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African rituals and ceremonies

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Text Comments (107)
GUCCI BLOOM (4 days ago)
This looks so fun to do
David yt (8 days ago)
Quiero ir a África 🌚
Braylout (2 days ago)
THE CRITIC (18 days ago)
Does this ceremony looks familiar to anyone? The dance? The exact same dance I see the white so called Indians do. 👍
rio permana (27 days ago)
Make me horny
lolchoki evans (28 days ago)
Very sweet our daughters
marco oliveira (1 month ago)
mohd Azif (2 months ago)
Please continue this great culture We guys love to know More about your culture and dance . Please avoid using clothes thanks
Paul nmn (2 months ago)
Fertility dance corrupted into a celibacy dance.
Junior Jean (2 months ago)
Beautiful people
Jenn Rammiz (2 months ago)
Mmm ricas tetas
MiandYu Portal (3 months ago)
I love seeing children taking part. Proverbs 22:6
Zamaphemba Ntuli (4 months ago)
I’m proud of my ZULU princesses 😍👌🏽👸🏾🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦
chris Favorite (5 months ago)
this dance is awesome, we have nothing like this in america. we can learn so much from each other, africa is simply awesome!
Lwazi Nzimande (5 months ago)
Oh I love my Zulu girls!
No shit (5 months ago)
Большенство людей на нашей земле мастурбируют смотря на схожее...Очень обидно однако это истина. Так будет покамест бюст продаеться.
The_L_ Kid (6 months ago)
hay hay hay shaya shaya awu awu
Iris James (6 months ago)
Could someone please tell me what they are singing
Deb jones (8 months ago)
People in the comments are just disgusting this is a ritual and their history they don’t live in a freaking 1st world dumbasses it’s annoying how some many people have to sexualise it
Mountain Man (8 months ago)
These young girls are much prettier than the African American girls here in the US. They all broke down here YO!
Waleed Abdo (8 months ago)
I love black woman very much
Harshit Jain (8 months ago)
Donkey sale
Khirul Hashan (8 months ago)
Saranya Murugan (8 months ago)
c perterpan (9 months ago)
As humans this is prove that belief shapes our expressions. I am sure now that belief shapes our morality and not morality which shapes our belief, The power of the mind to make two pieces of protruding glands hanging in front of you into a object of lust or the celebration of virginity.
c perterpan (9 months ago)
It all about belief, what you think is based upon your belief, 0k.
Felix López (9 months ago)
Bonito video
WicKked WiazZard (9 months ago)
Your blessed to be born black
Patriot Rep (10 months ago)
Is this Brooklyn ?
c perterpan (9 months ago)
Patriot Is this your mother.
kandappu seelan (11 months ago)
Karl Tomuri (11 months ago)
Absolutely disgusting i want that kitty yummy yum
Ganga Ale (11 months ago)
please, take it easy ! dont comment negatively, they are working hard to preserve custom and culture,, which are pride for every one
Sumanta Mahale (10 months ago)
Ganga Ale ur right, beautiful culture,
ousmane ndiaye (11 months ago)
muy bueno me gusta los zoulou de áfrica del sur///Jaime les zoulou de afrique du sud
paul bristow (11 months ago)
Most beautiful people I have ever seen!!!
Hűso Yello (11 months ago)
Da zu leben ist Paradies nur busun alle Größen hammer jeden tag eine wo ist das
eggnog9090 (11 months ago)
They need to put some clothes on. You don't have to be naked in order to celebrate traditions. This is 2018, not 1418.
eggnog9090 (6 months ago)
+Nirvana Crown - We don't live in the world the way we wish it to be. There are a lot of bad people out there. In my opinion this is exploitative. And if you read a lot of comments it's mostly men talking sexual about these women.. A lot of the men are black too, so your racist comment isn't relevant here. If this is just tradition and not sexual then maybe it shouldn't be videotaped for the world to view and judge. Ceremonies are supposed to sacred/private. So why let "outsiders" even see it? You hate whites so much. Well stop exploiting people that you claim to love.
Nirvana Crown (6 months ago)
eggnog9090 oh yet show a video with some men and that’s yea? Women don’t comment shit like men do?
Nirvana Crown (6 months ago)
You know nothing of the culture.. people like you sexulize everything ... what a shame.. I wouldn’t trust you around my kids.. people like you are the real perverts... I’d choke your eyeballs out...
eggnog9090 (9 months ago)
+Sphephelo Sokhela - This isn't about white vs black. These types of videos are exploitative period. Look at the comments from men on here. Most of the comments are sexual in nature. If you truly respected this as a sacred ceremony/cultural traditions then you wouldn't think of it in a sexual way.
sphephelo sokhela (9 months ago)
eggnog9090 OK white men but your time is up now we don't take instructions from you we won't be told by you how to celebrate our culture
Ryan Shitzpatrick (1 year ago)
Da fuq this almost child pornography
percival maas (1 year ago)
your tribal dancers really got style! and i must say that you girls are simply beautiful & the fact that you have no problem with nudism is is wonderful i for one think that people should learn to appreciate how they look just the way you do!because for me a person shouldn't be judge by their color or looks but what they have in their hearts! shine b right like a diamond girls! love you all
King Lion (4 months ago)
percival maas thanks you sweety girls a I'm Ethiopian lion king a I'm coming over holy home Africa call me 6512797804
Patricio Harris (1 year ago)
Once the layman gets past the taboo fact that they are topless, you see INCREDIBLE poise and ownership of their feminine power. For those who criticize this, I ask you to think about how many body image issues the common culture puts on women of the world and then compare it to how much power these women are FINDING in their bodies. Amazing.
Sheikh Fazlur Rahman (8 months ago)
Patricio Harris
Brasil ?????♥♥♡♡
Kalashnikov Cortez (1 year ago)
White men used to trade for these girls and have them all to themselves at night. But of course white men also look down on the same women. Fuckin ey
naiani johnson (1 year ago)
i love this sooooo much
Joy Akata (1 year ago)
Y are some little girls cover up but they have no boobs and not older girls
Deewana Gupta (1 year ago)
bhutkhubg sm7newsdekhe Utubedekhe bhutkhubg
Ahman Ahm (1 year ago)
This is beautiful. As a western man it I have so much honor for these women keeping their virginity until marriage. It's the culture that keeps good moral ethics.todays modern western Women are a walking buffet of STD. And farrrr Chasity it's degusting. This beautiful women in this vid bring tears to my eyes. So honorable.women keep your virginity until marriage.
Col Richards (1 year ago)
Beautiful girls and a wonderful culture,love it...
Zacoon Beebz (1 year ago)
what kind of ritual is that dancing with boobs hanging please explain.
seeking self (1 year ago)
beautiful....I love my people. ...
dinesh chandra (3 months ago)
Hot dogs
Luis (1 year ago)
The only bad thing is the filter.
we will never loose touch of our culture, and that makes me happy. thank you girls
syed afsar (1 year ago)
beautiful girls dancing
sportster1988 (1 year ago)
WOW! Look at the Milk Duds!!
Andile MAHLOBO (1 year ago)
naze na clean kamunandi hle
Баке (1 year ago)
power in union ramy (1 year ago)
Why they didn't use bra?
Hlalefang Thamae (17 days ago)
They do not have n never heard of it they are waiting for u to give them ! Clown
Prince Khumalo (1 year ago)
power in union ramy it's pride thing
Paulin POITHILI (1 year ago)
C'est top !!  votre culture est votre tradition
Go No (2 years ago)
Mohamed Garmroudi (2 years ago)
Leo A (2 years ago)
It's high time to start putting on bras or something for this ritual dances! It's 2016 people!!!
martin aldrete (9 months ago)
The evil is in the eyes off the one who looks at it , Leo.
eggnog9090 (10 months ago)
+Jarosław PsiKutas - And that's exactly why they need to cover up because of perverts like you who will make it sexual.
eggnog9090 (11 months ago)
+Leo A: I agree. There is no reason why they need to have their breasts hanging out. Get with modern times.
Leo A (2 years ago)
On my worst day, you could not keep up with me, moron. You are nothing but a morally bankrupt pervert.
Spaceshanty101 (2 years ago)
+Leo A Even if I was drunk and suffering a head injury I could easily match and exceed you intellectually. You are obviously the imbecile, you demonstrate and reinforce this with every ignorant comment.
Renould P (2 years ago)
My gorgeous African sister, the most beautiful young women in the world.
Karl Tomuri (11 months ago)
Renould P ew u perv
pierre müller (1 year ago)
not at atll :D bah
black Caesar (2 years ago)
so beautiful...i love my black queens
สวัสดีปีใหม่ ไทย ขอให้โชคดีครับบ
Jermaine Porter (2 years ago)
they pretty to
Jermaine Porter (2 years ago)
they thick I swear
jose valgorio (2 years ago)
like the video but I hate your plug-ins/pop up add-on... fix the color too. this whole thing ends up nothing to amateurs color coding thing.
Rodney Shields (2 years ago)
beautiful women
Mensah Enock (2 years ago)
o is not good for Beauty's ledles in did
Yo F (2 years ago)
Pinini braun (2 years ago)
Beautiful people of South Africa, are not doing any rituals, but just dancing...what is wrong with that?
eggnog9090 (10 months ago)
+Palesa MPUME - I understand traditions, but we are in 2018 now. As humans become more civilised & educated we are supposed to do better. Do you really want to exploit women & young girls in this way by posting these videos online for the whole world to see? There are lots of perverts in this world who exploit girls and women everyday. I would never post a video online of a private ceremony like this whether it was part of my culture/tradition or not. There are bad people in the world who will see this & target you. Or they will be thinking in a sexual way instead of perhaps the way you are hoping for.
Manunu imbali yesizwe (10 months ago)
Nothing is wrong bra it parts of traditional
Karl Tomuri (11 months ago)
Tits everywhere
eggnog9090 (11 months ago)
Nothing wrong with that, but they don't need to have their boobs hanging out to dance.
James Daye (2 years ago)
wow pure beauty
Jonnathan Fernandes (2 years ago)
Beautiful people
wsiakhtr akhtr (6 months ago)

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