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Virginity Testing Trailer 2018

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Due to Google censorship, watch full videos from our website Virgin Testing Schools - The African schools are designed to promote virginity and purity in order to empower young girls into remaining virgins and saving themselves for the right husband and marriage. These girls are still pure as never had any sexual intercourse or touched by man. The girls spend most of their time, singing, dancing, and empowering each other as woman. Their lessons are all about woman respect and dignity. Loving yourself as a woman and how to take good care of self until you are ready for marriage. Enjoy this beautiful amazing African Culture. Amatshitshi. Facebook - https://web.facebook.com/UMkhosi-WoMhlanga-1557898191142540/ www.filmafrica.tv
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Text Comments (31)
ad 10000 (8 days ago)
J3 (10 days ago)
The goat😵
jacq (29 days ago)
This makes me sick to my fuckinf stomsch you sick Pos people slowly beheading a small goat screaming. I hope someone does that to your fucking dick hole
anjel miguel colache (1 month ago)
Qué presiosas están ni cual escojer🤗
damien claxton (1 month ago)
I've seen plenty of goats killed for meat as a kid. My neighbor use to sell goat meat and killed 1 or 2 goats almost every week. I was so close i could touch the goat. Its fucked up watching it as an adult now. Poor goat. Shout out to the girl with the nice tits
Paul Nicholas (2 months ago)
Comes around goes around... Sick shit...barbaric... .consider the source black people are last on the morality scale...
Steven Ormsby (2 months ago)
I want to be there.
ahmet xyz (3 months ago)
0:19 0:51 nice
Abhi Kumar (3 months ago)
The bitch at 0:51 is such a Buffalo, she can give milk to entire Africa.
religion is poisonous (4 months ago)
1st girl. Amazing tits! Wtf
Gray Wolf (4 months ago)
Abhi Kumar (4 months ago)
Mother Fukers at least sharp the knife, why u torture poor goat. Are these people even human
XXXDerekXXX Vibez (29 days ago)
+jacq you people also hunt deers with arrows do you know how many of them that's out there walking around with arrows stuck in them? Do you know how many Wales and other large animals get injured by Boats? Do you know white men come to Africa to hunt large endangered animals just to hang on their walls? It's a goat being slaughtered for dinner get over yourself or think about that everytime you crack an egg
jacq (29 days ago)
slindile mbhense yeah we kill goats too but we don’t get off on slowly cutting a goats head off little by little with a dull knife. Please thank god we aren’t in your culture who wants to be lower than an animal you can keep that culture Pos
llhhjj008 (1 month ago)
wtf the poor goat !!! god punish them!!!
XXXDerekXXX Vibez (1 month ago)
Abhi Kumar (1 month ago)
+slindile mbhense When will u people evolve into humans?
Carlos Machado (4 months ago)
Seios gostosos
Atalay Tayyar (4 months ago)
eleazar espinoza (4 months ago)

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