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Wink, Meet, Delete (Online Dating Documentary) - Real Stories

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In this film Sue Bourne turned her beady eye on that fascinating phenomenon of contemporary society – Internet Dating. There are 15 million single people in the UK and 7 million of them have tried their hand at internet dating. With these staggering statistics Bourne set out to find out what this was doing to us. To our relationships. To the way we treated each other. And to our perception of Love, Romance and Marriage. Bourne assembled a chorus of voices to explore the subject and show how internet dating actually works. All ages, all walks of life are questioned. And the assembled chorus talk incredibly candidly, openly and amusingly about their different experiences of this new world. It makes for fascinating viewing and the audience are left to decide for themselves what they think. And whether or not they want to join those other seven million people on the internet looking for a partner. Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: http://bit.ly/1GOzpIu Follow us on Twitter for more - https://twitter.com/realstoriesdocs Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RealStoriesChannel Instagram - @realstoriesdocs Content licensed from Wellpark. Any queries, please contact us at: [email protected]
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Text Comments (252)
myname here (10 days ago)
Tamala Tina (25 days ago)
Really l am looking 😍
SS. 510RMBRING3R (1 month ago)
I went and made an account to investigate online dating site, and when and knew it there was already idiotic girls that can't read my name - DateSiteInspector from EuroDate
Emy Phoenix (1 month ago)
So you get what you give.
ibuprofenPill (2 months ago)
Back in my mid-30's I decided I was done with everything related to love and romance. I'm almost 50 now and totally free of it all. At my age, I'm pretty much resigned to being a lifelong bachelor. My friends have tried online dating and ended up worse off than they were before they did it. To the women every guy is a loser and to the guys, they're not good enough for any of them. Even though I've never tried it, I've reached the conclusion online dating will do nothing for you that you can't do in the real world. In fact, it's a sad reflection and even an undesirable magnification of it. So, my main focus is to live the best life I can no matter if I'm single or not. I chalk it up to a very simple idea: for whatever reason(s), there were some things in life I got right, and others I didn't. I dwell not on anything past that.
Simon Rodgers (2 months ago)
Cathy is very doable . Fabulous Rack in the mountain photo . Still Single ?
Clinton (2 months ago)
Join https://bit.ly/2EO043A
iwe timer (2 months ago)
3rd date going to bed? I did it 1st date lmao
nybsbfan18 (2 months ago)
I moisturize daily says someone. I ha've more baggage than terminal 5. Lol...
jaye robins (3 months ago)
what a bunch of plebs
maximumrisk2004 (3 months ago)
31:06 wow
whydoesgodhateme (3 months ago)
I Find the laugh cry moments they shared incredibly sad. Actually I feel sad for everyone on this documentary
Rich Campus (3 months ago)
@43:00 "...amd at the end of the day all I'm really longing for is to be loved..." ~♥♡♥~
apatheliac (3 months ago)
So that's what bbw stands for lol
Vaughn Rhinehart (3 months ago)
7:55 that typing prowess though.
Jayne Stagg (3 months ago)
Met my soul mate on POF in February this year and married him in June. I was only on there one day
Mick Gatz (3 months ago)
i used to internet dating....but not anymore. :)
Aaliya Khan (3 months ago)
I feel happy for d ppl who find genuine love... Stay happy...
debbieomi (3 months ago)
Wait! You have to wait til the third date to get into bed? hmmmm
wunderlich catt (3 months ago)
Emmi Collins (3 months ago)
LOL at the guy getting scammed
Brandi DuCoeur (3 months ago)
Remake this now with all the online dating craziness!!!
Ben G (3 months ago)
Just to be clear, NONE OF THE WOMEN SPENT MONEY ON THEIR DATES, THey just expect MEN to pay to stuff their mouths. So much for equality, yeah?
Sarah Nyb (3 months ago)
when pays equal loser
Ben G (3 months ago)
3rd day to bed is too long in this day and age Britts.
Ben G Depends
brama (3 months ago)
Shy Scot's teeth need fixin.
Charming Ferret (3 months ago)
Well they're trying. Bless them.
rainbows (3 months ago)
I would date all of these people!
S White (3 months ago)
some of these people need to lay off the tea a bit
luz mata (3 months ago)
hahahaha ouch am also an addictive of online chatting a lot of experiences i have met with people ,and the bottom line hmmmmmmmmmmmmm till now i havent find a guy for me ,accepted because am not fitted for i am 60 years old now!!!! hahahahahah still i did chatting only
Megha (3 months ago)
i dont wanna see a decade old documentraies
Ash M (3 months ago)
Well watch something else then??
MsYorkman (3 months ago)
Met my husband on dating site. We've been married 11 years.
AISLING LYONS (3 months ago)
i LOVED online dating and did it for years, my very first bf i met in the army but he was a wuss but all my other bfs i met online and they were great fun in the sack but not hubby material, i prob wont meet my future hubby online, i will prob go back to old fashioned meeting guys down the pub,etc,
Jayne Stagg (3 months ago)
Met my husband online this year. We are so happy.
Holandesa19 (3 months ago)
*Sorry for being brutally honest here but this documentary shows the reality of online dating: a bunch of ugly, weird and desperate losers who are willing to waste time and money online believing that they will find "the one" in those lame websites one day. It's almost pitiful and quite embarrassing to watch!*
Adriano Paiva (3 months ago)
I'm 32 and all my relationships to date were with people I met on line. For an introvert like me it worked really well, it was never out of dating websites though, but social media.
Tarin McAllister (3 months ago)
You don’t think of 2010 as that long ago, but oh wow this has aged badly!!! 😂
Lauren (3 months ago)
Gary F is hilarious 😂
Anna M. (3 months ago)
Within 10 min 3 advertising??
Nicole Howell (3 months ago)
Craig is hott
emmachomao (3 months ago)
Nicole Howell , he is good looking and he advertised himself as company director, of course everything will work for him, sending wink or not.
Graham Beckett (3 months ago)
All I see is desperate lonely people 😐
Graham Beckett (3 months ago)
+flyonthewalls indeed
flyonthewalls (3 months ago)
Desperately lonely..
BlackDolphin90 (3 months ago)
09:43 She does look like a dike in the picture lol
Mr. Aragon (3 months ago)
I miss the good ol' days...darn technology.
Maxine Willow (3 months ago)
"I got her ridiculously drunk and suggested we go back to her place". This guy is a rapist.
RunningAmok (3 months ago)
Bestwick & Nick Just to let you know, if this is your idea of menage a trois, Maxine is _not_ having any fun. LOL
Nick (3 months ago)
Maxine Willow On the contrary. He was drunk but was she? It is very likely that poor Craig is a victim of female on male date rape. A crime woefully under reported due to its enjoyability.
Bestwick1983 (3 months ago)
Maxine Willow You sound like one of those women who can't tell the difference between regret and rape.
Ladybloo G. (3 months ago)
I met my A husband online and we've got divorced after a month but now he's my ex and immediately found someone and they've got married GOD bless him and be happy with his life
Michael Dust (3 months ago)
Seriously tho,would you date any of these people,UGH FFS
emmachomao (3 months ago)
Cathy and Craig look nice.
Michael Dust I suppose there is always someone for someone.
Eating with hands (3 months ago)
Vlad Tepes (3 months ago)
don't ya think? I THINK NOT
Ron Cooke (3 months ago)
Why go there?? Having to go through all of the crap of being judged by the family and friends!! I've been there done that!! Having to put up with all the bull crap and always having to put your hands in your pocket to pay for everything!! Being the on call taxi driver!! Much happier now !! NO crap to put up with from anyone!!😁👍👍
Bestwick1983 (3 months ago)
Ron Cooke shame. You sound bitter.
John James (3 months ago)
I'm just too damn fussy!
Michael Dust (3 months ago)
Youll be single forever
Eddie Congdon (3 months ago)
I'll take Cathy out. 26 year old Male American rich. There's my profile hmu
videochemist (3 months ago)
This is more of a historical documentary now, as "online dating" has evolved so much, both technologically and socially, since this was made 10 years ago.
videochemist (3 months ago)
I'm 31 too, and the dating app scene was all new to me up until I first tried it out last year. My experience with dating websites was during my early 20s. You just made me realize every serious relationship I have had (lasting more than a year), started online. How shocking. Although in each of those relationships, we always invented a more interesting story about how we met, to tell others when they asked us. Can't say I've ever used papers though! 12 years isn't so outrageous. An age gap of up to 10 years isn't such a big deal when you get to our age. On that note, I did notice my success using online dating increase substantially the older I got. In my early 20s, it was a lot of work. But the moment I hit 30, I started getting a lot of attention from women of all ages, from 18 to mid-40s. I've even had girls on tinder confess to me that they were lying about their age, and were in fact 17, and in one case 16 (18 is the age limit to sign up). Bit too young for me, obviously! Good luck with your marriage. But at least you know, if things go pear shaped (God forbid), it's a lot easier these days for you to find someone else. The main problem is no longer finding a good match, it's making a final decision about which of your many prospects you like enough to forget about all the others.
videochemist Wow and thanks for taking time to reply that long comment. I have heard of tinder, badoo and so on. but never been on those, It certainly has evolved from what it was in my time I am 31. In my early days I even used the local papers but most men were at least 12 years older than me and that was before I bought my first laptop. I am not surprised by anything you said because it’s so much lighter, easier to navigate and convenient to use an app on your smartphone phone. I did not find my husband on the internet, I found him in one my jobs with a client I work for and no problems there. Chances of people getting hitched from those things are very thin but I have seen it happening and lasting to this day. I guess if it’s meant to be then maybe it will be!
videochemist (3 months ago)
Smart phone apps, such as tinder, dominate. Using a web browser and logging into an online dating website is a thing of the past. Because you're on your phone, it's much more location based (you can search for people within a customizable radius from your current location). But most importantly, there are WAY more people using dating/hook-up apps now compared to the number of people using dating websites, back when those were still relevant. If I were to download tinder right now, by the end of the day I could have dozens of matches and active chats going, which isn't bad for a guy (and that's without even writing a bio, or just creating a silly one liner bio - most people make their choice to start talking based entirely on your first picture, without reading your bio). Think of it this way; these days most people have their smart phone on them at all times, but how many people do you remember carrying around a laptop 10 years ago and logging into a dating website while they're waiting for a bus or on their lunch break?
videochemist I haven’t been on a dating scene for years because I am married but may I ask ask how just out of curiosity? Have the expectations lowered?
beth 9891 (3 months ago)
My friend told me she only put her worst pictures on. Said that anybody who liked how she looked at her worst wouldn't mind her at her best. Thought it was brilliant.
Kim Monroe (3 months ago)
beth 9891 but has she met anyone?
Jo Zane (3 months ago)
sad isnt it? theres no one way to stop people into saying you lie, put a photoshopped picture=lie, angle=lie, worst photo=lie....
Victoria Mae (3 months ago)
How are they a liar?
Jayne Stagg (3 months ago)
I had no photo on mine , i love my new husband☺
Bestwick1983 (3 months ago)
beth 9891 Your friend is a liar
Világjáró (3 months ago)
I loved how the guy put it "internet dating is a very good, convenient, exciting way of NOT having a relationship". So true, this is why I gave up on it. It just wore me down and made me bitter from all the dickheads and liars. I feel so much better without using any dating apps and not coming across such people anymore. I rather be single like he said if I will never run into someone meaningful in my life naturally by chance somewhere.
nica cruz (3 months ago)
this is actually sad, there are billions of people in the world, and almost half of it still feel sad and alone regardless how they open up and communicate to other people
Madison Miller (3 months ago)
Guy- *says people who have a list of requirements will stay single forever* Same guy - *must exchange messages for a year before meeting so he can make sure you're good enough*
Adrian P (1 month ago)
+georgina cat or maybe this is just the escalating the unresolved tension between them? via youtube... the most romantic setting ever discovered.
georgina cat (3 months ago)
I think we can safely say you two don't match
Bestwick1983 (3 months ago)
Yup, right over your head.
Madison Miller (3 months ago)
Bestwick1983 apparently you don't understand irony
Bestwick1983 (3 months ago)
Apparently you don't understand hyperbole.
Dewi Lew (3 months ago)
I got a kick out of watching him type at 5:53
Chiara River (3 months ago)
5,000 holy moly.... that was 10 years ago too...
Paul Castro (3 months ago)
Middleagedhookups(dot)com 😂😂😂 Relax, relax I'm just joking, besides I finally joined the 40 club this year. F****** gray hairs 😏😶
DCM (3 months ago)
Just tell them that I finished the 100 raw eggs challenge, and they'll love it:)
Jocelyn Ferreira (3 months ago)
I always rather meeting people like in the old days...face to face, no dating sites for me
EdTooTall (3 months ago)
I like chicken kievs no chicken fingers for me.
Jocelyn Ferreira (3 months ago)
Well, you don't have to drink alcohol every time you go out
Michael Dust (3 months ago)
So having alcohol and meeting while out😂
Tony Ray (3 months ago)
I tried online dating one time in my life and now I won't even consider a relationship, or even the possibility of opening myself up for this at all ever again. I was in college and about to buy land and build a home and my own business after Decades of struggle. I was on the verge of accomplishing this, and then I made the mistake of getting online on a dating site. The next thing I know I'm dealing with a methamphetamine addict who I helped through her addiction, and tried to help with a whole host of problems but could not. In the process I lost everything, because all of my focus ended up on her and the mountain of problems she came with. Since then she has now returned back to the life that she claimed she didn't want, and I'm stuck in the bottom end of a trailer park, piecing together an old truck just trying to get by. In order for me to get back on my path with just the bare essentials I must sacrifice everything I have left. Absolutely everything. Now in the face of the technology that is coming and the parameters they're going to put before us, I see that it was all a deception meant to distract me and cause me to stumble, and that's exactly what it did. It will be by God's grace alone that I achieve my endeavor. I will never consider this a possibility in my life ever again. I have been in relationships where the person didn't even start to show their true colors for at least 3 years, and it was more than just one who did this. The longest relationship I ever had was 10 years almost to the day, and towards the end of that 10 years I learned that all of it was just a big deception and I was being used. I've heard many people say, "give it time and you will heal, and you will find love again", but I'm going to ensure that I'm never fooled ever again. There's more to this than anything to do with me now. See, something is coming that I can't be a part of through your technology. So I'm uprooting my life and I'm selling everything I have, and I'm going deep into the wilderness. I will go back to my roots and the ways I was taught as a child. Our ancestors ways. There is no woman who is going to walk away from her family and grandchildren and leave society and all of its carnal amenities behind. Doesn't matter what they say, because you know them by their fruit. So I'm not going to find somebody who is willing to live solely off of the land & by the elements, with a very meager and simple life. I won't even encounter a person like this once I'm established. My home goes up for sale the first of the year, and once I have that land in my possession I will never look back. So no, a time will not come where I will find love once again. See the world has this view of love that I see as carnality and lust. They think love is a Feeling, when in actuality "love is an action". It has nothing to do with how you feel
Chiara River (3 months ago)
Tony Ray Reading your comment was eerie much along the lines of my experience. I had good opportunities, and them met a guy who had nothing and apart from the fact I wanted to help him there was a spark. In the end I lost everything I had pulled together for the second time. I am saving up and looking to off grid and near as I can. I can't stand the way peoples attitudes are changing and much prefer the company of animals. Nothing like earning that trust and loyalty. It tooth me about a year or two to hear from my self esteem and I hope you will too and find great peace in the beauty of nature. All the best for the feature. :) P.s, there are some food Permaculture and off grid engineer channels on here, for building a home.
DVincentW (3 months ago)
Some of, not all, profiles are fake.
Jillian Brunelli (3 months ago)
i met the love of my life and future husband online, so...
Jayne Stagg (3 months ago)
Me too. Met him feb married him in June☺ and just one night on the dating website
Steven Arkanum (3 months ago)
There's too many midroll ads. It's unwatchable.
No2Blame (3 months ago)
to me this is very idiotic way to faind partner....
Jayne Stagg (3 months ago)
Met my husband online this year on POF. Hes changed my life
fat cabbage (3 months ago)
10 year old documentary uploaded with 9 unsolvable adverts. It's worse than tv.
Kimberly Cordaro (3 months ago)
Exit interview!!! Perfect. I've wanted to leave quite a few and wouldn't have minded getting one as well.
Gabriella T. (3 months ago)
This so true to what really happens. I tried for years: some of it was fun hahahahahah
Gloria Gomez (3 months ago)
Reader watch cartoons
em D (3 months ago)
Not being prideful but I'm so glad I didn't meet my partner online. We met the old school way I guess it would mean today.
em D (3 months ago)
Bestwick1983 Like I said not being prideful I am just old school myself and not very tech savy. I like that when you ask how did you meet your partner (these days it's a lot of online) nothing wrong with that :-) just not my style.
Bestwick1983 (3 months ago)
Why are you glad you did not meet them online? Surely the result would have been the same if it was meant to be.
Carly Reynolds (3 months ago)
em D Same.
Queen Violet (3 months ago)
Lol it’s really sad but funny how online dating has become the norm now
hoosierhiver (3 months ago)
I'm guessing you are young, it's easier to meet people when you are young, as Paul said if you are 50 and/or divorced with kids and/or you live in a rural area it is not so easy.
Queen Violet (3 months ago)
Paul Ainsworth I understand what your trying to say but I’m saying it’s sad because I honestly don’t think you need the internet to find a significant other and sure it could be a useful tool but it just defeats the purpose of actually meeting someone rather just then scrolling through copious amounts of suitable partners
Queen Violet (3 months ago)
hoosierhiver I don’t think you need the internet to meet people and it’s not that hard to meet people and if your planing on saying “ what if the person doesn’t have social skills” I think if someone can keep a conversation over text then it shouldn’t be any different in person
Paul Ainsworth (3 months ago)
Why is it sad? For those of us born in the 50s and well past the night clubbing stage, it can be a useful tool, if used wisely and with the basic premice that all the people are liars. At least you get a good chance to check them out, even more so then a meeting in a bar or whatever you want to call the "traditional" form of dating?! Equally, so many of us are supposed to live alone and suffer from loneliness, well, yep, here I am, but where is everyone else? If you use common sense then it's as good a way as any, I now understand why after a few quick messages many stop writing, mainly because I ask pertinent questions and catch them out. Never would I meet anyone without firstly "vetting" them, speaking on the phone and video messages.
hoosierhiver (3 months ago)
Not really sad, it's hard to meet people, online dating is maybe a step up from people just going to a bar.
Just me (3 months ago)
I did online dating without a profile picture, so I wrote a funny text instead. Got 656 answers. Cut it down to ten, then three. Then two. Just mailed, no meetings. These two last men had almost the same nicknames. Let’s call them «Pooh» and «Puuh». I got a really good feeling about Puuh, we connected so extremly well, it was like finding my soulmate, so I was thinking of ditching Pooh. So I mailed Puuh and asked him to meet me at Paris cafe the next day at seven for our first date. I got a weird reply: «Eeh....Ok, I actually just told you I was working tomorrow, but I’ll meet you». I then realized I had mailed Pooh, not Puuh!! I was too embarresed to tell him that invitation was meant for an other guy so I showed up the next day to meet him. I sat there anxiously waiting, feeling so bad, because I wasn’t really so into him. He showed up, with a huge bouquet of flowers and behind the flowers was the most handsome man in the world. The best thing though, was his personality. It was love at first sight. Three weeks later I got a huge water leak in my house and had to move to his place. And never left. We are married, have been together for almost 18 years now, and have a beautiful daughter together. The best mistake in my life. ❤️
Adrian P (1 month ago)
so the moral of the story is that all poo looks the same??
K J (1 month ago)
such a beautiful mistake you have made..im happy for you that you found the person you truly deserve..
You'll float too (2 months ago)
Wonderful ending! ❤️
Shehan Anthony (2 months ago)
Anna133199 (3 months ago)
That's an adorable story! The best thing about it is their names, though. Pooh and Puuh! Amazing! Whahahahahhaha.
Swamp Gal (3 months ago)
Pepsiman (3 months ago)
You know how old this is when they mention Bebo. :/
Europa 17 (3 months ago)
Third date is the bed? Ewwww....no thanks, I'd rather stay single.
Adrian P (1 month ago)
maybe they have a speech impediment and meant to say "third date is the best" -because they got some horizontal mattress action-
Jocelyn Ferreira (3 months ago)
I think is too fast.. no things left to discover!
Sara S (3 months ago)
+Ed Denoy lmao
azron201 (3 months ago)
ew bed, no thanks . unless its Chris Hemsworth
Zara xx (3 months ago)
12:35 sounds kinda rapey, ew
Adrian P (1 month ago)
he definitely left out the bit about the rophynol looks like a poor man's Alan Partridge "I'm Alan 'Rapey' Partridge - AHHHAAAA"
rainbows (3 months ago)
Ugh yeah! I get a narc vibe off of him.
James Smith (3 months ago)
Advice for Chaps - *Never date single mothers!*
random human (3 months ago)
Kent (3 months ago)
Carly Reynolds There are lots of great men on dating sites for many reasons. I used online dating sites because of very limited exposure to eligible women in my daily life. I never had much luck with the bar scene. It's a great tool to meet people that you would have never otherwise crossed paths with in real life. Just because a man is on an online dating site doesn't necessarily mean that he is undesirable in real life.
James Smith (3 months ago)
That's right Carly.... Never date you single mothers I say.... You usually have mental issues and who wants to fork out good money paying for your unruly brat..........
Carly Reynolds (3 months ago)
James Smith advice for women: DON’T DATE MEN WHO AREN’T OKAY WITH YOUR CHILD. They obviously are far from perfect if they are on a dating website anyway, and you can’t just bring random men or anyone into your life as a Mother.
qwyzl (3 months ago)
I think my significant other must've got hit by a bus barreling down the street at a hundred miles an hour when he went to cross when he was all of five years old.
Adrian P (1 month ago)
+qwyzl so now when you get on the bus and it's empty apart from one person... you float towards that boundary-crossing empty seat thinking "I've got the magic -bus- ticket they're the one!!"
qwyzl (3 months ago)
it's true.  never met him yet.
Ruple Thaker (3 months ago)
What a strange thing to say.
Mo Rafique (3 months ago)
That fella Garry is top bloke. Fully loaded with baggage more than Terminal 5 Heathrow Airport was so funny comment.
MegaMoto85 (3 months ago)
lets polish a turd together shall we
Angie Lagou (3 months ago)
Ed Denoy (3 months ago)
MegaMoto85 You're on ! Your place or mine ?
paul lespage (3 months ago)
Tried it,... gave up. Not sure what women wanted but it wasn't me. Maybe because I believe in equality of the sexes, and not special privilege and treatment. Too many women who punch a lot higher than they should. But you say,..what about you. Well,..52. look 40, great physical shape, financially secure and a cross between Steve McQueen and Clint Eastwood. Maybe women have forgotten what a real man is these days, or are too afraid of the ones they can't manipulate. Not sure. Found a good one now. Not an idiot,..good looking and smart. Met her at a garage sale fighting over the same item. I let her have it and she paid for the coffee. Equality.
golden key (30 days ago)
wow what a catch you are, you are one of those fake feminists who use this term to their advantage without really understanding what it means
Africancah Star (3 months ago)
@Kent I beg to differ.I have met a lot of filthy men online and I gave up cause it felt like I was trying to catch a good fish in a cesspool hahaha. I applaud women and men that keep going back for more online dating. They have a lot of patience.
Kent (3 months ago)
paul lespage Equality, or should I say lack thereof is a big problem in dating these days. The online dating marketplace is overwhelmingly tilted in women's favor. Every online dating site is a total sausage fest. Women have so many more options to choose from than men do, hence why you see so many women going for men that are out of their league. A lot of women also use online dating sites solely for receiving validation from men. Many of them have zero interest in actually finding someone online.
Bestwick1983 (3 months ago)
You're lucky to have found her. Unfortunately far too many modern, single women only want equality when it suites them and to be treated like princesses when it doesn't.
Nina Sabine (3 months ago)
C-light (3 months ago)
I liked this doc. Very transparent. It seems like some people devolve into weird versions of human beings just by using online dating apps. It’s an odd subculture to be a part of so if after 3-6 months of trying it goes nowhere, quit it. Preserve your humanity and sense of self.
suzy klitgaard (3 months ago)
A high lunatic quota.....about right.
Castle view Promotions (3 months ago)
Is this internet shopping for a partner ? Experts say you need to be attractive or young ,I am none ha ha ,third date and get the ride ,that what she said ! Well easy come easy go (written by middle aged Andy )
Shell By The Sea (3 months ago)
online dating is pointless. No one on those sites are actually looking to find love. Just accept your single hood and get on with life
Jayne Stagg (3 months ago)
Met my husband on there this year. We are so happy
Mary Anne (3 months ago)
out of the blue I met a man on Facebook from halfway across the world and we are happily married. don't look for love, it will find you . Trust me
suzy klitgaard (3 months ago)
Dating in GENERAL is brutal... Life is waiting to be had❤
Youtuber (3 months ago)
Where are these idiots from? From what cave did they crawl out?
Shell By The Sea (3 months ago)
Their mothers basement
Anna Qureshi (3 months ago)
Oh God horrible life this is...
pyewacket 5 (3 months ago)
I'm a firm believer in whatever is meant for you never passes you by
Adrian P (1 month ago)
especially if its an asteroid
Bestwick1983 (3 months ago)
Sounds like an excuse a lazy person would use.
Leenor Lepcha (3 months ago)
Tht gives hope tho ❤️
Madison Miller (3 months ago)
I agree so much
Chiara River (3 months ago)
pyewacket 5 Amen! :)I wish my dog was a human, he's loyal and always cheerful. That's my lot, now just for a career!
Øxygэи (3 months ago)
C-light (3 months ago)
Ok...I’m 6:52 into this video and had to pause it. This man is talking about the “lunatics” on the site that he’s also on and judging their process in finding a partner, while calling people names. He’s so blissfully unaware of why HE may never find anyone himself
Bestwick1983 (3 months ago)
Who is he judging? He's describing a type of person that exists, in droves I might add, that struggles to make relationships work because of unrealistic, one-sided expectations. Let's not pretend that those sorts of people do not exist because we all know at least one...
suzy klitgaard (3 months ago)
Babbling idiot comes to mind....a scalped self esteem?
Shell By The Sea (3 months ago)
I know right. he's so delusional
Vilanya S. (3 months ago)
EXCELLENT documentary!!!! I have had SO MANY of these same experiences from internet dating 🤦🏽‍♀️ And I have learned so much too.....its nice to see we are all the same on the inside, regardless as to where you live in the world 💘
iAMhonka (3 months ago)
What's a computer?
suzy klitgaard (3 months ago)
A box. With SO much 🙄🤔🤣🤢😴😍🤯💀👍🤬😭😖😂👁😱🖤
Emerald Virden (3 months ago)
Your cell is a computer you imbecile. You serious never seen a laptop before? Did you grow up under a rock? A laptop is a computer idiot too. You seriously can't be that stupid. But then again.... You could be that dumb. LMFAO! I honestly hope you was joking around. LoL 😂
weehawk (3 months ago)
This originally aired in 2010, for anyone who wants some context.
SDM1983 (3 months ago)
Lol how things have changed in 8 years!
Ben G (3 months ago)
I was wondering because it is now 2018, and it takes 3-4 hrs to meet someone you are chatting on a dating site. DO NOT bring them to the most expensive restaurant is my advice. lol
rainbows (3 months ago)
+Castle view Promotions hahaha love a realist!
C.F. Habs (3 months ago)
weehawk thank you.
Saskia Grace (3 months ago)
Ah... yes, makes a difference!Thanks 😊
Claros1983 (3 months ago)
Thank god I was born in th 80’s waaaaay before internet dating, because this is nothing far from hideous.
Claros1983 (3 months ago)
Jo Zane ahh yes!, the lonely hearts ads, I’d totally forgot about them 😂
Jo Zane (3 months ago)
there might get no internet dating but still countless of mail dating and lonely heart column in the 80s...the pursuit for love never stop isnt it?
Claros1983 (3 months ago)
aboutashow 👍🏼✌🏼
Ruple Thaker (3 months ago)
em D (3 months ago)
aboutashow You are taking it a bit personally 😕 I'm talking about the higher percent. I just think a childhood without the pressure of the internet was a simpler time is all. Without people interacting with each other like this.... With such hostility. 👌 The more time goes on less kids are playing in the streets but more on electronic devices. (Again talking higher percentages). Blame the parents, blame the generation, the change in society or advance in technology but it's FACTS. But where in the world you live is an important factor too. Good day ☺
Tom McKee (3 months ago)
did she seriously just use "plebs" hahhaha
Adrian P (1 month ago)
plebs or shitmunchers... you takes your pick
Claros1983 (3 months ago)
Tom McKee Pleb is an excellent word, it should be used more often 😂
What version of Windows or mac are these people using...looks like legacy os...
Gwen Smith (3 months ago)
‘I got her ridiculously drunk and then suggested we went back to hers’ mate that sounds so rapey it’s disgusting 👍
Gwen Smith (3 months ago)
You don’t need to be a feminist to know that what he said was gross. Anyone that can’t control themselves when they’ve been drinking should remove themselves from society.
Nick (3 months ago)
On the contrary. He was drunk but was she? It is very likely that poor Craig is a victim of female on male date rape. A crime woefully under reported due to its enjoyability.
Bestwick1983 (3 months ago)
Regret is not rape.
James Smith (3 months ago)
Maybe you ladies should avoid drinking, if you can't trust yourselves to behave, when a gentleman buys you a few sherberts............... (Still think you are rabid feminists with a screw loose though)
Michael Dust (3 months ago)
No,thats the way to do it.do her multi times then boot her out😂😂😂😂
Erika Erika (3 months ago)
I love meeting people online, fun fun !
Erika Erika (3 months ago)
+Michael Dust I am older and not that good looking . But my dates say I looked like my pics . So not too much ☺.. I do look younger than my age tho .
Michael Dust (3 months ago)
Your prob a catfisher
Erika Erika (3 months ago)
+MGTOW Loner I am an old lady .. I feel more unsafe meeting drunk dudes at the bar 😂😂
Sugar Shine (3 months ago)
Oh my God the cringe meter on high LOL I'm laughing but it is cringey
arnela bih (3 months ago)
Sugar Shine 😂😂😂😂
taji kommineni (3 months ago)
If it makes you happy, go for it.
SPAM EMAIL (3 months ago)
this might've been interesting 10 years ago
pyewacket 5 (3 months ago)
So what if it's a decade old. Being single & dating is timeless
Pepsiman (3 months ago)
2010. So probably filmed in 2009.
JackHad Room (3 months ago)
+JoanneLG1960 Must be; one guy talked about newspapers.
JoanneLG1960 (3 months ago)
This show is probably at least 10 years old

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