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SilverSingles Review - Online Dating Site

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Review of silversingles.com Read our complete silversingles review here: https://www.thetop10sites.com/online-dating/silversingles-com Compare The Top 10 Online Dating Sites: https://www.thetop10sites.com/online-dating/ SilverSingles Review - Online Dating The newly redesigned SilverSingles online dating site helps mature 50+ singles looking for friendship, dating, or marriage. ► Sign-Up Process Creating an account takes seconds and only requires an email address and dating preference (looking for male or female). Filling out the profile takes a bit more time, but ensures better quality members who take the time to provide their information. ►Member Diversity and Quality SilverSingles has about 85,000 monthly visitors with 41% males and 59% females. While the site allows younger members, the majority of users are at least 35 or older with a range of education and income levels. The site allows users to include this information on their profile. Most of SilverSingles members classify themselves as Caucasian, although the site has a mix of ethnicities. Because the site costs money and has quite an extensive process for filling in profiles, this weeds out scams or less serious members. ►Functionality and Features SilverSingles has an easy to navigate interface. Member profiles include detailed information and photos along with fun facts about hobbies and interests. Members can see who has viewed their profile, sent messages, or added them to their favorite list. You can also send secret admirer alerts, ecards, and invitations to in-person events. ►Customer Support SilverSingles provides 24/7 customer support by email. Staff typically respond to emails within a day. Members can also find more information in the FAQ section.
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Text Comments (14)
Middle Finger U (19 days ago)
Can you join if you’re younger and want to date older individuals
eruogu clinton (2 months ago)
Can I get someone outside my country or is it within me ?
The Top 10 Sites (2 months ago)
SilverSingles is available worldwide, but is most popular in the US and UK
Donna Andre (4 months ago)
The server has been down all night and I just signed up?
Karen Adams (5 months ago)
when you receive a smile, instead of sending a smile back I want to look at their profile.  How do you do this?
Juliet Cynthia (6 months ago)
Can two people from different country connect? Or is it only within your locality.
Shayna Rubinstein (10 months ago)
Does this work in Canada?
mercy mangrobang (6 months ago)
Richie Lane please can you add me in messenger,Mercedes Mangrobang
mercy mangrobang (6 months ago)
Richie Lane Good thanks and you?
Richie Lane (6 months ago)
mercy mangrobang how are doing
mercy mangrobang (6 months ago)
Hello,good day❤
Richie Lane (6 months ago)
Shayna Rubinstein hi

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