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Teacup Maltese Puppy - Leo

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Tarzee Says: (3 months ago)
Club the bastard, and then send the "thing" to the dog meat processing factories in China.
Yesu Moka (4 months ago)
It's so cute
Si MRS (5 months ago)
Amo 💖 é muita fofura são uns docinho💖 muito fácil de cuidar.
Patrizia Lucera (5 months ago)
ne vorrei 1 come posso fare?
Latita Vizcarra (1 year ago)
I want it
Nikolina Maksimovic (1 year ago)
Dusa mala
Amr 8008 (1 year ago)
My male I'm getting is the same size if not smaller and he's 3 1/2 months old. How big did he end up being as an adult?
thalita Heelena (1 year ago)
lindo dimais tenho uma dessa raça
es monismo me encanta
Evon Williams (1 year ago)
Oh to cute hi baby
Staurina Ts (1 year ago)
Myrthe vw (1 year ago)
so cutteeeee
Debbi Reddock (2 years ago)
No such thing as a tcup maltese, standard says 3 - 7 lbs with emphasis on quality over size. You are just trying to market puppues
Debbi Reddock actually standard is 4-6 which is ideal with 7-8 being normal but not ideal for show quality. Teacup is word to describe the size of the dog since Maltese already are called toy and tiny size even when they're 8 lbs what do you suggest one call a dog who is going to be 3lbs and under as an adult?
euphoricals (1 year ago)
Debbi Reddock There is, and they are so fluffy!! Just like my Maltese Fluffy 😇
Daisy ᴖᴥᴖ (1 year ago)
Debbi Reddock there is such thing as a teacup Maltese
Pizza cutter (2 years ago)
Amani inturu (2 years ago)
very nice
Gabriela Gamerita (2 years ago)
I love you!!😘😘😘😘
nehirveoyuncaklar (2 years ago)
Robert C (2 years ago)
Your website address is NON-functional. Do you have a new web address?
Ryan Mehnaaz (2 years ago)
i want oneeeee!!!!!! ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
Vale Tobo (2 years ago)
lolcrazygurl (3 years ago)
Mary Nguyen (3 years ago)
I love her!
iwanna makrodhmhtriou (3 years ago)
francisco cortez (3 years ago)
i am so happy to see that
sweetanila26 (3 years ago)
Super cute!
luciano fraschetti (3 years ago)
salve sta ancora in vendita? che prezzo'
ItsSamTheYTKing (3 years ago)
deja vu (3 years ago)
oh my goodnessss can i eat ya?
Duckie Duck (3 years ago)
es un bichon maltese
Chiquita Loca (3 years ago)
i wish i had on sister
Vincent Edson (3 years ago)
My gosh, I'm dying.
fendi moon (3 years ago)
I'll take 4!!!
Ioanna Petrou (3 years ago)
Είναι το πιο όμορφο και γλυκουλι σκυλάκι του κόσμου οποίος το έχει είναι παρά πολύ τυχαιρος ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥
Absolute Medic (3 years ago)
Hyper little bugger isn't he? His tail is going faster than a Lamborghini at a racetrack.
kattyl lucin (3 years ago)
Que tierno
Alex Delagarde (3 years ago)
Omg so cute looks exactly like my Maltese
Donatella De Giorgio (3 years ago)
ma quanto costa un maltese teacup
olosen (3 years ago)
Sooo cute this made me cry.. and 'im a man
Breunna Rachal (3 years ago)
How much do they cost and where can I get one?
LeAnna paul (3 years ago)
Do you still have her and how much if you are selling her
Vanesa Campos (3 years ago)
Que raza es ese perrito hermoso???
Dakota x (1 year ago)
Vanesa Campos tacita de té
Magdalini Vervelidou (4 years ago)
So cute
Sandra Roa (4 years ago)
so cuteee
Elaine Morrison (4 years ago)
So cute!
Awww!!!!! ♥
Akshara Singh (4 years ago)
Awwwwww...........shoooo damn cute.............!! <3 <3
HeyitsDeirdre (4 years ago)
so so cute I have a maltese
Babe 05 (4 years ago)
Teacup Maltese doesn't get bigger??!
Eric Lehman (4 years ago)
I have a friend with a 10 year old teacup Yorkie.
Igor Rogov (4 years ago)
So cuteeee! 😱😱😱😱 🐶
Maltese Lover (4 years ago)
There is no such thing as a teacup puppy. They do not exist.  PLEASE, I am begging all of you to please understand.  Maltese, is a lovely breed. The breed standard, is 4 to 7 pounds.  Sometimes, there may be a puppy in a liter, that is smaller.  You want a breeder, who is held accountable to breed to the standard.  I am beginning not to blame those who breed strictly for a smaller size, with so many people wanting a 2 pd  full grown Maltese.  Please, save the heartache.  How big do you think the Mom is or the Dad, that breeds, these terribly small Maltese.  So much suffering all around.  Just so sad.
TaylorTV (4 years ago)
I am squealing! This puppy is sooooo cute!
Emma Vanderwall (4 years ago)
Are they for sale because I am interested in buying a maltese puppy and also where are you located
jasminevbraden (4 years ago)
Omg, maltese r one of the best dogs for any family. They can live just about anywhere. Plus if u like really long, smooth,show coats it is a great dog, if u want really short hair dog it is also really good cuz u can shave them and they will have the cutest lil coat ever!!! I have a pup maltese and its great but when choosing maltese make sure u like theyre personality!! Good luck finding the right one 4 u!!!
pretty little aaa (4 years ago)
*Cries happliy* Soo cute! *Makes puppy eyes* Who's a good boy/girl you are who's a good pup you are! *Gives biscuit*
Madhu Bathini (4 years ago)
choooooooooooo  cuteeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
liliana justiniano (4 years ago)
So cute
Ahriś (4 years ago)
Alonso Ruvalcaba (4 years ago)
His name is sanson
emmetdutch (5 years ago)
+Tizi argento sorry but ure wrong. do some readings! teacups do have health problem! its not a species, they are bred to become small.
Fit_kree (5 years ago)
I'm crying cause it's so cute!
haley gaylor (5 years ago)
so cute
soup (5 years ago)
awwww does anyone know the title of the background music though?
Ellen Buck (5 years ago)
How large do they get? What is the cost?
millenium_ace (5 years ago)
aaaw so adorable
Francesca K (5 years ago)
r u stupid? theres a species called teacup cuz they r small
makalya alvarez (5 years ago)
Soooooo adorable
shams s (5 years ago)
I have the same on his name is snow
Shristi Stha (5 years ago)
oh so adorable
Emma Vee (5 years ago)
teacup maltese teacup maltest im geting one :D
Aaron Salazar (5 years ago)
Are you saleing that puppy
Alyssa Ferrer (5 years ago)
do they stay that size forever
Yvette Fabre (5 years ago)
Adorable petit chien
melanie garcia (5 years ago)
nickatoo (5 years ago)
Noemi Guňková (5 years ago)
wow *o*
gtmasterman (5 years ago)
They do I have won
simplelangpo (5 years ago)
fairybits (5 years ago)
So adorable!.Do they stay that size though.?
D'asia Easter (5 years ago)
Absolutely adorable,I fell in love 3
John ictech (5 years ago)
So cute❤❤
MICHELLEEVANS33 (5 years ago)
aw i love him!
Alessandra Camila (5 years ago)
where you bought this puppy
iwantmyjulia (5 years ago)
Awwwwe I'm getting my little 9 week old puppy in four hours :3
Maria Diaz (5 years ago)
alguien sabe cuanto kuestan
Kayla Dalke (5 years ago)
How much
MyLittleDogVlogs (5 years ago)
What a cutiepie!
Savage Culture (5 years ago)
Makes me wanna cry :S ♥ they're awesome ! I own a pretty little maltese girl myself :D
annirunaway (5 years ago)
Korean puppymill pups. Aww how CUTE! plus, they do indeed starve them and instruct the new owner to do the same ;)
juls robertson (5 years ago)
Trigger SJWs On Tumblr (5 years ago)
heaven must be missing an angel
sammygksjer (5 years ago)
natalie colon (5 years ago)
helllo, we have a cute litter of vet checked and registered maltese puppies for adoption. both males and females and available for free adoption. please inbox me via [email protected] for more info and pics. please only seriuos inquiries.
01 Antoine (5 years ago)
i will destroy it
jayden liz (5 years ago)
callalilyz80 (5 years ago)
Look at that tail
Ann Salman (5 years ago)
The little tail is just-ahhhhhh!!!!!
oooh19 (5 years ago)
they may be small but they have a lot of love in their tiny bodies

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