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Blackmailed on webcam? What should you do next? SEXTORTION Scam

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You met a stranger online, they convinced you to go on cam and get naked. They then told you they have photos/videos of you and if you don't want all of your friends to see the video you have to pay them. What should you do next? Are you being blackmailed online for getting naked on cam? If so watch this video for some advice on what to do. Link to my previous video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhIgZuPxDro
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Lewis Hand (8 months ago)
Please read this comment before you post a comment asking me a question. I cannot 100 percent guarantee that these scammers will not post your video online. I cannot 100 percent guarantee that your friends/family members will not see the video or photos of you wrestling the one-eyed monster. I have posted three videos with a lot of information on the scams and my personal experience with the intention of warning people and also offering some reassurance to those who are in a similar situation to myself. I suggest before you post a question first look at all three videos i posted. After that scan through the comments section and see the hundreds of people who are in the same situation as you. I will no longer answer questions on here as I am moving on with my life; however, i will still leave the video here to help future victims of this horrific scam. I hope I have been clear in my intentions. All the best, Lewis
skrapcella (11 days ago)
Thank u I felt like I was stuck in a corner and couldn't do anything
Haris abbasi abbasi (1 month ago)
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Mobile games inJustice (1 month ago)
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Haris abbasi abbasi (1 month ago)
Mobile games inJustice bro I deactivated my account. Send me private msg on YouTube.
Mobile games inJustice (1 month ago)
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WillDogJones1 (11 hours ago)
I kept her talking meanwhile deactivated my Facebook page scrolled back to start of conversation I never gave my Facebook profile name. I feel like I may have dodged a bullet. But I tell you I was so stressed out over the next few days waiting for someone in my life to say something.
Manpreet Singh (4 days ago)
Thank you Lewis For all information.
int16 (7 days ago)
Had a nice conversation with one of those on one of the hookup website. Reported the account, it was blocked immediately. happysmileeyes: hi how are you doin 1:18 AM Me: Hey! Doing good. And you? 1:19 AM happysmileeyes: <some cute pic>1:21 AM happysmileeyes: just chillin here and kinda bored 1:21 AM Me: Bad that LA is a little too far from me 1:22 AM happysmileeyes: well i guess we can still have fun though were miles away from eachother 1:23 AM happysmileeyes: got a camera 1:23 AM Me: So you want to record a video of me and then try to extort some money? 1:25 AM Me: Where are you actually from? Just curious 1:26 AM Me: Why you don't reply? That's rude. Tell me something 1:28 AM happysmileeyes: oh sorry thats not true whu should I 1:29 AM happysmileeyes: im from illinoi 1:29 AM happysmileeyes: *illinois 1:29 AM happysmileeyes: i dont have time for games 1:30 AM Me: Do girls really enjoy watching guys masturbating? 1:31 AM Me: I actually thought, you might be somewhere from India or Philippines. They do this kind of thing, you know, record people on webcam and then try to get some money. You are one of those, aren't you? Just tell me please, why you do this. I won't tell anyone. Or prove that you are not one of those. 1:35 AM Me: I won't condemn you If you admit that. Just curious, to hear the story. Or if you are a real person, it is quite easy to prove it. 1:38 AM happysmileeyes: i dont know any of these accusations .. but im a real person and not here for games 1:43 AM Me: Well, just take a selfie and send it to me :) 1:43 AM happysmileeyes: <just some screenshot from a webstream> 1:47 AM Me: Ok, but I'm not going to show my face, is that OK? 1:48 AM happysmileeyes: ok 1:48 AM happysmileeyes: do you got a camera 1:49 AM happysmileeyes: well you can reach me thru this 312 5855184 1:49 AM happysmileeyes: shall we 1:49 AM Me: Sorry, I won't call you, I don't share my number 1:51 AM happysmileeyes: np 1:51 AM happysmileeyes: i do got s k y p instead so we can have fun 1:51 AM happysmileeyes: still there? 1:56 AM Me: Why not to use webcam service that is available here? 2:00 AM Me: I would prefer not to share my skype either. 2:18 AM Me: Well, you didn't insult me and just disappeared, that proves that I was right about you. 2:13 AM happysmileeyes: well im still waiting for the approval of my profile even before i can broadcast my camera on here 2:14 AM happysmileeyes: that why im asking if you would like to use s k y p instead so we can start to see eachother 2:14 AM Me: Can you write your username on a paper and send me a selfie with it? 2:15 AM happysmileeyes: well sorry im leaving now.. i need to get some sleep catch me next time 2:17 AM Me: I knew that you are not real 2:17 AM happysmileeyes: say what you want goodbye 2:18 AM Me: Or you can just send me a selfie with your username and prove that I'm wrong
elyass sajjad (7 days ago)
Same thing happened to me as well. I laughed it off, cussed her off, justified to the scammer that I have screenshots, facebook url, imo number, etc, locations. I feel like this was a valuable lesson to never let your guard down and to be careful. But i thank God for saving me from embarrassment and shame 😭
LeThAlMoBSteRSmeDz66 (19 days ago)
So like a girl just did this to me over in America on Skype but my Skype has no info on me apart from my face on cam and abit of my name, she didnt have my facebook or anything so I just blocked her and deleted everything so you guys think Ill be ok? Im from a whole different country than her and like I said my Skype has nothing on it not even a profile picture.
Mohammad Hafib Ahmed (19 days ago)
I have payed them money.. they wanted to send to my family and friends.
J P (21 days ago)
Happened to me right now. I panicked at first but after thinking it through I just blocked them all. If they send it out I don't really care I was just jacking off. Everyone does it. 😂
Anim3boy (20 days ago)
Omg this happened to me I was scared
Dan Bridge (22 days ago)
In the situation mentioned in the video, why don't you record her and threaten her with the same shit?
Gil Magtuloy (26 days ago)
thank you it help me alot
jose carlos santos (27 days ago)
Algo asi me paso a mi, yo le dige que me valia madres si lo hacia, si de todos modos nadie me conoce.
Thanks man you've been helpful
SSJ2 Vegeta (1 month ago)
Someone pretending to be a hot girl added me on Facebook then quickly asked me if I wanna have sex on video with her I asked how she asked me to download imo as I did But I'm a traid member so I know all these scams perfectly she called me 5 times I never showed my face and she kept asking me show dick show face then I told her about me suddenly blocked
Sean T. (1 month ago)
Question I am worried that they will still have the file or movie clip, screenshots of the incident. What do i do then?
Sean T. (1 month ago)
This just happened to me today but you know what we are all human. We all like sex and have sexual temptations
Manuel Herrera (1 month ago)
Thank you very much .very helpful info
Luke Boutros (1 month ago)
This happened just now to me and this helped my man i was on the phone to the cops right bout now
foley001 (1 month ago)
Some very hot looking, young girl just tried to scam me this way on facebook. She added me out of the blue, started chatting with me, using very poor grammar, and wanted to get naked on cam within five minutes. I had a strong feeling something was wrong and luckily did not do anything on cam other than take a quick look at her. After that I told her I was on to her, told her to get a real job, never heard from her again. Very sick way to scam people.
Sam Wittsell (1 month ago)
There's apparently another variant of this scam: girls selling nudes and premium Snapchat via PayPal or gift cards, then asking you to get naked after you have already paid for their services, then threatening you with your nudes, often going as far as to look up your work details on Facebook or LinkedIn or whatever just to further scare you. A person I dealt with figured out where I work and said they planned on visiting me, then they said they wouldn't after I displeased them and started issuing the typical nude threats they all issue.
Justin1k R (1 month ago)
This happened to me last night. Not knowing what to do, I sent them 1000 dollars in two payments with a credit card via western union assuming I was covered by fraud protection. Nope, im SOL. He/ she/ whoever the hell this person is was demanding an additional 1000 dollars this morning but I can't afford that. Temporarily deleted facebook. They required that I send my receipt to them from western union so they got a lot of personal information (name, address, email, phone number) so they were calling me and texting me this morning. Not responding to them. Fingers crossed he can't view all of my friends and ruin my life. jesus christ. I never even look at porn at was just bored last night when I went on the site where I met this person. Like you said, she was gorgeous...I wasn't thinking. Totally not my kind of thing.
Tanjela Ahana (1 day ago)
Don't send money bcz she/ he's not grantee u to delete ur photos or video. They might threaten u again. U never know. For now I'm here in the same situation and he's wanting more nudes of minr with my face. He has pictures already with my half face and he's ganna send everything to my friends if i don't give him more nudes. I deleted all social app. He has my friend's link tho from Instagram following. He's ganna send my pictures to the ppl i follow and it's totally not my thing to send nudes. I was alone at home and i was bored so i found some app and website. There he politely wanted to be ny friend so i gave him my Instagram id. Now idk what he'll do. He said he's going send them for sure
MindR exe (9 days ago)
Just follow what the video said. IGNORE them. or deactivate your social media accounts temporarily
Shourov Chakma (14 days ago)
Exactly same thing happened to me just few hours ago. I haven't send the money yet. Can you advise me ???
yosif shamrock (1 month ago)
this just happened to me
Mobile games inJustice (1 month ago)
yosif shamrock fuck them move on man
Wyatt Rowe (1 month ago)
It happened to me yesterday
Mobile games inJustice (1 month ago)
Wyatt Rowe fuck them with that cock and don’t worry
coweatsman (1 month ago)
Best protection against blackmail is to have no shame and no self respect.
Furqan Arshad (1 month ago)
Very nicec
KiaoCreed (1 month ago)
So this happened to me last night and I panicked. They told me they was 20 and I got lurred in. The video ended and sent me paragraph after paragraph threatening me. They said they was actually a 15 year old and was gonna put me in jail if I don't comply. Something about a pedophile act of 2002, but they told me they was 20 and I have screenshots of the entire conversation. What should I do?????
KiaoCreed (1 month ago)
I screenshoted the entire conversation and blocked them on facebook. But, I'm still worried if I don't comply they will post the video.
Magic Mackers (1 month ago)
These people are insult to scum first off. Now this will probably affect teenagers at school more than people a bit grown okay cooler heads prevail you panic at first thing about social media your emotions are to easy to share, don't reply anything ignore, ignore, ignore they'll huff they'll puff and trying and shake you. second log off immediately don't threaten them or even engage once they see your offline stay off for two to three days I know its hard trust me just remember they're to lazy to actually work for a living these people delight in blackmail and shame. never be ashamed of a natural act and the power of your own body when it goes into lets get busy mode "very few can control it when it's on offer" third step watch a movie a show listen to music take your mind off it and now here we go its a few day later no contact report block and ignore never let these people shame you your not the first and you won't be the last were not celebrities and nobody really cares that much about what you do privately. lastly this advise will work better for guys girls report and block right away, remember that this is a big business to people they threaten but rarely act if your not an easy target or complying they'll move on once they realise your not biting and when you log off right away its sends a statement you will not be bullied. Lastly this is advise for people who it hasn't happened to yet never give your email address in the conversation and if you do delete it and anything to do with it so they can't consistently threaten you thats what they are doing by the way threatening they are COWARDS now guys and girls please please be smart when they start asking for weird shit your brain should click these people ask for some embracing things don't don't don't fall for it you know yourself when something docent feel right try to overcome yourself in those moment for example they ask to dance, wear ladies underwear, lipstick and other freaky stuff etc. no judgement by the way but be smart money docent grow on tress, clouds aint made outta cotton candy and the these princesses/ princes or wart ridden frogs lesson IGNORE once you switch off your device and they can't contact you who are they nothin they're no one they have no power the cease to exist and are nothing in your life. Be Strong, Be Smart, Be Brave
What do I do if they got my money already?
Emmanuel Solis (1 month ago)
It happened to me!!! This video helps but it is scary and life threatening. Do not panick. After i blocked them on email and fb. Then i got emails from them days later saying , if i dont do it they will send it. But they need 400 bucks. Dont do it. Be smart.
Emmanuel Solis (1 month ago)
I blocked them and still receiving emails from them thru spam. Her name is stephanie lefevre garnier from ivory coast. I jusy just received a spam by this person. This happened3days ago. Still nervous.
Sean Keenan (1 month ago)
Same and stay calm.
Sean Keenan (1 month ago)
This world is crazy lol
Dustin Sharp (1 month ago)
Happened to me try to Blackmail me I told whoever it was that they picked the wrong person I don't have anything to give you that I was on crack blah blah blah evidently they bought it because nothing's happened and they're not calling me or texting me or instant messaging me or anything so I guess the best way to get out of this act like you're a fucking loser and if you can't get money from you they move on
Brandon LaPrise (1 month ago)
I'm already not self confident And this happened to me
Haris abbasi abbasi (1 month ago)
Brandon LaPrise what happens then? Please update
Nitin Dabbiru (2 months ago)
Happened to me yesterday and I’m so scared as I’m getting so many threat messages if i dont pay the money.
Mobile games inJustice (1 month ago)
Nitin Dabbiru fuck them and continue your life don’t let them play with your emotions just make a new Facebook account and act like nothing happened
Diego Blanco (2 months ago)
What if they threaten you with your password (not only from facebook)
Anthony Clarke (2 months ago)
your nonchalant attitude actually made me feel better lol...IF they sent my vid to all the people on facebook like they said they were going to, I just planned on posting a status on FB saying "hey, someone hacked my shit and you're gonna see my dick if you open that video...so go ahead if you wanna see some shit lol, IT WAS COLD that night!"...But I personally would never open a rando vid from some asshole on the net, so i don't imagine anyone else would....either way, whatever, you got to see my dick, now i can't be in politics, so what lol Ya live and Ya learn. But Stay calm like Lewis says, you'll only stress yourself out and make matters worse
Tz Cosmic (2 months ago)
i just immediately deleted my fb account will that help?
Haris abbasi abbasi (1 month ago)
Any updates bro
JungMikesh Thapa (1 month ago)
I hope
Bindu Chhetri (2 months ago)
It happens to me a week age 3am in the morning and I try to contract FB and they are not available that time I feel shy and hopeless can’t trust this social media any more better to be awere from this
Sean Keenan (1 month ago)
My best advice is cut all contact and no communication with them. Block all numbers. Everyone on here has your back.
drguffey (2 months ago)
What if the person on Facebook was hacked & they didn't really send the request?
almost got scammed yesterday.
miraclewonders89 (2 months ago)
It happened to me somebody trying to Blackmail me on a webcam I admit I was scared I blocked the first account I had another friend request with the same messages from the previous account but I haven't seen or heard anything are you sure these people will not come after me
miraclewonders89 (1 month ago)
No i haven't
Stephen Coghlan (1 month ago)
well have you heard anything from them since?
amit kamble (2 months ago)
yes i really learn the lesson from these I will not give any money too them Ur video is really helpful ur doing a good job my friend
Norhelmi Helmi (2 months ago)
its just happened to me now. i change my fb name and delete all my photos. and i delete it and make a new account. but i still can’t sleep thinking about it. so scared and shame of me 😭
Jonny Fraleigh (2 months ago)
What if it happens on kik? I cant find their profile on facebook cuz it started on kik
Aamir Islam (2 months ago)
heyyy help
Mindy Krejci (2 months ago)
Go to Facebook page Scam Company American Cosigners Exposed for more information about scammer Randi Dorante
LEOMAR regodos (2 months ago)
same like me bro...
Iam MkPui (2 months ago)
This happened to me today as your video said. He/ she threat me to pay 5,000 otherwise they will upload the video and send it to my friend and family. He/ she show me my friend list on the facebook and threat me to send the video for my friend if i dont pay them money. Now Im going on is to remove all my skype, facebook account. I didnt call the police becoz i know they cant help me in this case. However, i find it out Im not being close to those people on my friend list, and I cant see my family on the list. Im anxious if it really happen to my life and I suffer in dailylife. As the beginning ,im very nervious and dont know what to do. I went to the bank and prepare for the money. Fortunately, I found this video. So,i remove all the friend and all my social media account. Now Im going to wait for it happen
Lon1999 Ardoin (2 months ago)
Dude it happen to me yesterday I was so nervous I thought I go die
varun (2 months ago)
happened to me on gmail yesterday ......i fell for it and they recorded my video and asked for 500$ even though my gmail was not linked to fb they still showed me my friendlist and threatned me that they will post it on social media.........i said i dont have money.........and blocked them on gmail and then deleted my gmail and instagram and then deactivated my facebook.....i donot know what to do help meeee
Iam MkPui (2 months ago)
If it really happen to me. I would try to admit its my fault. I would say Im watching porn at the time for a great moment. Unfortunately, hacker had hack my phone then the video is then spread.
Brandon Burns (3 months ago)
LEWIS it happen to me they show me picture with me on youtube. but i cant find it. they threaten to ruin me want do i do help me
Max Landon (3 months ago)
it just happened to me funny thing was i told her i could care less if she did and she panicked
Nick Sanchez (3 months ago)
thanks man I feel a lot better thanks
Amir sohel (3 months ago)
Many many thanks
Astley Benedict Tay (3 months ago)
Someone please help me. I have actually sent her money before and now she is asking more. She blackmailed me and say she will send the video to my friends. I have deactivated my facebook. What should I do next?
Greg Chenoweth (3 months ago)
Please tell me I'll be ok. The girl had the video then told me she was 15 and work with the FBI and was gonna drop my video online now I think the cops are coming for me
KevZen2000 (3 months ago)
Ultimately once the video is created, it's up to the person who recorded it. They can post it anywhere, and it can rapidly spread.
Bryan Vasquez (3 months ago)
man this happened to me today i am scared .......... i turned off my facebook
Leroy Bruno (2 months ago)
Leroy Bruno (2 months ago)
Bryan Vasquez this happened to my friends last year April , he blocked them and changed his fb name and later on made a new one, he said he hasn’t been in a problem like that ever since and they neva uploaded his vid so, you make have the same chance as him if u do the same
Michael Carter (3 months ago)
Bryan Vasquez, chill bud same thing happened to me. I just bit the bullet and warned everyone what was happening. Fuck em bud. Scamming piece of shot cunts.
Bryan Vasquez (3 months ago)
bro stay in touch me some how
Bryan Vasquez (3 months ago)
Victor Licona bro its hard man i am scared as hell i cant sleep its been a week
Maxx Finesse (3 months ago)
Guys I can assure you it’s just a scam don’t give them money they are tryna get money not humiliate
j s (3 months ago)
This is very useful video, it happed to me 5 months ago. Watch out for scammers they are out there.
M T (3 months ago)
So this happened to me last week. They just sent me a screenshot of the video not a link and they stopped messaging me because I blocked them on everything and sent all the emails to spam. But I got an email today from a different email but is the same person saying that they will put my video on YouTube and send it throughout my work place if I do not answer them. I am really freaking out and stressing about this. Can someone please tell me what to do at this point???? This could cause a lot of damage within my life. I am really freaking out right now!
Mobile games inJustice (1 month ago)
Fuck them they won’t do a thing and can you update me did they show your video to any of your friends
Jack Huang (3 months ago)
its been 1 year and 3 months since this happened to me and nothing was posted. should i still worry??
TheRealThomasBurt (12 days ago)
nope by this time it should be clear they don't have anything on you
Johnny Mentor (2 months ago)
He is trying to ask how can you live with the fear that those bastards may post your video in any moment because they may still keep it in their HD?. I know it must be horrible.
Jack Huang (2 months ago)
Bryan Vasquez (2 months ago)
Jack Huang how do live like that
Ritu Raj (3 months ago)
Hey friend I m very panic... And I suddenly deleted my Skype account and related Gmail account. Without getting link provided by her. What should I do now? Please tell me
Chang Wai Yang (3 months ago)
Happened to me two days ago, but instead of money, the person asked for more video of me beating my junk or else she/he will expose all of the videos that I send, on YouTube and tumblr, and then i panicked and I did another for her/him, but the person asked for more, at one point I couldn’t take it, I juz told him/her to fk off and do whatever you wan and said if I ever see those video again I’ll report to the local police, two days passed, my friends and my family still loves me so yea (TBH even if they asked for money and posted ur videos on YouTube, it’s gonna get taken down within hours anyway, for Facebook and Instagram, juz deactivate the account, and for tumblr, it’s basically a damn pornsite and nobody wants to see a guy beating his meat anyway, hopes this helps😊)
K Ali (19 days ago)
Kkkkkkkkk true
Raymond L (3 months ago)
Fucking phillipians , thx god i was using a fake FB acoount and he sent the video to someone i dont know. TY youtube to take my video down within 20seconds of reporting too. Lesson learnt, fuck! world is evil
buneriblogger (3 months ago)
Raymond L - Is your name mentioned in the Video title? How did you search the video?
Luis Terriquez (4 months ago)
Damn Sonia
Luis Terriquez (4 months ago)
Much help haha I still think I'm fucked though
Ronson!! (4 months ago)
What if it’s on messenger
amit kamble (2 months ago)
Better block tht guy or report to fb
Colby Fowler (2 months ago)
Ron same thing just deactivate your account
Soul Prime (4 months ago)
I did not find the video on youtube, they did not send me a link. What do I do???? I did the facebook thing but not the youtube thing
Lucas Munoz (4 months ago)
The girl just said she would share the video but there was no video of me am I safe? She said she would share it with everyone?
A M (4 months ago)
scammers from the Philippines ,
Shourov Chakma (14 days ago)
Exactly. Exactly. Just happened to me few hours ago.
Harshil Manani (4 months ago)
She had send me a link on messager so i am not able to delete it to plz help me i am in big trouble
kevin muhanji (2 months ago)
Did she post it
Niklas (4 months ago)
Happened to me as well. I blocked and reported the account on facebook, but a few minutes later i got another message from a new account (seems to be the same person). I also blocked and reported the person. But im still very scared of what he is gonna do next ... I dont know if im safe or not right now..
Haris abbasi abbasi (1 month ago)
Sourav Datta they also added you in that group? how many days after the incident they posted on the group?
Sourav Datta (1 month ago)
+Haris abbasi abbasi my accnt was active so i cud see...i did nt deactivate accnt
Haris abbasi abbasi (1 month ago)
Sourav Datta how did you know ? some of your friend tell you? Because I deactivated my Facebook account so I will not able to know if they posted in a group or private.
Sourav Datta (1 month ago)
+Haris abbasi abbasi no link they sent reqst on fb...i did nt accept...my frnds list was pvt then...so they cud catch hld of a few frnds...and then mde a grp and posted it....i did nt knw they had done so for almst an hour...wen i got to knw...deleted,reported and blocked them
Haris abbasi abbasi (1 month ago)
Sourav Datta did they share the YouTube link of your video to your friends? How did you know they posted a link with your friends? After how many days they posted video with your friends?
Cesar Yepez (4 months ago)
Hey hi. First, thank you so much for the video. I was so scared because it happened to me too. I eliminated my account of Facebook just in case. Do you recommend me to re active it or do I create another one?
The Razor 99 (4 months ago)
Should I deactivate my Facebook account. I have already blocked and reported her. But should I deactivate it to?
Trevor S (3 months ago)
Anan Tamang Hey did anything ever happen bad to you? this just happened to me :(
The Razor 99 (4 months ago)
Anan Tamang okay i look out for ya.
Anan Tamang (4 months ago)
The Razor 99 but I deactivated my fb
Anan Tamang (4 months ago)
The Razor 99 no my FB name is Tek tamang
The Razor 99 (4 months ago)
Anan Tamang okay. Well is Anan Tamang your name? I’ll help like look for it and let u know if i c anything inappropriate. Ill try to have your back. I know this rlly scary. But i dont think they uploaded anything of me.
mcclain kenoyer (4 months ago)
Same happened to me but you need to immediately find the site to report threats..or blackmail..they do not send pics or vids....but they...try to threaten you that the woman in the video is 15 and that you are a pedophile and continue to text your phone telling you they will call their uncle to press charges . It sucks for single men but it happens and you learn from it...i was able to shut down their phone but sending a text bomb the number is from text now. and it worked that part..next part report the person on facebook first ...then block them afterwards..good luck
The Flying Carlsonator (4 months ago)
Had someone trying to do this to me yesterday on Kik. I freaked out for a second when they sent me screenshots my friend list but I realized quickly this is probably a hoax and kept the person on the line long enough for me to look at my Facebook and alert all my friends to what was going on. I told them that I was hacked and do not open any suspicious messages from people. Once Facebook was lockdown I simply deleted Kik. The guy decided to message me on Facebook using a fake burn profile to which I did not respond but rather I decided to look into the profile and see if I could track who is sending these messages. As it turned out the guy had his name in the fake profiles URL and he was the only friend with the fake profile. I initially blocked him call the police and gave them everything I could tell them. we part ways and nothing's happened as of yet I even decide to expose him to all my friends on Facebook posting his name and making light of the fact that he had his name in the URL of the fake account He used. Later on the night I made a fake profile on Facebook and got as much information I could on the supposed hacker and sent the rest of the info including his alleged hometown and profile pic to the authorities. Nothing has happened as of yet but ill keep yall posted. In the end though while embarrassing we all whack the salami every now and then honestly it won't ruin your life
Brenda Green (4 months ago)
This video is great, thanks for taking the time to do this and for giving us the way to handle it if it happens. I'm working with human sex trafficking, doing teen presentations to bring awareness so that teens don't get deceived Into this trap. And internet safety is a big issue. Again thank you and may you blessed.
Matauce Uce (4 months ago)
What ever you do. Don’t send any money. This happened to and i was freaking out like you guys. Do everything in this video. I deactivated my Facebook just to be on the safe side. They will keep bugging you until you send the money. Don’t do it.
Aravind Samuel (4 months ago)
Happened to me few days back.. I was scared even before it started so I was cautious. Created an alias and fake accounts to chat and then threat started. Dint give my face away much and yet got blackmailed. Didn't send the money. Blocked him/her on the skype. For safety changed my privacy details to only me on all social media and then made sure my Face doesn't get given away in google image search. Don't give in to these ppl and don't worry as well. There are too many ppl in the world getting caught in this and if just googled skype + nude you will be surprised on the number of results. Hardly your pic or video will come up with the number of porn and webcam shows out there even if somebody posts.
mik bors (4 months ago)
fuck I'm nervous bit I'm gonna try this
David Isawesome (4 months ago)
I didn’t click on the video but I blocked and reported the profile. Do I have to click the YouTube link or will it eventually be taken down and reported? I’m scared if I click the link I’ll have viruses and other shit on my phone so I don’t want to visit the YouTube link
xxyy zzz (5 months ago)
It happened with me today.. shitt i dont know how i fell into this. they have my necked video and they told me that they will publish it every where. they send me the list of my family members and friends fb link and told me that they will post and circulate this video. please help me i am so scared. and if the video gets viral than i wont bear the embarrassment and i wont live. i right away block them from imo and facebook. i didnt reply them anything and i deactivate my facebook account. please please tell me what to do.
COINSTAR CLANKING (4 months ago)
xxyy zzz you should be fine they don't really send the pics if u cut all ties with them. Any updates ?
Steve Sibaja (5 months ago)
The scam it almost happened to me today he's a scam artist pretending to be a girl
_ stebie11mad (3 months ago)
Steve Sibaja yes I was on omegle and it was a girl she was saying to make sure i show my face so I turned off omegle and searched for possible scams even though I didn't do anything I still privated all my accounts because I had my Instagram open in the background of the camera
Maria Sibaja (5 months ago)
This scam is too good to be true if they ask for money block them
Maria Sibaja (5 months ago)
That is a heavy scam if they asked you to turn on the webcam to 👀 see naked dont do it or other wise they will record the video and send it to social media or web video sites for threats
ThisMonkeyTV (5 months ago)
help me plsssss
xxyy zzz (5 months ago)
any update?
xxyy zzz (5 months ago)
they post your video?
ThisMonkeyTV (5 months ago)
they chat me in antichat pls help me
ThisMonkeyTV (5 months ago)
what should i do they not send link
buneriblogger (4 months ago)
Search google and youtube for your name, does anything happened?
ThisMonkeyTV (5 months ago)
in my case they not send a link
ThisMonkeyTV (5 months ago)
help me idont what to do
ThisMonkeyTV (5 months ago)
pls help me pls
ThisMonkeyTV (5 months ago)
im blackmailed
ThisMonkeyTV (5 months ago)
pls help me i totally worried
m j (5 months ago)
Thanks for the information Lewis Hand. I am going through this now unfortunately and it can be quite stressful. I was friended on Facebook by a woman named Carolina Wilcom, who had a few of my friends so I accepted. As with other stories, Facebook messenger video which led to an email from "[email protected]" with threats of exposure etc. Sent me what appeared to be screen shots of my friends page but it only showed 4 family members and the rest of the list seemed to be people who iay know, not actual friends. Not sure what they were able to see and not see. I only answered a few emails may 28 then I cut off ties, blocked on messenger and Facebook. I deleted every friend then I deactivated Facebook. I have alerts set up in Google and I check YouTube often. I reported the EMAILS from the above and another aiming to be Interpol as phishing and blackmail. However I'm still getting emails even though I blocked the accounts, the messages keep going into spam. I ha e alerted everyone through email, text and messenger that anything they get about me or by me is a virus so hopefully if they post it will be deleted before it's seen. Question is why doesn't Google deactivate the account janetfox email ? Why is he still able to send threats? At this point fuck it, he claims that by June 8 if I don't pay he will post. Nothing more I can do. Just thought I'd send you guys the names so we can add them.
Mridul Kapil (5 months ago)
Lewis Hand bro this happened to me last night and they sended me my sister's profile screenshot and said if you don't want your video to send to your friends give me money. In no time I blocked her on Skype and changed my Facebook password and deactivated my account. I also confessed to my sister. It's almost 8 hours will they send it to my friends?
buneriblogger (4 months ago)
Nope, they will not, did you heard back from your friend?
Mridul Kapil (5 months ago)
Please help me bro I'm really scared right now.
COINSTAR CLANKING (5 months ago)
I immediately set my friends and profile private I set it to the setting "only me" I changed my username and set it to friends of friends can only add me. they had one friend in mutual I told my friend to block that account as well. it's important to block all communication with them.
Aidan Neill (6 months ago)
Hey Lewis just wanna say this happened to me the other night and that your videos have really helped me not panic and sort it out, I blocked the user on Skype, deactivated my Facebook but before that I messaged everyone to let them know if you get a random link of a random person do not open it as it is a virus or hack. But yeh thanks
Cuba 76 (6 months ago)
Just happened to my 17yr old son
Miguel Ortiz (26 days ago)
+Shawn Clapper Dude I'm in the same position as you... what ever happened? I'm still dealing with this happened yesterday
Haris abbasi abbasi (1 month ago)
Shawn Clapper any update in your case?
Shawn Clapper (1 month ago)
Wow same thing happend to me started with a friend request i acepted she vid called me took her clothes off asked me to so i said f it i did then she made a threat if i dont send 5000$ to some african thing for sick kids she said she show vid to my friends fam and public ingeneral has that ever actualy happend please and ty yeah it just happend to me
Werner Esterhuizen (3 months ago)
The Razor 99 she wanted money. I then made her feel sorry for her telling her how poor I am. Yes I am. Man. Definitely.
The Razor 99 (3 months ago)
Werner Esterhuizen are u sure it was a real person. Most of these scammers show no mercy because they want money. In a way u sound pretty lucky.
dizzlethagod (6 months ago)
To anyone dealing with this, I honestly had it happen to me and I simply chuckled and blocked the FB profile. It's total bullshit, DO NOT PAY! Just don't whip your dicks out for strangers on cam anymore lol
Jack S (6 months ago)
Lewis thanks bro, just happened to me this morning. I was freaking out at first not gonna lie! I blocked the scammer on Facebook, made a Google alert, still have to report the profile. This video and everyone's posts helped my state of mind 4- sure. I'm not going to deactivate my account, I just posted and warned my friends that I may have been hacked by a sextortion scammer. I'll just keep an eye on YouTube cause that's what they threatened me with. To the people in a state of panic, calm down don't give them that power over you. No need to feel miserable, It happened! Follow the steps in video keep it cool.. I'll keep y'all posted.
Jack S (4 months ago)
bryce sauer No they didn't do anything, empty threats! Just trying to incite fear for money, it'll be alright man just relax.
bryce sauer (4 months ago)
Js S did they post anything about you to Facebook?
26kc arias (6 months ago)
Hi "Mom here" this happened to my young son. We are close enough that he came to me with this issue. I pretty much told him to do all this video said before watching it. And I txt the people who threatened him. I told them I'm his mom & our fam & friends Are aware of them trying to extort $ from him. Along with screen shots of their threats. They replied trying to scare me. I never replied and blocked #. Nothing happened. Remember they do this to hundreds of people everyday. So if you don't play the game they will move on to the next. Thank you for the video very helpful👍
Tanjela Ahana (1 day ago)
In my case he's not wanting money. He's just wanting more of my intimate photos/ nude with my face. He has photos with my half face tho my friends will clearly understand if he sends to my friends those photos. He's wanting more nudes will full face, full body. Im really worried.
Sourav Datta (1 month ago)
+26kc arias tysm for sharing ur story
Christian Garcia (4 months ago)
26kc arias good job and God bless you and your entire family
Anan Tamang (4 months ago)
sunsun earthearth can u help me
26kc arias (6 months ago)
David Diaz thank you so much. 🙏 he's 19. Not only did it scare the heck out of him but taught him a big life lesson.
khalid abdulrahman (6 months ago)
Even i got the same thing hppnd to me few hours ago and i was so panicked that i almost thought of dieing...but after seeing ur video and doing the needed...it gave me a little life and hope that nothing is goona happen....keep it up...we need people like u this world
mystaff goodis (6 months ago)
Hey i got trabo aome trying black mail me how i find it and remove it

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