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iNDONI 2018 Ndebele Trailer PT2 subs

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Due to white supremacist censorship watch full movie :https://watch.yabantu.tv WEB : http://www.yabantu.tv TV : http://www.watch.yabantu.tv MOVIES :http://www.lokshinbioskop.watch
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Text Comments (26)
Ahmed Husham (2 months ago)
you have to pay to watch full movie
José Gomes (2 months ago)
Under Taker (2 months ago)
I would like to subscribe to https://watch.yabantu.tv Please add payment option with credit card PayPal is not valid in this country
The N (2 months ago)
Twogee Lotts (2 months ago)
+The N I don't do all that internet tough guy shit. Let's meet up somewhere in public and discuss this like men.
The N (2 months ago)
You mad At least i'm not a shitskin like you, you poo flinging animal. LMAO
Twogee Lotts (2 months ago)
+You mad you took the words right out my mouth. White people crawled on all fours in the caves of the Caucasus mountains. That's why they love dogs so much. And that's why they age in dog years.
You mad (2 months ago)
The N and YOU are a cave animal. You don't even have a land that you come from. You beast walked on all fours like the dogs you're so in love with now. Facts. That's why you cave creatures shed hair so young and smell like stray dogs. That's your race. CAVE animals.
Twogee Lotts (2 months ago)
What brought you here? you Neanderthal 😡
Y Nakashob (2 months ago)
معانا العالم دوول في الكوكب
Twogee Lotts (2 months ago)
I hate when Europeans come to view these African videos.
Larrypint (15 days ago)
Haha you racist cunt,get a life.
ged glass (1 month ago)
some of us respect your culture,the singing is amazing
Twogee Lotts (2 months ago)
+alext2963 what the hell are you talkin about?
alext2963 (2 months ago)
your an idiot. We've been married over 15 years. Everyone in Ghana is fantastic. You are a racist, period. You can't accept the fact that not only African women find you offensive, no American woman would want an obese obnoxious jerk to be with them. Welcome to 1965. God you are stupid. You will be the first to scream "you didn't get something cos your black," when it's only because your an absolute idiot. Say what you want. I'm done with it.
You mad (2 months ago)
Tru blood well you can look in the mirror to see a savage cave animal
Predatoraner (2 months ago)
Refugees Welcome Germoney
Malika Silla (27 days ago)
Was hast du für ein Problem?
Jason Bourne (2 months ago)
Love it!! Africa!!!
Классные сиськи !
azz30302 (2 months ago)
1-ый нах!!!

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