
My understanding is that you go by the gender on your birth certificate unless your government has a process for transgender people to legally change the gender they're recorded as having by the government. Otherwise there may be legal identity confusion.
Moses Yang (3 years ago)
I refer to them as kathoey B/C that's what our culture calls them and the thai people still refer to them as
charles ryanlee (3 years ago)
There is one word you've left out. Futanari or futa. Are these appropriate?
Eiahfou (3 years ago)
Futanari is a hentai genre, not an actual sexuality
charles ryanlee (3 years ago)
i have a question, and I'm not trying to purposefully be insulting so I apologize beforehand if it is. When you say call them a woman because in their heart and mind she identifies herself as one, well, what about those who started out as a female but want to be identified as man? See, for people like me this can be somewhat confusing, especially when some of you women have both male and female body parts. Should it be left up to the person to determine what they would prefer to be called? Also, when I use the word them I'm not trying to be insulting either.
jax1492 (3 years ago)
Freak works
villacorta86 (3 years ago)
te falto eliminar la palabra travesty
dexter logronio (3 years ago)
hi sis. ms. beautiful maki. i'm a fellow trans, but i didn't transition. coz my gender is fluid i could stay as a male. anyway, i'm a fan of you since super sireyna. i have followed you. and had some information about you. i've heard you didn't undergo srs. why? are you afraid. i'm just curios aaha.. goodluck stay beautiful. :)
Magister Ludi (3 years ago)
My gf is a philippino lb i met on this site. She is very sweet but im afraid she is very much the exception to the rule. My advice is that the proper way to address a ladyboy is, 'get away from me you freeloading vampire'.
Shane Smith (3 years ago)
what a fun and loving soul maki has, keep up the good advice hun love to you ......
David Dimalanta (4 years ago)
2:03 About he list, what about "tranny"?
fireball111121 (4 years ago)
So, I always assumed terms like shemale and ladyboy were big no no's, but my question is why is this channel called my ladyboy date?
KamiKaZe Bazz (5 months ago)
David Lofton you said something interesting, i don't know about trans females but I'm interested in knowing one beautiful trans girl for something serious, what that means, why it happened to me? I'm wrong? i accept it i like them just want to know more about the psychology behind it
David Lofton (3 years ago)
An asian website geared toward people who don't know anything about trans people but like trans women. Some Trans girls don't mind if you call them that but safe bet to not do it. Ladyboy is just the common term in Thailand but even then many of the girls would rather you not call them that.
alfieyip (4 years ago)
Got to learn to respect another human being.. I've got a few transgender friends, know their lives & most importantly they have the courage to through what they want to be. I usually call them girl. Just meet and say " hey girl".
Sgur Zer (4 years ago)
she looks like a shemale ladyboy
16_bits_of_furry _427 (3 months ago)
She a beautiful and special woman,and I for one see transpeople as diamonds in the ruff. They are rare jewels that have gone through lots of pressure and stress to become who they are today. I feel awful that so many transpeople deal with years of uncertainty and unhappiness in their youth.
TheMamspoker mamp (1 year ago)
Not at all. She looks like a hot, highly intelligent girl.
LeeWang8S (2 years ago)
+Sgur Zer well she probably knows more about these terms , I never knew that the word shemale is as bad as milf tbh!,and so it looks like an offensive term, I mean even if you don't want to date transgenders you have to treat them right ,and respect what they think of themselves to be, its about treatment not about dating and romance, I have an ftm transgender relative and we deal with him as a man, I would deal with mtf ladies the same way, the fact that well I want a woman with a womb who can get pregnant for dating must not be in the way of treating mtf transgenders in a way they feel respected and unoffended.
My Ladyboy Date (4 years ago)
+hotmuscle 2000 Thank you +hotmuscle 2000  +Sgur Zer  I never deny that I am a transgender. But perhaps it is appropriate if you use terms like transgender woman.  Because shemale is just purposely used for pornographic purposes. I do not have problems with the word ladyboy. 
LucisFerre1 (4 years ago)
"Trans" and "transgender" can also include transvestites, many of whom are not attracted to men. I don't care for the game where things become more acceptable the more vague it is. 
Androssa sasa (4 years ago)
Just one question then: Why did you pick "myLADyBOYdate" instead of "myTRANSdate" or sth?
person X (1 year ago)
You idiot! Maki and Cyril run a dating website for men who ARE attracted to transwomen/ ladyboys and whom are perfectly aware that they are trans with all the characteristics that tgirls usually have. They are not drunk, half blind tourists mistaking a ladyboy for a biological girl in Pattaya.
Aaren Bailey (2 years ago)
Wow, what a massive load of transphobic, troll, bullshit.
Diamond Casanova (2 years ago)
The reason is ... Maki and the site creator are both mentally retarded. For the most part ... after you get your mind to not be fooled by illusions, most transgender (ladyboys) look a little bit like a Frankenstein's monster - Maki included.  That is, if you are really attracted to females, you will eventually find looking at a ladyboy kind of disturbing and not at all attractive.  If you're heterosexual, you are hardwired to be attracted to females and your brain will not be able to "lock on" to a transgender. Your eyes might be fooled for a little while, but it's a little bit like letting your eyes get adjusted to the dark.  Once they have adjusted, then you become aware of things that weren't apparent at first. For example, Maki's hands are too big for 'her' body.  Except, since 'she's not a girl, they are actually the right size.  'Her' breasts are similarly a little strange looking. Maki lives in a fantasy world.  She's not a woman.  She didn't grow up with a vagina and she didn't share all those little moments that girls do as they develop (like monthly periods and worrying about getting pregnant, etc.).  These are all little details that combine to differentiate a natural-born female from a transgendered person.   Males and females have differences in their skeletal geometry.  Intersexed people are quite different.
My Ladyboy Date (4 years ago)
Hi +Androssa sasa because the word ladyboy is commonly search on the net. :) 
Rob Marley (4 years ago)
Why can't I just call her baby?
Rob Marley (4 years ago)
Rob Marley (4 years ago)
do you have boyfriend?
abbynady (4 years ago)
u t00 h0t t0 be ladyb0y!!!
My Ladyboy Date (5 years ago)
That is true! And what actually makes it derogatory is actually how the word is used. Sadly most of the time "ladyboy is associated with Pornography and escort services.
kerayzey (5 years ago)
Those derogatory words only considered derogatory in certain parts of the world. In other parts, there are not, even the TS introduced themselves as shemale/ladyboy. Hence, this advice is situational.
My Ladyboy Date (5 years ago)
Happy to hear that we are helping a lot of people.
jay-r gey-r alcid (5 years ago)
i agree on both of you
jay-r gey-r alcid (5 years ago)
yeah you are right maki
Carly Clarke (5 years ago)
Hi David! you may remember me from England? Bath Spa? Anyway I would really like to talk to you if possible through an email. My email is [email protected] Thankyou, I hope all is well amd hope you will see this message. Thankyou.
reasoning2men (5 years ago)
i really like the way your site educates us on these matters, being a new member i have learned a lot the last few days,keep up the good work !!!!
ladyofreasoning (5 years ago)
@bibi bowers, Obviously your boyfriend is not a vulgar american.
ladyofreasoning (5 years ago)
Please do not refer to Transpeople as their sex assigned at birth or call us derogative terms like "tranny", "he/she" or "freaks". Instead try using words like Transpeople, transwomen(MALE TO FEMALE) = SHE, HER; or transmen(FEMALE TO MALE) = HE, HIM. ALSO TRANSSEXUAL IS THE CORRECT SPELLING. Learn to be respectful of others even if you do not agree with their lifestyle. We are people too. Transwomen are REAL WOMEN and transmen are REAL MEN.
My Ladyboy Date (5 years ago)
That made me smile! for that is how my boyfriend calls me :)
Allan Gelligen (5 years ago)
G'day there :). I for one dont use any of the words used in the video. I call my lovely girl..........asawa. For she is the most beautiful girl in my world :). And love your work Maki, :) xoxo
My Ladyboy Date (5 years ago)
Really glad to have someone who is very knowledgeable about the Thai culture and the ladyboys. I know that there are cultural differences with in the transwomen community and ever since the word ladyboy caught my attention for I believe there is a deeper meaning into specially to Thais. We are in fact planning to have a trip next year to see more of it and probably get a chance to talk to people who are very well diverse with such topic.
My Ladyboy Date (5 years ago)
Great! I knew from the very beginning that there is a great history of this world. I do not mean to have a wrong impression with the word ladyboys. However you cannot deny the fact that media like internet created a very bad and sad image towards ladyboys. Ex porn sites and escort services. W/c somehow leads to generalizing trans community as a sexual object.
E B (5 years ago)
Yea my man always call me as a Special Woman, my man Chris always treat me special. thats why im so bless to have him and i love him so much.
Jonathan Obera (5 years ago)
Thanks for the prompt reply. I will do so. ;)
My Ladyboy Date (5 years ago)
Hey there, Yes I highly recommend that you should address he as Miss. In any form of communication it is best that you address a transwoman in the feminine from, especially if you do not know her name :)
Jonathan Obera (5 years ago)
If I write a formal letter to a transwoman, does that mean I would also address her with "Miss"?
Shanel Feguaroa (5 years ago)
Way to go Maki! Good job! <3 :)
Laja Lily (5 years ago)
do vlogs bout u guys daily routine too.. :)
Judi Carnable (5 years ago)
love you maki and simon!!!!
Aprille Shepherd (5 years ago)
Well done Maki ;)
Laja Lily (5 years ago)
i love u makiiii <3 so pweety and smart ! and cuteeee <3 kisses

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