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17 Wonderful Facts You Should Know About Maltese

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Ted Education (1 month ago)
Edmond allkanjari (2 months ago)
it is from malta and live 15 to 18 years
Karen Cooper (7 months ago)
house break easily
mushroom studio (7 months ago)
Zinix (8 months ago)
My dog has 4.5 kg they can weight up to 5 kilos.Their life span is 15 years not 17
Rose Liang (1 month ago)
Zinix Actually, they can live more than 15 years with proper care.
mushroom studio (7 months ago)
Zinix Cool
ellie. (11 months ago)
My Maltese HATES going on walks. She backs up all the time, stubborn to be lead by a leash.
sanic (1 year ago)
Nice video, thanks :)

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