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Lee Min Ho arrival @ Singapore T2 16th Dec 13

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So cool & HANDSOME!!! So TALL!!
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riya sodhi (3 days ago)
I love this music , any one tell me plz yeh music kis song ka hai plz,
Silky Rajput (5 days ago)
Really he is soooooooo handsome
thanh thanh (5 days ago)
Я попросту обожаю тебя Lee min ho💋💋💋
А А (9 days ago)
Это ли мин хо
Haider Ali (9 days ago)
He is not more popular than Park Shin Hye.
Apidigli Gameh (13 days ago)
I love u
shiv raj (17 days ago)
lord have mercy when you paan the cemera....my god it was like the whole Singapore was there to welcome him he really is the most popular Korean actor on earth
Yenkhom Gitagyani (17 days ago)
Everyone pliz search 'Sushan R.K.' And pliz like my coment.
ashok kumar (18 days ago)
So cool , i like lee min ho
Shalini Singh (19 days ago)
He look soon NYC
Tuwan Fareed (26 days ago)
김태인 (27 days ago)
뭐가 이렇게 웅장해?..
Virene Nguon (1 month ago)
wow! so tall like him so much such a sweet guy
Hatnu Nieng (1 month ago)
Oppa i really2 wants to see u😭😭😭😭😭😢😢i cnt tell how much i love u..😭😭😭☹☹☹😭
Sentral Acc (1 month ago)
You make every girl crazy,,,you know i am crazy because of you,,i hope i can meet you,,,i pray for it
Zoumuanni Mizo (1 month ago)
I love u so much Minho 😍😍😄😍
추행주대첩 (2 months ago)
사람에게ㆍ너무기대도말고 연연하지않음이 하늘이내게주신ㆍ말씀입니다
Fantasy world##Akhup (2 months ago)
I guess he was the first Korean guy that the whole world know🙂.. Love from :India
Edz Nahoy (2 months ago)
Look like vip the scourt like he is the powerfull justsaying
Toli Yeps (2 months ago)
Love you Lee min ho from India
Bong Seyha (2 months ago)
I Love you so much oppa😘
Arvie Ib-ib (3 months ago)
Super gwafo
Neeru Neeru (3 months ago)
Wow lee min hoo 😘😍😘😍I love you soo much
Cutipie Ch (3 months ago)
Killer smile 😊 Dimple King 🤴
Van Thanh (3 months ago)
dep vai
Toli Yeps (3 months ago)
I die 😍
farzana khatoon (3 months ago)
I love u lee min ho...😍😘
Vanz (4 months ago)
OMG! Hes really famous ❤️❤️❤️
Them Khongsai (4 months ago)
Wow wanna see him How Long he gonna stay in Singapore
Noushad Shabinoushad (4 months ago)
l want to meet you😥😭
Adetunji Rashidat (5 months ago)
We miss there too
Adetunji Rashidat (5 months ago)
When r u come to visit us at Nigeria
Kriya Mavi (6 months ago)
Ngoan Đặng (6 months ago)
Ước gì dc gặp thoảng qua Cung dc
Marry Wint (6 months ago)
When will you come back to Singapore Lee Min Ho? I really miss you all " Boys over flowers". I hope I have enough money to visit to your country.
Ningthoujam Jolika devi (6 months ago)
Lee min ho come to manipuri
Ida Lemonthea (6 months ago)
Lee min hoo
June heavens (7 months ago)
God the crowd...😮😮😮 He worth it 😍😘😄😆😚🤗
June heavens (7 months ago)
He's so tall....darn cute... love him 🤗😍😍😍😘
K a K a (7 months ago)
I love you Lee min ho
The SeeSaw Game (8 months ago)
Wow Min Ho 😍😍..and can you please tell me what is that background music called?
nadjet dz (8 months ago)
Leemineho acteur sinpas a ove you
Xuan Hanh Trieu (11 months ago)
Tướng đi cùng chiều cao không lẫn vào đâu
Hoàng Lê (1 year ago)
Oai wa y như tổng thống mỹ baracobama vay...
Jasmine Peardon (1 year ago)
first thing comes in mind oh so tall.
BTS ARMY (1 year ago)
I love you Lee min ho
Shanaynay O'keil (1 year ago)
It's funny how the music used for this video was used in his drama Faith. I am 3 episodes away till the end.
Mary Joy Lagas (1 year ago)
I love him and his height too. Whole of him.
Angela Zaharova (1 year ago)
лучше бы имел крылья чтоб его не истязали по эрапортам,,,,
Snym (1 year ago)
와 진짜 연예인이네
nans 1280 (1 year ago)
wow amazing video!!! lee min ho is so handsome
its TOUSHA (1 year ago)
Mayra Contreras (1 year ago)
chubby chubby (1 year ago)
faith tone made me laugh
Mhie (2 years ago)
most popular ...among the korean star.....with his killer smile that every one love it.....
thien hoang (6 days ago)
Nhac ne la gi
Minh Thi Hien (2 years ago)
He has always been the most popular star
Dey Sa (2 years ago)
Ay love you full dah..
canela-viva (2 years ago)
lee min ho demasiado guapo
l mk (2 years ago)
miu miu nguyễn (2 years ago)
lee min ho pít nói tiếng viêt ko cac pạn
Gd Nguyễn (3 years ago)
Lee Min Ho i love you
Wiwid Nuraini (3 years ago)
Please3 if Lee Min Ho come to Singapore again tell me this is my Facebook/Instagram name:Wiwid nur Aini 👌
Rhc zhd (3 years ago)
Hayday Ommer (3 years ago)
I love lee min ho soooo mutch <3
MarkCEO09 (3 years ago)
Better security here than the one he got in LAX.
StephannyG (3 years ago)
yo me le lanzo encima 
Neri chelsey (4 years ago)
GamingCat Meow (4 years ago)
Holy god...
GamingCat Meow (4 years ago)
Holy god...
clarissa ng (4 years ago)
He looks unhappy....
Liu May (4 years ago)
cara jarman (4 years ago)
I never now him until I was watching a movie with him in it! Then I was watching all of his movies I love them. he is cute know I have is songes in my favorites so when I want to here him on youtub  I just sing with him some of his songs I know now. I love the movie city hunter and faith I love all of them. hope he keep on making movies . But I never now if he die in city hunter I did not understand that . They need to make city hunter 2 with the same girl that was a bodygread she is pretty . Hope they can do the 2nd movie of city hunter.
lolonganylan (3 years ago)
+cara jarman If you like City Hunter, you'ld watch Healer, It's a must see : Ji Chang Wook & PMYoung (same actress in City Hunter).
Ari Sonyeondan (4 years ago)
Beautiful done! So nice without any noise from fans.
reddragon8 (4 years ago)
Indeed, the Pied Piper of Women, sexy LMH.
Mamzelleshine (4 years ago)
He deserves his success, he works hard for this.... I love him so much, he's so kind and polite man. 
Dang Khoa Chau (4 years ago)
just one word to say is ♥ him 
tez rai (4 years ago)
I lop u lee min hoo
mayrabel1 (5 years ago)
yes he is so cool and handsome so tall and all good stuff but you !u r a genius thanks a lot a vid about a top star without screaming 
배경옥 (5 years ago)
Wow~~~min ho good!
TheJfdos1 (5 years ago)
he is shining
Hope Jobs (5 years ago)
a good one actor if I can say the best ever !
Fati Elgaw (5 years ago)
cool actor
Grety margarita (5 years ago)
No arrival a colombia :'((((
quang minh (5 years ago)
Nhju ng ham mo wa!
PinkCottonCandy07 (5 years ago)
So Cool! XD
Gerry8boy (5 years ago)
Verry good
Haslina Rahman (5 years ago)
Hes the face for the new brand at Ion.. lookout for him at ion
Pooh Bear (5 years ago)
Thanks for shared!!^^^
ejul pangalila (5 years ago)
dtg Singapore smlm..ade show ke..nk jmpe die sgt2

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