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Sour Milk Sea (Beatles White Album Outtake) [Edited]

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Robert Laberge (3 months ago)
On the last Cream album, Eric Clapton sang Badge he co-wrote with George Harrison. In the same vein, on the following Blind Faith album, Steve Winwood could have sung Sour Milk Sea, using his trademark stretched rythm and blues higher range, akin to Jackie Lomax's, who did a capable version of it. That might have been the best song on the album alongside Presence Of The Lord.
One of my favorites. Thank you for this!
Jeffrey Smith (4 months ago)
I love that song.
Me too!
Peter Koulouris (4 months ago)
Should have been on the White Album. Some of the best guitar work by George.
El Barto Runner (3 months ago)
Paul and John wont allow it. Anyway Abbey Road had Something and Here comes the sun.
yourtubesteak (3 months ago)
It's a combination of George's demo and the version by Jackie Lomax.
@Peter Koulouris Dang though! This version wasn't on the new deluxe edition!
It truly is one of his best songs though. And it definitely deserved on the album! I'm glad it's going to be on the 50th Anniversary CD.
Ram4 (4 months ago)
Peter Koulouris It’s Clapton on lead guitar.

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