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What Is The Deadliest Substance On Earth? Toxicity Comparison

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How little of this substance will it take to cause death to you? What is the most toxic substance in the world? Let's take a look in this episode of The Infographics Show: Top 10 Deadliest Substances - Toxicity Comparison 🐻 SUBSCRIBE TO OUR NEW CHANNEL: Fuzzy & Nutz 🐿️ ►►► http://bit.ly/fuzzyandnutz WEBSITE (You can suggest a topic): http://theinfographicsshow.com SUPPORT US: Patreon.......► https://www.patreon.com/theinfographicsshow CHAT: DISCORD.....►https://discord.gg/theinfographicsshow SOCIAL: Facebook...► https://facebook.com/TheInfographicsShow Instagram..► https://www.instagram.com/theinfographicsshow Twitter........► https://twitter.com/TheInfoShow Subreddit...► http://reddit.com/r/TheInfographicsShow -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Sources for this episode: https://pastebin.com/K0gVwS91
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bowlingball194 (1 year ago)
Note: Botulism is not directly found in canned or processed foods, if not preserved correctly the food becomes a breeding ground for bacteria, including Clostridium Botulinum. This bacteria produces the toxin associated with botulism when it enters you body.
Amanda Carter (7 days ago)
Science Goblin jealous he got pinned much? 😂😂
Michael Mex (11 days ago)
Botulinum toxin is called botox? Is that right? The thing used in plastic surgery?
Sevendogtags (18 days ago)
This was interesting. Where I live you have to boil all canned foods for 20 mins before using, there's a warning on the can.
Jesus Christ (1 month ago)
This is why you never eat canned goods that are badly dented,damaged or rusty.
blarg bob (1 month ago)
the misinfographics show
David Manning (50 minutes ago)
this paranoids me
I Never Even Cared. (4 hours ago)
The deadliest toxin is fortnite fanboyism.
rolex452 (9 hours ago)
Narrator says a woman came into contact with two drops Mercury metal (ON HER GLOVE) and was poisoned to death. How many kids & adults years ago used to handle pure Mercury metal for short periods (you could buy it at any chemical dealer or hobby shop), and nothing happened at all?  This video is a load of crap (to some extent). Thank you.
The true most toxic substance in earth is antivaxxerotoxin
Masked Indian (22 hours ago)
Jimmel Barrantes (1 day ago)
The worst poison is fake love
Sterling Kinyaka (1 day ago)
Cyanide and happiness
SzymeXpl (2 days ago)
0.000000000000000000001 grams of school would kill you.
fucked World's (2 days ago)
The most dangerous thing on earth is Islam the new virus
A Jennett (2 days ago)
I not gonna eat shit after watching this lol
lucas Bos (2 days ago)
No. Is KFC
Saadi Fahim (3 days ago)
You forgot the Paul Bros
Yato_God (3 days ago)
Not very true the sea snake is the most toxcist and the sea slug i forgot the name but its not the frog
NO (3 days ago)
I got botulism while i was sleeping in the car or it was either sleeping problems. What the Most likely sleeping problems. I cant move my body, only eyes, and i cant say anything
Jeffy Paul (4 days ago)
No .1 is T-Series
Arantza Noriega (8 days ago)
Now they are at 4M!!
Andy Martinez (8 days ago)
Who wants to eat a Mr crab
L Wells (9 days ago)
I swear i havnt seen this, id say elepgants foot is definitely top 3
Allie Daniels (9 days ago)
The most deadliest thing in the earth is JUSTIN BIEBER
Maksym Hnatyuk (10 days ago)
What happend if i eat of botulinum toxin?
kaz kk (10 days ago)
Despite their effects, they are great and magnificent and more ppl should appreciate them .
Cuyler Bryce (11 days ago)
What about fentanyl and car-fentanyl. A grain of car-fentanyl can kill you, even if you only get it on your skin. It’s original purpose was for elephant tranquilizer, but it’s found its way into street level drugs (Cocaine, meth, and some pills). It’s epidemic where I’m from and has dropped our life expectancy by almost two years.
Hypercube (11 days ago)
6:30 so u telling me if u hit a bird with an arrow WITHOUT POISON DART it wouldn't fall from the sky when hit????
Tythegamer246 (12 days ago)
I love eating lead ;)
Christina Sarabia (13 days ago)
They should have been LED
vijay kumar (13 days ago)
Justin Bieber is no. 1
OldSportDave gamer150 (14 days ago)
The deadly neurotoxin
Leyla Drakes (14 days ago)
Did you mean "2 days and 2 hours?"
Papa Gundam (14 days ago)
List was made before Nick Jonas live Guitar sound..
Xayah (14 days ago)
Give me all this
Daddy Liv (15 days ago)
What about fentanyl (fet-nal)
Tyrone Taylor (15 days ago)
Mumble rap. Toxic when exposed to ear.
HOWTOFADE [HTF] (15 days ago)
Breaking news T-series 1sec video kill 3.000.000 People in sec
Terucat (16 days ago)
The music is so inspiring so I'm just like "Heck yeah let's learn more things to keep me up at night"
Sherwin Weerakoon (17 days ago)
Cheeseburger Monkey (18 days ago)
3:11 what if you already have anxiety in your personality
Wiliam Wang (18 days ago)
No you're ALL WRONG! The worst of all: The dreaded T-SERIES!
do radioactive materials
yet you dont need a license for handling pure lead. Its everywhere.
Jonas Scerbiakas (19 days ago)
I dont eat cheese since i borned ^^
Guy Person (20 days ago)
This is an awful list
Damon Gaming (20 days ago)
0:21 when u try to prove to your friend that your smart
NOOBSLAYER666 (20 days ago)
My friend's hand skin burned after wearing a selfmade bracelet
Muhammad Gumelar (21 days ago)
Seriously? No one mention ligma?
Danielle Bradshaw (21 days ago)
6:43 anyone else get turned on? *FOR SCIENCE!*
[GD] CrYsTellar (21 days ago)
Thank you so much now i can kill myself with 150 apple seeds :)
Youcef Guenaoua (21 days ago)
What about poisonous potatoes?
Aksh Kesharwani (22 days ago)
i think you forget "pollunium"?
Craig Wilson (22 days ago)
Karen Wetterhahn, the scientist killed by dimethylmercury (not elemental mercury as you suggest) was American, not British.
Uchiha Obito (23 days ago)
I got some cyanide saved up in a form of amygdalin, I got by crushing some cherry seeds
//Orange Sky// (23 days ago)
Most dangerous poison on Earth... My sister (unbiological)
Ayden Gaming & Tech (24 days ago)
Now I’m just paranoid to eat anything
Steem Trane (24 days ago)
Strychnine? More like 6ix9ine!
Dominik e (24 days ago)
And as always forgotten: tetracarbonylnickel, killing at about 20 ppm 😨
Mioara Plaiasu (24 days ago)
All of them
Singopedia (24 days ago)
Last one
Chickenman (25 days ago)
The most dangerous thing in the world is Fortnite
Little MatCat (26 days ago)
Sorry but the most poisonous animal is a box jelly fish
YellowCactusTv z (28 days ago)
skipped polonium
TheRealHiphopaddict (29 days ago)
It's sad that some women get the most toxic substance in the world in their body to look younger.
Noob (29 days ago)
1.~ Tik tok Users
Rap Z (29 days ago)
What about the Maitotoxin?
cyanide & happiness
Cesar Villegas (30 days ago)
Dimetilcadmio is more toxic that the botulism
CarlE (30 days ago)
No1. Reddit
Ezequiel valles (1 month ago)
Plutonium is the most deadliest substance in the earth.
Glashen (1 month ago)
Apparently a gram of Botulinum Toxin Type H in a city’s water supplies can kill the entire city
zorey96 (1 month ago)
I wonder if most of the out come from these poison where tested at unit 731.
I disagree with #1. It really is TikTok
Cool TVHR (1 month ago)
What about polonium
Shadow Hellcat (1 month ago)
never knew you owned fuzzy and nutz
Hello Heloo (1 month ago)
So can kill me?
Tri Haard (1 month ago)
Cx Chat
Jamie Campbell (1 month ago)
Ok so I’m sitting on my sofa and I’m not leaving my sofa for the rest of my life ....... sorry life but I’m out !!
Speeder_cooldude (1 month ago)
Maddie L (1 month ago)
Um I was sucking on a pencil by accident....
Paul (1 month ago)
just let me play some League of Legends and I'll be way more toxic
Shiny Shinx (1 month ago)
Naj (1 month ago)
Number one: when you realise you are not tracer
Dr. Billjoe (1 month ago)
Video 5
Lord V1LE (1 month ago)
What order is this going on? Because Tetrodotoxin is far more poisonous than what came after. No VX on this list either.
Ananya Garg (1 month ago)
5:08 Wait Hg occurs naturally in air?
Blue Vortex (1 month ago)
Number tow because it moves and can go and kill you
Gregg S (1 month ago)
"Drive as fast as you can to a hospital." SERIOUSLY? You're telling people to drive at a high rate of speed during a medical emergency? I wonder if this is legal...
Jo Ke (1 month ago)
Most toxic thing in this universe is Jerika , the one and only 😑
ChokeMeMistress (1 month ago)
Shit I eat 711 nachos all the time with cheese sauce.
Grant Foley (1 month ago)
I believe the woman who suffered mercury poisoning was working on synthetic Mercury which is a lot more toxic than the natural occurring Mercury.
CS_Eman (1 month ago)
thumbnail looks like a mini shield in fornite
oro yee! (1 month ago)
Pfft,a nanogram of rule 36 can kill all the world
KnightZer GT (1 month ago)
RIP Cheese lover
Snickers (1 month ago)
uhm.... iv'e seen a guy dive into mercury with his bare hands
יונתן מיטלר (1 month ago)
humm nice uhh.... pink thing 1:27
Kenneth Tjhin (1 month ago)
Where can i buy it
Matt Jones (1 month ago)
"When your paralyzed, drive as fast as possible." Nothing could go wrong there. :P
Lencin zerzan (1 month ago)
Number 1: fortnite
Mandy (1 month ago)
The most dangerous thing on Earth is DANK MEMES
Xx_Shadex_xX (1 month ago)
We all know that the most toxic substance on earth is 9 year old fortnite players.
Twice trash can (1 month ago)
The most dangerous thing is Donald Trump

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