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8 Phrasal Verbs with BREAK: break in, break up, break through...

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Native English speakers use phrasal verbs all the time! A phrasal verb is a phrase with a common verb that often means something you might not expect. Take a break for a few minutes, and watch this lesson on phrasal verbs with "break". Whether you need to "break up" with someone, "break into" a new career, or "break up" a fight, these expressions will help you "break away" from the pack. Start using these common expressions today after testing yourself in the quiz at https://www.engvid.com/8-break-phrasal-verbs/ Watch more PHRASAL VERB lessons here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_7_QXVcvcfQ&list=PLs_glF4TIn5YwzZX0WkcvWbipolVN7VCm TRANSCRIPT Hi. Welcome to engVid. I'm Adam. In today's video we're going to look at phrasal verbs. Well, one phrasal verb in particular using the verb "break". So, again, just to refresh our memories: A phrasal verb is a verb and a preposition that when put together sometimes have completely different meanings than the two words, and sometimes they have multiple meanings. So we're going to start with: "break". First of all: "break" means to basically make somebody whole not whole. So you can break your bone, means it's, like, snap in half, or you break your glass. You drop the glass on the floor and it breaks, it comes into pieces, so that's what "break" means. And most of these words you can a little bit guess their meanings, some of them you will not guess at all. We're going to start with "break out". Okay, "break out" has a few meanings, and we have the noun "breakout". Okay? "To break out", so the first meaning we're going to look at is a rash, r-a-s-h. Actually I'll write this down for you. If you break out in a rash, it basically means you ate something that you're allergic to. So, some people, for example, are allergic to chocolate. So they eat a piece of chocolate, or... By accident and suddenly on their skin they see little, red dots everywhere. Okay? That is called a rash. It's itchy, it's not very pretty, but it's an allergic reaction. So you break out in a rash, usually. Okay? That's one. The same thing, on the same idea, when we talk about a disease. So, a disease or a virus, for example, starts somewhere and then it just breaks out. It spreads. So: "to break out" means to spread. So, some diseases, like for example, SARS, I don't know if everybody remembers that disease, it started in one little place, and then it suddenly broke out and travelled all over the world, and it was an epidemic, and everybody was really scared. Another meaning of "break out" and similar to the idea of spread, when we talk about artists, especially like actors or musicians, they break out, it means they suddenly become very popular or very famous. So, some singers or some bands, they make an album, for example. And, you know, the sales are so-so and not that many people hear about them. Then their next album, so-so, maybe a little bit better, maybe not. Their third album suddenly they break out, suddenly everybody knows who they are, they're very famous, everybody's buying their album, so we also call this their "breakout album". That's the album that spread their name and made them famous. Okay? And lastly: "to break out" means to escape. So if you break out of jail, that means you escape from jail. So a little bit like, you know, you have... You're handcuffed or you have that ball with a chain on your leg, so you break it and you get out, so you escape. You break out of jail. So that's "break out". "Break in", a few meanings. One, and again, "break-in" is a noun with the hyphen. "To break in" basically means to enter illegally and using force. So, if someone has a break in in their house, means that the burglar broke the lock or the window, or whatever and came in and stole their things. So: "to break in" means to enter forcefully. Usually we use it with "break into", you break into someone's house, you break into the office, etc. But "break into" has another meaning, we'll get to that. So that's "break in". Another meaning of "break in": "to break in" means to make something basically more suited to your style, to your comfort. Okay? So think about jeans. When you buy your first pair of jeans or when you buy a new pair of jeans, I should say, they're a little bit stiff. You know? They're not that comfortable, you're not sitting too well in them, so you do a few squats. Okay? Or you do some stretches, or you put it in the laundry, and after a few washes, it becomes a little bit softer, a little bit more flexible, so now your jeans are broken in. You've broken in your jeans. If you take a baseball glove-okay?-this is a very common thing that you need to break in. When you buy a new baseball glove it's very stiff, so if somebody throws you the ball, you can't catch it because you can't close the glove. So, what do you do? […]
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Matlab Engineer (16 hours ago)
Mr: Adam ; teach me English , and i will teach you: Arabic and Russian
cyvytccv ctct,t u gc (18 hours ago)
Also break someone up means to make him laugh and break down to burst out crying , then a war break out and lastly to break it down means like to explain something
Rolando Gghhjk (24 days ago)
Maestro Adán ! Great teaching thanks a lot, good work.
Mr. Adam .. is these phrasal verbs formal or informal ? & is it right that most phrasal verrbs are informal ??
Asmahan Zibak (25 days ago)
You are such a wonderful teacher , thanks a lot 👍🏻🌹
khalid attia (27 days ago)
your explanation is as clear as pure water
ajesh panoli (28 days ago)
Could you please provide a vedio about in terms of and in order to
Periklis Gewrgiou (30 days ago)
thank you so much
Nandini sharma (1 month ago)
I'm from India.Thanks you Adam for making my way easy
Dranlee Steven (1 month ago)
I admit I didn't learn a lot because of so many phrasal verbs but I am sure it really helps me and at least i learned something. So I give you a heads up for all videos that you made. I believe someday I will be able to speak English spontaneously.
A4 Anything (1 month ago)
What about the past tense? Should we say break out or broke out? Thanks
mqnof joe (1 month ago)
Of course you have to use broke out if you are telling the story about what have already happened
liger angry (1 month ago)
A4 Anything to escape from a place or a situation.....2 inmates broke out of prison and are still at large.
День Пряный (1 month ago)
Спасибо, Адам!
Shrishti Dwivedi (1 month ago)
Georgii Kevlishvili (1 month ago)
What about breakthrough??
saisekhar pillala (7 days ago)
'Break through' means 'make a way' to find something else
khalid attia (27 days ago)
an important discovery or event that helps to improve a situation or provide an answer to a problem Scientists are hoping for a breakthrough in the search for a cure for cancer A major breakthrough in negotiations has been achieved
Shivon Smith (1 month ago)
From a fellow English teacher, thanks for this video! 😀
김새준 (2 months ago)
I have some questions about ”break for a breakfast“ and "break for a child", what is the meaning of this phrase? Does it means that "someone takes a break and have a breakfast"?
Roberto Lodi (2 months ago)
Thank you from Italy!!!!! Well done!
Muneer Adel (2 months ago)
I appreciate your efforts to teach us, actually I took many benefits from your lessons
Rubina Shaheen (2 months ago)
Thanks! Adam. I have an English exam tomorrow and your videos helped me a lot.
VLAD (2 months ago)
break away in politic position is opposition party i'm correct?
setenay deniz özmeç (2 months ago)
thank you
Shefi Mhm (2 months ago)
your diction is very good and understandable.
Gene Ruiz (3 months ago)
Great lesson!
AviationVideos (3 months ago)
What I don't understand is why some phrasal have hyphen you said cuz is a noun but how do I know when is a noun and when not? If somebody can clarify me I would appreciate
Mike Poovarasan (3 months ago)
breakout more useful video
Laxmipriya behera (3 months ago)
It's really pretty sharing such vdo...I hd a lot of prblm wid phrasal verb...
Cherkuri Kaveri (3 months ago)
👏👏👏👏👏👏👏super sir
AKIJPN (4 months ago)
Pelinns Su (4 months ago)
6:13 i thought freeze 😅😅😅
Andery Wong (4 months ago)
Really helpful! Thanks!
Raj kumar (4 months ago)
Sir, you can give a hard copy of any videos you create in the description below.
ZEKA (4 months ago)
You are just great i adore you
Minarul Hoque (4 months ago)
samuel suero pelegrino (4 months ago)
GY Choi (5 months ago)
Hi um.. is your name Adam.? Well that is not the point I think your video is great and I will admit that but... because of your video my dad is making me study more english then ever I am different with other people these videos are ruining my life!!!! You should just do gaming and if you do I will support you but as your case now this is a suk up
GY Choi (5 months ago)
You are right
ZI ZOu 2 (5 months ago)
So cool adam
Maria Puertas (5 months ago)
I did not understand it very well, it's a bit confusing.
قرمت Ali (5 months ago)
Ash Arham (5 months ago)
a thief broke into my house and stole everything. he broke away from family gathering. the prisoner break out from the prison. she break out so early as actress.. r these sentences correct???
Bensy Cumsid (5 months ago)
Thanks so much for the lesson! You are a great teacher and everything was clear. Thank you :)
English Teacher (5 months ago)
Nice video! Mobile apps can also help in learning phrasal verbs. A good one with lots of practice is Phrasal verbs for life & exams. Really helpful!
sajjad Azar (5 months ago)
Thank you man i have always like you teaching method,i can understand you clearly
Ahmed Ked (5 months ago)
Thank you for these precious information and for the clear explanation
Khyber (5 months ago)
You're the man! You got it!
Melon Soda (5 months ago)
oh, break for is not a phrasal verb??? my oxford dictionary told me it was which is correct???
Yahaira Olivo (5 months ago)
l love your class.
Alan Falcao (5 months ago)
Br here!
André Lyrio (5 months ago)
I’m going to watch all your videos! I love it!
Leia Maia (5 months ago)
Great class. Thanks teacher
Happy Khan (5 months ago)
Hello sir
Phosphate (5 months ago)
Thanks Adam
Darby Correa (5 months ago)
and what is the meaning of breakthrough? You didn't explain it.
Thaank you for awesome lesson!!!
Ernesto Velázquez (5 months ago)
Hi Adam, Have you already did a video about phrasal verbs with KEEP? I can´t find it
Caio Castro (6 months ago)
Hey, Adam! I'm Caio and I'm from Brazil. I love so much learn with you! Thanks for the job.
Abdul-Satar Sh-K (6 months ago)
Thank you. I really appreciate what you are doing. the way you are taking it's so clear I could understand every single world. why just all the English speaker people talke in just the same accents you talking. thanks again.
Kavita Kar (6 months ago)
I cant understand that in which way breakout is related to rash . Other wise it is a very good lesson adam .
Beqa manjgaladze (6 months ago)
Finally when i learn all the words in english what is demanding for it, the would i revise them? please answer
Efrad Galio (6 months ago)
what about breakthrough?
Humberto Ramirez (6 months ago)
I am from Nicaragua and my language is spanish and i like your way to teach, and i would like that you put subtitles in spanish, i will be grateful. Greetings friends.
Zulma Chorres Sinclair (6 months ago)
Hello Adam...I am so glad to meet your you tube ...because I am an English teacher and sometimes I need a little tips like these in your videos...Would you explain us more about the difference between likely and probably..it is something I know because I learned when I was living and studying in the US, but I cant explain properly...thanks..
Cesar Munar (6 months ago)
These phrasal verbs lessons are a big help.
muzammil hussain (6 months ago)
these things are not remembered by me..i have tried a lot but usually i stuck ..do you have any idea sir??
Khushnood Ali (6 months ago)
i m not getting that where is the first lecture ..i want it from begining
palak rawat (6 months ago)
nice class sir
Fco. Javier Leyva (6 months ago)
Hello Adam! I am an English Teacher in Juarez Mexico. I love sharing your videos with my advanced students. I think you have a unique and clear way to explain the subjects. It would be great if you can make a video related to Transitive and Intransitive Verbs.
Vasu Reddy (6 months ago)
thank u so much sar
Behzad Sultani (6 months ago)
Thanks man
sergand100 (6 months ago)
To write synonimes to the phrasal verbs should be much better
Super Un (6 months ago)
Thank you teacher.. Form Thailand
nguyen tuyen (6 months ago)
thank you very much.
hello,l'm seema🙂🙂 thankyou for your doing to learn english language. but I hope write the english words -which the teacher said it - during vedio in order to I read and leisten in the same time .. I hope understand me by simple english, and take my order seriously. please accept all my respecting🙂🙂
Alessandra Alves (6 months ago)
Sadman Yeasir (6 months ago)
U r my favourite teacher . Sir , I want to know how can I write a leaflet
Sameh Al-Awlaqi (6 months ago)
Breakthrough? You did not mention it Adam?
Sameh Al-Awlaqi (6 months ago)
Thanks a lot. But why did not he explain the term "breakthrough" although it was written on the board? I was wondering about that
Leode Siefast (6 months ago)
That is a noun "a/the breakthrough" in cancer research for instance. Break through is the verb. But the verb is used literally "he broke through the wall" and metaphorically "he broke through the political deadlock". I hope that helps. These phrasal verbs are complex and subtle! There are so many ways they can be used and interpreted.
koorosh azarbad (6 months ago)
Amaizingggg Thank you buddy👋😊😊
Golden Wings (6 months ago)
Great lesson from a great teacher
Viktor Kakhnych (6 months ago)
What about Queen's "I want to break free"? Is it phrasal verb?
Ebi Mo (6 months ago)
Hi Adam.it's good .God bless you
Katerina S (6 months ago)
Phrasal verbs is the only thing I hate about English. There are millions of them, and quite often it's hard to guess them. Thank you, Adam. The lesson is great! Edit: You forgot to explain "breakthrough". It's mentioned in the title of the video, and it's even written on the whiteboard. "Breakthrough" is also used in the quiz.
Brendan Fornal (6 months ago)
very educational
Ebi Mo (6 months ago)
Adam!you are great..
Gayatri Bagri (6 months ago)
amazing .....u made so easy ...teaching way is fabulous
thank u 🌹
Loh (6 months ago)
This video is so detailed and it is easy to understand what he is trying to teach
monica Chhabra (7 months ago)
your guidance to a particular topic makes clear all doubts regarding daily life sentences or english words I/we use thank you adam a brilliant teacher of all time .
AhmedSaid __ (7 months ago)
Hi Adam I have two q for u please answer me 1_ l worked hard all day round but I failed to.......my goal )score _achieve_ reach) 2-when I was at London , i........ (sunbathed_would sunbathe_was sunbathing ) a lot and please explain why
Tuyết Nhung (7 months ago)
Thank you ! 👍
Amir Jameel (7 months ago)
Can I use break out to spread persons
Mariano Paulo (7 months ago)
Great lesson!
Rai Wini (7 months ago)
Such an interesting explanation Warmest from Bali🌴
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Pretty clear ⚘💕
krl1831 (7 months ago)
And what about "break through"?
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Thank you Adam you are awesome
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Hello Adam, It would mean a lot me if you could please suggest a legit tefl online course website. There's to many out there and it's just so confusing. Thank you so much.
Evgeny Sumaev (7 months ago)
Thank you Adam! As always the lesson was wonderful)
Ateu Cristão (7 months ago)
em português brasileiro nós temos o ´´break a branch`` (could you help me?) = (Could you break me a branch?) = (could you do me a favor?) or (I'm going to break your branch) and when you do not want to do the favor you respond: ´´ who breaks twig is heavy monkey`` kkk
Mrmr Merro (7 months ago)
Thanks for your amazing and simple way for how to explain English
Sơn Võ (7 months ago)
nitish jha (7 months ago)
The way u explain things are incredible..a big thank u frm INDIA 😊😊

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