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Blackmailed on webcam? What should you do next? SEXTORTION Scam

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You met a stranger online, they convinced you to go on cam and get naked. They then told you they have photos/videos of you and if you don't want all of your friends to see the video you have to pay them. What should you do next? Are you being blackmailed online for getting naked on cam? If so watch this video for some advice on what to do. Link to my previous video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zhIgZuPxDro
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Lewis Hand (10 months ago)
Please read this comment before you post a comment asking me a question. I cannot 100 percent guarantee that these scammers will not post your video online. I cannot 100 percent guarantee that your friends/family members will not see the video or photos of you wrestling the one-eyed monster. I have posted three videos with a lot of information on the scams and my personal experience with the intention of warning people and also offering some reassurance to those who are in a similar situation to myself. I suggest before you post a question first look at all three videos i posted. After that scan through the comments section and see the hundreds of people who are in the same situation as you. I will no longer answer questions on here as I am moving on with my life; however, i will still leave the video here to help future victims of this horrific scam. I hope I have been clear in my intentions. All the best, Lewis
Rana Gee (6 days ago)
Happened to me today, she sent me a friend request I didn't bother accepting, and just asked who is there, he/she asked me to talk through IMO, which I installed and she recorded video. but as soon he/she send me some video, I immediately blocked the person (she was not in my friend list and my friend list is not not visible to my friends) deactivated my FB account (within 10-15 mins) and deleted IMO app from mobile and desktop. since then (5h from now) I am reading through similar stories on different website. my FB messenger on mobile is still on. Can anyone guide me the potential threat? should I do something else (delete FB messenger etc)? thanks
Vimal mohan (9 days ago)
+nathaniel calderon bro any update
adam 69 (1 month ago)
Speak to me
+Bananaowo Same here that fake person did the same thing to me.
You can read mines bro because I got in serious trouble by my mom and aunty also sister that is on her 20's.
Matthew Lites (4 hours ago)
Being the dumbass I was I was jacking off they said they’d send my nudes online and YouTube and send it to all my friends and the police unless I send 1k should I be worried my friend told me to block them and I did
kanishk jhinjha (1 day ago)
Thnx alot brother m really stressed alot upto now
Subinjohn Varghese (2 days ago)
Happend to me today....they also hav my friend list details...and asking me to snd money via WesternUnion Nd they even want the picture of the receipt...wat shall I do...m very scared...
You are Legend sent by GOD, thank you for helping the poor men on this earth who are always the target.
sage huffman (4 days ago)
I was just threatend and sent the money like idiot if anyone else sent them money let me know how it went I'm nervous
sage huffman (4 days ago)
+Rana Gee Im fine the money is sent I panicked but I looked at the contact list she sent me I don't know a single person in there too bad I'm seeing this after the fact
Rana Gee (4 days ago)
don't send anything man! nothing ll happen.
Jesse Bailouni (4 days ago)
Haha legend, a few drinks by myself after work and this happens , I didn't panic but I stalled them to research reporting them and going thru the right areas, did what I could then watched your video. Shit happens aye 😂
Ankit Gupta (5 days ago)
It happened to me last night. A girl name Kaly Wong make a skype call to me and also have my video. She also send me friend request on Facebook and i accepted it. She have Facebook URL's of all my friends and family. She/he whoever it is now demanding 1500 RM. I don't know what to do. I deactivated my Facebook Account and report to Facebook also. Please tell me if they gonna upload and share that video to my friends and family.I am feeling very low. And what other corrective measures I have to take against this blunder?
Ryan Basukala (6 days ago)
Also I am a victim , Exactly like all we suffered, scammers using philippines girl, A girl send me Facebook friends request on my Facebook, Every thing in her Facebook exactly seems genuine, We chat for few days, then one night she offered me video chat in IMO, And the incident was happened. Im the fool that I didn’t recognize that it was not a lady chatting with me but its a recorded video, Then after I get a call, sound like a black man’s He deal me sending me 400$ but I suddenly deactivate my Facebook and IMO account, I am out of contact from 2 days, and even dont know he share my video or not,
J L (6 days ago)
I can't believe I got scammed by this a few days ago... I actually ended up paying as well because she shared her screen and started typing up a message to my mom on facebook, threatening that she would send the video to her... I ended up blocking her on Hangouts (which we used to do the video call) and her phone number, and trying to tell myself that it doesn't matter if she shares the video or not... however, it's been 2 days and every morning she uses a new number to text me a bunch of new threats saying she's going to share the video! I would've thought that they'd just leave me alone and target others... I just keep blocking and reporting her messages every day but I'm getting paranoid again because it seems like she just won't let this go!!!
Rana Gee (4 days ago)
+sage huffman nothing happened yet. In fact, I didn't share my phone number or other contact detail, only FB, which is still deactivated
sage huffman (4 days ago)
Any update?
Rana Gee (6 days ago)
Did you think of changing your phone number?
Johan Peters (6 days ago)
What if i did panic and ended up sending some money what would.i do you end it once and for all ?
Well shit I sure as hell panicked
karina (9 days ago)
Fuck bro, you just saved my assssss!!!! Thank you soon much.
OsamaBinLaggin22 (11 days ago)
Happened to me just now. The person even posted the recording of me and my lower area (Two different shots tho. Never show face in sexual photos xD). She tagged me in the video. All i did was restricted my privacy settings just to me and i didn't see the video pop up in the 'tagged' section. I'm deactivating my account too. Make sure you go to www.google.com/alerts and type your name or anything related to what happened so you can report it right away. Don't freak out guys we all do dumb shit
Rana Gee (4 days ago)
+Bobby Badwal thanks, i didn't receive any call as I didn't share my number and FB is still deactivated. not sure how long I should not activate it. I set up google alert but the name is very common, difficult to see anything.
Bobby Badwal (6 days ago)
@Rana Gee so far everything is good. Deactivated my Facebook, deleted my google hangouts app and Skype app. I have been receiving 4-5 spam calls (area code matching my area code) per day so I decided to change my phone number today. I do activate my Facebook to check if anything went down when I was in deactivation mode to give myself a little peace of mind and then go back to deactivation mode. Just make sure you don’t respond to them and set up your name in google alerts. I was stupid enough to pay them (oh well, lesson learned). These guys will go on to the next victim if they can’t get a hold of you. Just hang in there, all this will eventually blow over.
Rana Gee (6 days ago)
+Bobby Badwal what's your status now? It happened to me yesterday
Bobby Badwal (7 days ago)
OsamaBinLaggin22 any update on your situation bro? Shit happened to me 11 days ago.
Kirkowirko (11 days ago)
Lmaooo bruh happened to me about two months ago. My lonely ass got a little thirsty so I was chatting with random people on a dating app to kill time and I was bored and of all people I ended up hitting up a scammer bahahaha She told me we should chat on Skype since she didn’t use the dating app much so my gullible thirsty ass was like fug it and one conversation led to another and next thing you know I was beatin the meat lololol Anyway yea same deal they tried to extort money and that they were gona share the video and I’m not gona lie I panicked a bit but after thinking clearly I knew I wasn’t doing anything wrong. I was just doing what almost everyone else does and I’m single so wtf does it matter bahaha And to add on to this story the scammer actually made a crucial mistake lol they didn’t blur out their profile pic or name when they screenshot the people on my friends list on Facebook so I searched that ho up and screenshot her account and photos and to make it worst I think she accidentally messaged me directly on Facebook messenger thinking she was still on the dating app because she messaged me the same thing twice saying I’ll regret not meeting her demands loliloliloli! For a scammer she was pretty careless. But yeee I kept checking for a while if her account was still active but it eventually got deleted. That or she realized she fucked up so she blocked me and I just don’t know but I don’t care lol but nothing has happened since. Only thing is I want to start being active on social media again and I’m thinking of trying to model so I’m gona need to put myself out there more for exposure so I’m kinda worried buuuuut nah no I’m not lol For anyone else experiencing this don’t panic and chill breh live your life and move on. The real people will support you with your situation and for those who judge you for something like this then they’re fake lol fuck em. Anyway don’t give in to the scammers demands I think I’d only panic if you’re cheating on someone but other than that stay gucci y’all
sk tecn (12 days ago)
John O'Donohue (13 days ago)
I had this happen to me. I didn’t accept the video. I just said fuck off.
Arstex Edigmon (13 days ago)
What happened if you didnt happened to find the video?
sage huffman (3 days ago)
Did they ever post it?
Arstex Edigmon (13 days ago)
+Bobby Badwal Thank you dude.. that really means a lot.. I really learned something valuable today. But I cant hide the fact im scared. Thanks
Bobby Badwal (13 days ago)
Arstex Edigmon yeah just relax. Just follow the instructions in this video. They won’t post anything if they can’t contact you for money. They won’t view your friend list if your Facebook is deactivated. Just stay off the radar from social media for a while.
Arstex Edigmon (13 days ago)
+Bobby Badwal I'm still scared so badly..😭
Arstex Edigmon (13 days ago)
+Bobby Badwal okay thanks dude.. but I'm worried that they might exposed me to my friends and families
Roy Barron (14 days ago)
What if they know your Facebook name and never added you on it
zacout (9 days ago)
Did your stuff get posted
Roy Barron (13 days ago)
If you have ppl in your friend's list from work remove them if it family or friends that don't chat just let it happen just give family and friends a heads up I just did this
Arstex Edigmon (13 days ago)
+Roy Barron this happen on Facebook to me.. and I'm so scared.. 2019 so far starting bad for me.
Roy Barron (13 days ago)
This happen on Skype for me
Arstex Edigmon (13 days ago)
What happened if you didnt find the video you were exposed.. and now you deleted the conversation and the link everything.. so now what do I do?
Alejandro Zuniga (14 days ago)
Update on my situation. She currently keeps extortioning me sais she will post if i dont follow directions and has started messaging me through a gmail account. She obviously made her research on me as dhe both knew the area i lived in and the career I am studying for, and has also looked into my parents as well. At this point i feel it is no longer just a small extortion but more as an attack. I would not mind what people would think of me however i do have family friends on social media and i fear that my actions will cause them to lose these friendships and it is quite hatd for my family to make friends. She still tells me a story of her son being sick and she herself has attempted to make video calls which i feel is not something a normal scammer would do however i have not accepted said calls due to fear of being recorded. I am starting to doubt myself and starting to believe her child is actually sick a stupid habit of mine. I understand there is a high chance of this being a scam however if the story is true i would possibly like to help said child however in case she puts up the videos I do have enough evidence to prove I was being extorted as well as her email and few possible pictires of her as well.
Alejandro Zuniga (6 days ago)
+J L So I have not heard of her in quite a qhile I decided to ignore her which was my best option at the time. All I can say in the time being is to pray that this scammer does not share your images to the world, however i suggest you tell friends and if you really do not mind to tell family about the matter, i admit some will understand and others will not however its better that they receive this news from you than from an unknown person randomly sending them a message through facebook/ messenger. Also make sure to take screenshots from any chats you have had from the scammer as well as any sort of moneygram info the scammer has sent. Not alot of people will care about this sort of matter they are mainly left ignored however it is useful to keep any information the scammer has sent saved. I cant guarantee this will help alot however in my case it was the best I was able to do.
J L (6 days ago)
i'm in a similar situation... I thought she would just leave me alone but for the past 2 days she just keeps on hounding me!!!
cody holt (16 days ago)
I just had the same thing happened to me I deleted my Facebook account
ab sahil (16 days ago)
Today this happen to me she is saying I will send your pics to your family I'm very scared today is hardest day of my life
Rana Gee (6 days ago)
+ab sahil any update? this happened me yesterday
ab sahil (14 days ago)
By the way where are you from
ab sahil (14 days ago)
God safe me if she send that video to my family I plan a suicide
Kidd Louii (14 days ago)
ab sahil dame I felt terrible and I thought my life was over but I thought and I told myself who cares no one will see it just don’t tell anyone and no one will know unless you tell someone you trust
ab sahil (14 days ago)
Thank you so much...as you say I block her thanks God he don't post that or not send to my contacts I'm feeling safe now I learned a lesson from my this stupid activity
Zeke Nomee (17 days ago)
I deleted my facebook account but they knew my family what should i do
Kidd Louii (3 days ago)
sage huffman no just stay calm don’t let the scam bother you delete and report them no one will see cuz they won’t be able to find you fb account if you’ve blocked them
sage huffman (3 days ago)
Did anything end up happening?
Zeke Nomee (15 days ago)
+Kidd Louii thanks ill try to sleep tonight
Kidd Louii (15 days ago)
Zeke Nomee they don’t do anything the same happened to me and 3 months later I haven’t heard a thing all they want to do is scare you so that they make you bolieve that they are going to ruin your life so you should be ok I promise
Daniel Bulthuis (18 days ago)
Happened to me too. Block report, move on. They have no real power.
Zeke Nomee (18 days ago)
Thank you so much!!!
zach zehrung (21 days ago)
so its just a scare tactic to steal your mom good thing i blocked them and reported their fake account on fb! haven't heard anything back all day.
Kidd Louii (21 days ago)
We all got trapped but let’s be honest to our selfes, how do hot chicks go online looking for a guy when they can find one at school or at their job , we all got Thrown into a deep hole , but let’s all climb up the hole together👊🏼 #endsextorion
Carlos Sontay,Jr. (9 days ago)
Totally agree bro, i think we should fight against it, and in the future my dream is becoming an actor someday and i hope nothing happens😱
Jay Dulce (25 days ago)
I just deleted my fb since I'm pussy wont be using it again
Professor Foxtrot (25 days ago)
This happened to me five days ago. They posted photos from my FB profile along with some links of friends of mine and threatened me for a thousand dollars. Then said, "don't bother deactivating your account" So I blocked the person, changed my phone number deactivated my FB and Instagram accounts anyway. Haven't heard from them since as they have no possible means of contacting me.
Professor Foxtrot (6 days ago)
+Rana Gee You did the right thing by blocking this person (also recommend reporting them for extortion so their account gets shut down). I don't think you need to shut down your messenger, just keep your account suspended, update your security settings, temporarily check occasionally for any damages (just to give yourself peace of mind) and repeat. Do this for a week, make it impossible for this person to contact you and make it clear that they're wasting their time by harassing you. You might also consider using Google alerts and using your name as a key word (also also to give yourself peace of mind). Don't panic, don't tell your friends and this shit storm will blow right over and you'll forget it ever happened.
Rana Gee (6 days ago)
@ Professor Foxtrot, It just happened to me today, she/ he sent me a friend request I didn't bother accepting, and just asked who is there, he/she asked me to talk through IMO, which I installed and she recorded video. but as soon he/she send me some video, I immediately blocked the person (she was not in my friend list and my friend list is not not visible to my friends) deactivated my FB account (within 10-15 mins) and deleted IMO app from mobile and desktop. since then (5h from now) I am reading through similar stories on different website. my FB messenger on mobile is still on. Can anyone guide me the potential threat? should I do something else (delete FB messenger etc)? thanks
Bobby Badwal (15 days ago)
Professor Foxtrot very well played my friend. I will definitely try out that strategic technique of yours. I appreciate your support and I know this is a well learned lesson.
Professor Foxtrot (15 days ago)
+Bobby Badwal No problem. In my experience I used the "This is temporary. I'll be back." option for deactivating my account. It seemed to allow me to reinstate the account simply by logging in, then I would redo the deactivation process after checking for new messages. Interestingly, I was actually able to receive messages from friends and carry out conversations while my account was deactivated. I also think blocking the number should serve you fine as this blows over.
peace jones (29 days ago)
Someone I was speaking to for a long while out of lonliness really he had done this to me yesterday u can't trust no one nowadays. We argued and he switched completely. Well i don't no if he put it on Facebook I'm not on face book but I don't care anymore what he does I called a friend for advise she made me see sense I deleted him from my life. Some people are very ungrateful. What we have to understand is this people from outside of more developed countries will do anything to be in our position to have money also to own things we might take for granted certain material things phone flat screen TV clothes mean the world to them seriously and they think we always have money at hand. Stay far from certain people that's all I can say it's scary reality out there. Don't help no one but ur self for 2019 new rules for me anyway.
zack vitelli (1 month ago)
My dumb ass got tricked into giving the money what do I do
daniel anderson (1 month ago)
the same thing happened to me earlier today sure i went on cam but never went nude etc and this upset the scammer but before he blocked me i sent the profile to the anti scam team with the coversation.
daniel anderson (15 days ago)
+Bobby Badwal yes it gone 4 good
Michael Boner (1 month ago)
Do your self a favor just block them
Deathy (1 month ago)
try the long con, where there is time and built up before the call, meetin' them from online game, you know someone you play with and build a real trust, This happen to me, i'm generally careful. I didn't panic or anything, if Anything they said their internet is bad, and it possible, some people don't have amazing internet still , started off "I just want to improve my English" and built upon that. When it finally happen to me, I was calm and told them I don't have money, and you know about my medical and disability , they question me like i never mention it before. So I link them and told them where literally I need remain calm cause of my heart. I deeply told them sorry I can't help them, and I don't have money, I wished them the best of luck with their money problem, and Blocked them, I even went on pornhubs site and Request them to take down the black mail Video and seeing if they can do anything about it, cause the porn companies have more connection to Laws in the right country. As it became a recent thing they stop allowing this by wide laws. Also I locked my Profile down and changed my facebook url and etc so it'll be harder for them to find me again, I never told them about my Youtube channel - cause I rarely do it anymore, but I would say if you can and you need "rebrand" yourself you can contact youtube and tell them the problem, and they might be able to help re-brand your name url.
Hugo Munoz (1 month ago)
I am shitting so many bricks right now. I was hacked by a so called, “Myriam Martz” just a few hours ago. She claimed to be a California girl that just wanted to “have some fun.” I never had that kind of “fun” via FB so I figured, “Alright. Doubt anything will come of this.” The gal on the pixelated video starts undressing while I start to ask questions, “What is your favorite color?” “She” pretends to be so upset by my line of questioning and I explain that I am curious if “she’s” actually a bot. Her response is crazy, “If you want to watch robots, go watch Transformers.” At that point I considered, “Hmmm...maybe this really is her.” So I continue playing along and the rest is history. “She” then begins to list all of my relatives and former employers and alleges that “she” is going to plaster this video on social media and the internet. I start asking what “she” wants from me and I she just continues to make this scam more and more credible. I am starting to really think, “I am so fucked! How did they get all this information?” I looked more carefully at the list of relatives and they included all people that had the same last name. They listed people that are not relatives. I am shitting so many bricks right now and I keep thinking, “How did I get myself into this much trouble?” This is my first time falling for some dumb shit like this. It gets better! After I block them, they send me an email message reiterating that my life will rot if I don’t respond promptly. Shit, I have never felt worst and more ashamed for going along with this even though my gut told me that this was all bullshit. I have not paid them a single penny because I figured that if they really wanted to “ruin” my life, they could regardless. There really is no way for me to control whether or not they actually share my content. Some part of me wants to say, “Well, fuck it. Everybody else does it.” This answer just doesn’t satisfy. I reached out to a few of my friends that I thought wouldn’t judge me for this dumb behavior and told them all about it. The worst part was the “Gotcha!” Now I have to deal with ongoing harassment and the possibility of my shit ending up plastered all over the damn place. Ugh! Now, it’s only a matter of time before I get another angry threatening email from these fuckers. Man, you have no idea how shitty this feels. Maybe you do...but the fact that it’s so fresh just make it seem like nobody could potentially understand. Well, that’s my rant. Lesson learned! I will no longer fall for some dumb shit like this again!
Ventroid (15 days ago)
Bobby Badwal yeah, chances are they gave up after realizing you’re not gonna give them money
Ventroid (15 days ago)
+Bobby Badwal yes.
Ventroid (1 month ago)
Hugo Munoz One thing I keep reminding myself is that in times like this, stay strong.
Ventroid (1 month ago)
Hugo Munoz if you don’t pay and block, report, deactivate your account, etc., I think you’re clear. They’ll likely move on to another victim. So far my life is still normal so I assume either everyone is quiet or they moved on to not waste time. Hard lessons were learned, and they won’t benefit from sharing the vid anyway since their goal isn’t to ruin your life but to make money.
Hugo Munoz (1 month ago)
Ventroid sick fucks! I’m still shitting bricks. It’s just looming over my head...like at any point they’ll drop this bomb...like at any point!
ali raza (1 month ago)
someone blackmail me i didnot show nothing i used omegle. but i didn't open my cam . a girl asked my skype i gave her then on skype she said to me''i will tell your friends on facebook'' she didnot have my photos or any thing. what can i do? she said she copy my activities i deactivate my ID from facebook but she didn't have my facebook ID
ali raza (20 days ago)
+Ventroid yeh nothing happen
Ventroid (1 month ago)
ali raza probably a newbie scammer or something. Sounds more like a prank or something cuz where’s the proof they got anything on you?
don koirala (1 month ago)
I just got trapped
Cameron Talley (1 month ago)
Someone help me the guy that did this to me keeps making new fbs a keeps reacting to my stuff even tho I switched my settings to friends only and somehow keeps messing with me he posted the video on my status and I deleted it right away but he keeps fucking with me I never paid him and I block all the accounts he uses how do I fix this?
umer khan (1 month ago)
happend to me 1 day ago she talk to me on imo and then she text me that i will distroye you and then send me a link and i am shocked thats my video they have my brother facbook ID she said i will post this video on social media after that i tell i dont care whatever you want you can do and then i block her on imo and on facebook and already deleted my imo account so can you pleas tell me what to do now o am still worries about that pleas help me
Vimal mohan (18 days ago)
Bro same shit happened to me I have deleted imo and facebook.mine also happened two weeks ago.till now nothing happened
manjinder pal Singh (1 month ago)
please help me. It is happened to me with webcam. They recorded my video now they asking big amount money otherwise they will share it with my family and Facebook friend. I really don’t no what to do. Please help someone
manjinder pal Singh (15 days ago)
Bobby Badwal yes i am good thanks. Don’t stress for anything. Happy new year
Isac Gonzales (1 month ago)
manjinder pal Singh delete them, deactivate your Facebook
This happened to me and I got scared so I told my friend about what happened he was worried about me.So he told his mom and she text my mom.My mother found out Ann she was posses off.I was so scared.I blocked the fake person so I don't have to worry about it.I learned my lesson bro the people that lives with me was upset with me I could've got arrested for listening to that fake person.😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
Vimal mohan (18 days ago)
Bro did anything happen after that.it happened to me two weeks ago
Professor Foxtrot (24 days ago)
Hate to break it to you but your friend is a dick.
The Great Deception (1 month ago)
My webcam is folded up with a small sombrero over it. I'd never do this but if it did happen I would honestly hack them back figure out their IP, figure out their physical address, and go in there with an AK-47 and Jesus on my side, and take them down myself. Believe that. Then I would go and take the video off youtube. Of course.
sage huffman (3 days ago)
Most of em tunnel there ip through 2 or more vpns I could track down my person but they didn't post anything at least not yet
Professor Foxtrot (24 days ago)
Jesus is definitely on you side! Get 'em!
Arif Muslim ARIF (1 month ago)
Please all listen when you people are going to do any thing bad first cut your call then next call how your pines but don't show you face during one video skype call
Matt Chilson (1 month ago)
This JUST happened to me 8 hours ago. I blocked them on skype. I had no way of knowing their fb name but they threatened to send it to my family and friends. I deleted my fb and they also sent me the YouTube link. I tried typing in the link but nothing ever came up on YouTube. Should I still be worried? I’d imagine after 8 hours they wouldn’t care. They’ve been blocked and reported and I haven’t heard anything else about it.
Isac Gonzales (1 month ago)
Matt Chilson anything happen yet bro?
scottso241 (1 month ago)
really great advice i had something like that happen to me but i did a few things first the video that they uploaded never went on youtube 2nd because they had lots of my friends and family email they said they where going to send it but i did check 2 emails that they had and it never happen and yes i got very nerous about it but i started to realize they where just fake the video and the person or persons behind this blackmail . but i dont understand how they got my fb and skype .but like you said i never never paid them anything i block them on skype and fb and also reported it to both skype and fb after that no problem i very heard from them ever again
Xudong Qian (1 month ago)
Is any of these scammers requires u make payments to country other than Philippines?
Crazy Fire (1 month ago)
This is still going on in 2018 like I removed my friends and deleted my Facebook account as quickly as I could. I'm not sure if I want to make a new Facebook account
Lil Tasty (9 days ago)
I deleted my account for this exact same reason. I don't care anymore.
Crazy Fire (17 days ago)
+Zeke Nomee nope
Crazy Fire (17 days ago)
Nah I removed my friends and then I deleted my account
Zeke Nomee (17 days ago)
Did thw hacker sent it to your friends
John Burrows (1 month ago)
When this happened on Sunday I temp closed Facebook page should I reactivate and follow your instructions? It pains me to look at it!
Frost Bite (1 month ago)
Learn something new and I just happened to me but in google hangout, I got scared and shit so I gave in and give 400 dollars. So I'll just tell the truth, in the my Facebook and deactivate it... I'll make a new one or something.
Mihir Rakhonde (10 days ago)
It happened today on hangout..As soon as she said I'll ruin your life I blocked her totally as it was my fake account...They can not reach me..but the doubt is what about the video if they posted it on some porn sites ?how will I know ?it will be still there ?
Frost Bite (1 month ago)
manjinder pal Singh dont be afraid, you're a regular person, follow the video instructions
manjinder pal Singh (1 month ago)
Frost Bite please help me. It is happened to me with webcam. They recorded my video now they asking big amount money otherwise they will share it with my family and Facebook friend. I really don’t no what to do. Please help someone
Christopher Becerra (2 months ago)
Thank you!! This helps so much! I really appreciate it! I was so nervous but you have made me realize that this is actually happens often to a lot of people. Thnaksb
sage huffman (3 days ago)
It happens to a good amount, we're not alone
Isac Gonzales (1 month ago)
Christopher Becerra for reals
Jeannie Lowery (2 months ago)
This happened to my son tonight, and they posted it to my 3 public posts..... jerks!!! And they used My profile pic for a fake Fb profile with his name on it!!!
WillDogJones1 (2 months ago)
I kept her talking meanwhile deactivated my Facebook page scrolled back to start of conversation I never gave my Facebook profile name. I feel like I may have dodged a bullet. But I tell you I was so stressed out over the next few days waiting for someone in my life to say something.
sage huffman (3 days ago)
Has anything happened?
Manpreet Singh (2 months ago)
Thank you Lewis For all information.
int16 (2 months ago)
Had a nice conversation with one of those on one of the hookup website. Reported the account, it was blocked immediately. happysmileeyes: hi how are you doin 1:18 AM Me: Hey! Doing good. And you? 1:19 AM happysmileeyes: <some cute pic>1:21 AM happysmileeyes: just chillin here and kinda bored 1:21 AM Me: Bad that LA is a little too far from me 1:22 AM happysmileeyes: well i guess we can still have fun though were miles away from eachother 1:23 AM happysmileeyes: got a camera 1:23 AM Me: So you want to record a video of me and then try to extort some money? 1:25 AM Me: Where are you actually from? Just curious 1:26 AM Me: Why you don't reply? That's rude. Tell me something 1:28 AM happysmileeyes: oh sorry thats not true whu should I 1:29 AM happysmileeyes: im from illinoi 1:29 AM happysmileeyes: *illinois 1:29 AM happysmileeyes: i dont have time for games 1:30 AM Me: Do girls really enjoy watching guys masturbating? 1:31 AM Me: I actually thought, you might be somewhere from India or Philippines. They do this kind of thing, you know, record people on webcam and then try to get some money. You are one of those, aren't you? Just tell me please, why you do this. I won't tell anyone. Or prove that you are not one of those. 1:35 AM Me: I won't condemn you If you admit that. Just curious, to hear the story. Or if you are a real person, it is quite easy to prove it. 1:38 AM happysmileeyes: i dont know any of these accusations .. but im a real person and not here for games 1:43 AM Me: Well, just take a selfie and send it to me :) 1:43 AM happysmileeyes: <just some screenshot from a webstream> 1:47 AM Me: Ok, but I'm not going to show my face, is that OK? 1:48 AM happysmileeyes: ok 1:48 AM happysmileeyes: do you got a camera 1:49 AM happysmileeyes: well you can reach me thru this 312 5855184 1:49 AM happysmileeyes: shall we 1:49 AM Me: Sorry, I won't call you, I don't share my number 1:51 AM happysmileeyes: np 1:51 AM happysmileeyes: i do got s k y p instead so we can have fun 1:51 AM happysmileeyes: still there? 1:56 AM Me: Why not to use webcam service that is available here? 2:00 AM Me: I would prefer not to share my skype either. 2:18 AM Me: Well, you didn't insult me and just disappeared, that proves that I was right about you. 2:13 AM happysmileeyes: well im still waiting for the approval of my profile even before i can broadcast my camera on here 2:14 AM happysmileeyes: that why im asking if you would like to use s k y p instead so we can start to see eachother 2:14 AM Me: Can you write your username on a paper and send me a selfie with it? 2:15 AM happysmileeyes: well sorry im leaving now.. i need to get some sleep catch me next time 2:17 AM Me: I knew that you are not real 2:17 AM happysmileeyes: say what you want goodbye 2:18 AM Me: Or you can just send me a selfie with your username and prove that I'm wrong
elyass sajjad (2 months ago)
Same thing happened to me as well. I laughed it off, cussed her off, justified to the scammer that I have screenshots, facebook url, imo number, etc, locations. I feel like this was a valuable lesson to never let your guard down and to be careful. But i thank God for saving me from embarrassment and shame 😭
elyass sajjad (1 month ago)
Nothing has happened to me. Honestly if u just show them that ur not scared they forget u as they cannot waste time. They move on. I told them “u have the ability to share it, if u share it u still wont get 1 dollar from me” trust me they leave u alone after
Isac Gonzales (1 month ago)
elyass sajjad any update ?
LeThAlMoBSteRSmeDz66 (2 months ago)
So like a girl just did this to me over in America on Skype but my Skype has no info on me apart from my face on cam and abit of my name, she didnt have my facebook or anything so I just blocked her and deleted everything so you guys think Ill be ok? Im from a whole different country than her and like I said my Skype has nothing on it not even a profile picture.
J P (2 months ago)
Happened to me right now. I panicked at first but after thinking it through I just blocked them all. If they send it out I don't really care I was just jacking off. Everyone does it. 😂
Wildchild_inc (6 hours ago)
Happened to me yesterday. I told them they'd get more money if they upload it to the sites under amateur
Matt Attack (10 hours ago)
Brandon Vu do you honestly think they were being serious 🤣,it’s all a lie bro
Brandon Vu (4 days ago)
They threatened me and said they have tipped off the fbi
Jesse Bailouni (4 days ago)
Haha brilliant, we're all suckers, I was too tipsy to even be worried
Bobby Badwal (7 days ago)
@Vimal mohan nothing happened. I been receiving spam calls. Not sure if it’s from them or not. The spam calls have the same area code as my number. Other then that, nothing been posted. I been activating my Facebook to check my messages and deactivating. Hbu?
Dan Bridge (2 months ago)
In the situation mentioned in the video, why don't you record her and threaten her with the same shit?
Ventroid (27 days ago)
Jeremy Wesco same one as in the video (didn’t have google hangouts)
Jeremy Wesco (27 days ago)
+Ventroid what was your situation?
Ventroid (27 days ago)
Jeremy Wesco my situation was slightly different but yeah, that WAS scary for like a week.
Jeremy Wesco (27 days ago)
+Ventroid happened to me last night, luckily all they had was my google hangout which I don't even use for my fb. They asked for 500$, I just blocked them. They haven't sent shit to anyone so far, I checked with a few friends. Fucking scary tho
Ventroid (27 days ago)
+Jeremy Wesco Everything turned out fine for me.
Gil Magtuloy (2 months ago)
thank you it help me alot
jose carlos santos (2 months ago)
Algo asi me paso a mi, yo le dige que me valia madres si lo hacia, si de todos modos nadie me conoce.
Thanks man you've been helpful
SSJ2 Vegeta (3 months ago)
Someone pretending to be a hot girl added me on Facebook then quickly asked me if I wanna have sex on video with her I asked how she asked me to download imo as I did But I'm a traid member so I know all these scams perfectly she called me 5 times I never showed my face and she kept asking me show dick show face then I told her about me suddenly blocked
Sean T. (3 months ago)
Question I am worried that they will still have the file or movie clip, screenshots of the incident. What do i do then?
SnipeYouFromMars (1 month ago)
They do keep a database of their victims, for this reason, I have chosen to keep all of my social media private for at least 2 years. At that point they probably would have overwritten the file with someone else’s, or hopefully even shut down by police
Kidd Louii (2 months ago)
Sean T. I understand you comment was a month ago but I understand you but they do but they probably delete it cuz if there is no point in those pictures why would they have them so no just stay calm the same thing happened to me
Sean T. (3 months ago)
This just happened to me today but you know what we are all human. We all like sex and have sexual temptations
Manuel Herrera (3 months ago)
Thank you very much .very helpful info
Luke Boutros (3 months ago)
This happened just now to me and this helped my man i was on the phone to the cops right bout now
foley001 (3 months ago)
Some very hot looking, young girl just tried to scam me this way on facebook. She added me out of the blue, started chatting with me, using very poor grammar, and wanted to get naked on cam within five minutes. I had a strong feeling something was wrong and luckily did not do anything on cam other than take a quick look at her. After that I told her I was on to her, told her to get a real job, never heard from her again. Very sick way to scam people.
Sam Wittsell (3 months ago)
There's apparently another variant of this scam: girls selling nudes and premium Snapchat via PayPal or gift cards, then asking you to get naked after you have already paid for their services, then threatening you with your nudes, often going as far as to look up your work details on Facebook or LinkedIn or whatever just to further scare you. A person I dealt with figured out where I work and said they planned on visiting me, then they said they wouldn't after I displeased them and started issuing the typical nude threats they all issue.
Justin1k R (3 months ago)
This happened to me last night. Not knowing what to do, I sent them 1000 dollars in two payments with a credit card via western union assuming I was covered by fraud protection. Nope, im SOL. He/ she/ whoever the hell this person is was demanding an additional 1000 dollars this morning but I can't afford that. Temporarily deleted facebook. They required that I send my receipt to them from western union so they got a lot of personal information (name, address, email, phone number) so they were calling me and texting me this morning. Not responding to them. Fingers crossed he can't view all of my friends and ruin my life. jesus christ. I never even look at porn at was just bored last night when I went on the site where I met this person. Like you said, she was gorgeous...I wasn't thinking. Totally not my kind of thing.
Subinjohn Varghese (2 days ago)
Mahinder pal singh..it hanpnd wit me today...m really scared tey hav my friends details...did tey try to contact u again
Marcus Hendricks (4 days ago)
Its all threats, never send money. Just report to the social media site and block them.
Vimal mohan (17 days ago)
+Bobby Badwal and how many days after they contacted you on phone ?
manjinder pal Singh (19 days ago)
Tina de Ronde did this happened to you too ?
manjinder pal Singh (19 days ago)
Tina de Ronde no i pay them little money
yosif shamrock (3 months ago)
this just happened to me
Mobile games inJustice (3 months ago)
yosif shamrock fuck them move on man
Wyatt Rowe (3 months ago)
It happened to me yesterday
Vimal mohan (17 days ago)
Bro any updates?did they post the video
Mobile games inJustice (3 months ago)
Wyatt Rowe fuck them with that cock and don’t worry
coweatsman (3 months ago)
Best protection against blackmail is to have no shame and no self respect.
Los Amigos (1 month ago)
Bro that's exactly what I told them. "I do not give AF"
Furqan Arshad (3 months ago)
Very nicec
Magic Mackers (3 months ago)
These people are insult to scum first off. Now this will probably affect teenagers at school more than people a bit grown okay cooler heads prevail you panic at first thing about social media your emotions are to easy to share, don't reply anything ignore, ignore, ignore they'll huff they'll puff and trying and shake you. second log off immediately don't threaten them or even engage once they see your offline stay off for two to three days I know its hard trust me just remember they're to lazy to actually work for a living these people delight in blackmail and shame. never be ashamed of a natural act and the power of your own body when it goes into lets get busy mode "very few can control it when it's on offer" third step watch a movie a show listen to music take your mind off it and now here we go its a few day later no contact report block and ignore never let these people shame you your not the first and you won't be the last were not celebrities and nobody really cares that much about what you do privately. lastly this advise will work better for guys girls report and block right away, remember that this is a big business to people they threaten but rarely act if your not an easy target or complying they'll move on once they realise your not biting and when you log off right away its sends a statement you will not be bullied. Lastly this is advise for people who it hasn't happened to yet never give your email address in the conversation and if you do delete it and anything to do with it so they can't consistently threaten you thats what they are doing by the way threatening they are COWARDS now guys and girls please please be smart when they start asking for weird shit your brain should click these people ask for some embracing things don't don't don't fall for it you know yourself when something docent feel right try to overcome yourself in those moment for example they ask to dance, wear ladies underwear, lipstick and other freaky stuff etc. no judgement by the way but be smart money docent grow on tress, clouds aint made outta cotton candy and the these princesses/ princes or wart ridden frogs lesson IGNORE once you switch off your device and they can't contact you who are they nothin they're no one they have no power the cease to exist and are nothing in your life. Be Strong, Be Smart, Be Brave
The Dude Northernman117 (3 months ago)
What do I do if they got my money already?
sage huffman (4 days ago)
Did they ever contact you again?
Emmanuel Solis (3 months ago)
It happened to me!!! This video helps but it is scary and life threatening. Do not panick. After i blocked them on email and fb. Then i got emails from them days later saying , if i dont do it they will send it. But they need 400 bucks. Dont do it. Be smart.
Vimal mohan (18 days ago)
+Emmanuel Solis any updates
Emmanuel Solis (3 months ago)
I blocked them and still receiving emails from them thru spam. Her name is stephanie lefevre garnier from ivory coast. I jusy just received a spam by this person. This happened3days ago. Still nervous.
Sean Keenan (3 months ago)
Same and stay calm.
Sean Keenan (3 months ago)
This world is crazy lol
Dustin Sharp (3 months ago)
Happened to me try to Blackmail me I told whoever it was that they picked the wrong person I don't have anything to give you that I was on crack blah blah blah evidently they bought it because nothing's happened and they're not calling me or texting me or instant messaging me or anything so I guess the best way to get out of this act like you're a fucking loser and if you can't get money from you they move on
Brandon LaPrise (4 months ago)
I'm already not self confident And this happened to me
Haris abbasi abbasi (3 months ago)
Brandon LaPrise what happens then? Please update
Nitin Dabbiru (4 months ago)
Happened to me yesterday and I’m so scared as I’m getting so many threat messages if i dont pay the money.
Mobile games inJustice (3 months ago)
Nitin Dabbiru fuck them and continue your life don’t let them play with your emotions just make a new Facebook account and act like nothing happened
Diego Blanco (4 months ago)
What if they threaten you with your password (not only from facebook)
Anthony Clarke (4 months ago)
your nonchalant attitude actually made me feel better lol...IF they sent my vid to all the people on facebook like they said they were going to, I just planned on posting a status on FB saying "hey, someone hacked my shit and you're gonna see my dick if you open that video...so go ahead if you wanna see some shit lol, IT WAS COLD that night!"...But I personally would never open a rando vid from some asshole on the net, so i don't imagine anyone else would....either way, whatever, you got to see my dick, now i can't be in politics, so what lol Ya live and Ya learn. But Stay calm like Lewis says, you'll only stress yourself out and make matters worse
Tz Cosmic (4 months ago)
i just immediately deleted my fb account will that help?
JungMikesh Thapa (1 month ago)
+Jacob Lauderdale Calm down friends, even if they do share, you guys were jacking off something everyone does. Just delete all your social media for a while.
manjinder pal Singh (1 month ago)
Calm down and delete your all accounts, they have also my friends list and family list. Really don’t know what will happen. ..
Jacob Lauderdale (1 month ago)
Jacob Lauderdale (1 month ago)
Please help
Jacob Lauderdale (1 month ago)
Did it work with you deleting everything because they did it to me on skype and they have the links to my family on there and if I delete the convo or block it or something will it make the messages go away?
Bindu Chhetri (4 months ago)
It happens to me a week age 3am in the morning and I try to contract FB and they are not available that time I feel shy and hopeless can’t trust this social media any more better to be awere from this
Sean Keenan (3 months ago)
My best advice is cut all contact and no communication with them. Block all numbers. Everyone on here has your back.
drguffey (4 months ago)
What if the person on Facebook was hacked & they didn't really send the request?
almost got scammed yesterday.
miraclewonders89 (4 months ago)
It happened to me somebody trying to Blackmail me on a webcam I admit I was scared I blocked the first account I had another friend request with the same messages from the previous account but I haven't seen or heard anything are you sure these people will not come after me
miraclewonders89 (4 months ago)
No i haven't
Stephen Coghlan (4 months ago)
well have you heard anything from them since?
amit kamble (4 months ago)
yes i really learn the lesson from these I will not give any money too them Ur video is really helpful ur doing a good job my friend
Norhelmi Helmi (4 months ago)
its just happened to me now. i change my fb name and delete all my photos. and i delete it and make a new account. but i still can’t sleep thinking about it. so scared and shame of me 😭
Amar Pal (1 month ago)
Norhelmi Helmi Any updates?
Jonny Fraleigh (4 months ago)
What if it happens on kik? I cant find their profile on facebook cuz it started on kik
Aamir Islam (4 months ago)
heyyy help
Mindy Krejci (4 months ago)
Go to Facebook page Scam Company American Cosigners Exposed for more information about scammer Randi Dorante
LEOMAR regodos (5 months ago)
same like me bro...
Iam MkPui (5 months ago)
This happened to me today as your video said. He/ she threat me to pay 5,000 otherwise they will upload the video and send it to my friend and family. He/ she show me my friend list on the facebook and threat me to send the video for my friend if i dont pay them money. Now Im going on is to remove all my skype, facebook account. I didnt call the police becoz i know they cant help me in this case. However, i find it out Im not being close to those people on my friend list, and I cant see my family on the list. Im anxious if it really happen to my life and I suffer in dailylife. As the beginning ,im very nervious and dont know what to do. I went to the bank and prepare for the money. Fortunately, I found this video. So,i remove all the friend and all my social media account. Now Im going to wait for it happen
Jeremy Wesco (28 days ago)
+varun anything ever happen?
manjinder pal Singh (1 month ago)
varun please help me. It is happened to me with webcam. They recorded my video now they asking big amount money otherwise they will share it with my family and Facebook friend. I really don’t no what to do. Please help someone
Snake eyes (4 months ago)
Dude it happen to me yesterday I was so nervous I thought I go die
varun (4 months ago)
happened to me on gmail yesterday ......i fell for it and they recorded my video and asked for 500$ even though my gmail was not linked to fb they still showed me my friendlist and threatned me that they will post it on social media.........i said i dont have money.........and blocked them on gmail and then deleted my gmail and instagram and then deactivated my facebook.....i donot know what to do help meeee
Iam MkPui (5 months ago)
If it really happen to me. I would try to admit its my fault. I would say Im watching porn at the time for a great moment. Unfortunately, hacker had hack my phone then the video is then spread.
Brandon Burns (5 months ago)
LEWIS it happen to me they show me picture with me on youtube. but i cant find it. they threaten to ruin me want do i do help me
Max Landon (5 months ago)
it just happened to me funny thing was i told her i could care less if she did and she panicked
Nick Sanchez (5 months ago)
thanks man I feel a lot better thanks
Amir sohel (5 months ago)
Many many thanks
Astley Benedict Tay (5 months ago)
Someone please help me. I have actually sent her money before and now she is asking more. She blackmailed me and say she will send the video to my friends. I have deactivated my facebook. What should I do next?
manjinder pal Singh (17 days ago)
Vimal mohan on this moment everything is fine because I payed little money to these sister fucker people... I hope everything is fine now. You don’t worry man... everything this will be fine
Vimal mohan (17 days ago)
+manjinder pal Singh bro any updates? happened to me two weeks ago..:(
manjinder pal Singh (1 month ago)
Astley Benedict Tay please help me. It is happened to me with webcam. They recorded my video now they asking big amount money otherwise they will share it with my family and Facebook friend. I really don’t no what to do. Please help someone
manjinder pal Singh (1 month ago)
please help me. It is happened to me with webcam. They recorded my video now they asking big amount money otherwise they will share it with my family and Facebook friend. I really don’t no what to do. Please help someone
Lucifer Bell (1 month ago)
what is update for your case? Did you pay more money or she was trying you contact again? Did you activate your profile?
Greg Chenoweth (5 months ago)
Please tell me I'll be ok. The girl had the video then told me she was 15 and work with the FBI and was gonna drop my video online now I think the cops are coming for me

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