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Milk Glass, Lace, and Appliques Haul

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More milk glass, some appliques and lace. Thanks for watching!
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Marilyn G (5 years ago)
Thank you Laura. It's fun to collect it.
Laura Steinert (5 years ago)
WowWow, that's a lot of packages! Lol. I love the owl.
Marilyn G (5 years ago)
Thank you Nina. P.S. Hopefully your package will arrive soon :P
NinasBella (5 years ago)
Hi Marilyn! Nice haul!!! TFS Big hugs! (◠‿◠) Nina~
Teri F (5 years ago)
Love the lidded compote dish! Teri F
Marilyn G (5 years ago)
Lauren Gallagher (5 years ago)

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